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    14k Rings

    Bask in the Shine of 14K Rings

    If you are someone who appreciates fine rings, you will agree that it’s the design and style of a ring that makes it stand out from the others. In diamond-encrusted gold rings, the shine and lustre also play a part in drawing attention to this accessory. Surprisingly, diamond-studded rings/jewellery/diamond-rings.html are not crafted in pure gold. The lustrous gold rings with their well-set diamonds are, in all probability, made of 14k gold. Does that ring a bell? You probably heard the term 14 karat before. If you are wondering what does a 14k ring exactly mean, then allow us to clear the matter for you.

    The Lasting Power of 14k Rings

    Gold rings have always been in vogue. But gold in its purest form is exceedingly soft and malleable. This makes pure gold unsuitable for crafting jewellery. In order to make gold strong enough to mould into beautiful pieces of jewellery, it has to be mixed with the alloys of other metals. This is where 22k, 18k, 14k, and 10k gold comes into the scenario.

    Karat (k) is a unit that indicates the purity of gold. So, when we say 14 karat or 14k gold, what we mean is that it is 58.3 per cent pure gold and the rest are alloyed metals added to enhance its strength and resistance. While 22k gold is good enough to create plain gold jewellery, it is not strong enough to hold diamonds or gemstones. For that, you need 14k gold, which is ideal for making diamond jewellery, including diamond-studded rings.

    Why Go for 14k Ring Designs

    Rings have always been a preferred piece of jewellery for both men and women. When you are looking for a gemstone-studded gold ring, it makes sense to invest in one that matches your taste and is durable as well. 14k rings provide you the benefit of owning the most scratch resistant version of gold. Moreover, it also enables you to have the most intricately designed rings encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones. No wonder, people all over the world are considering 14k rings for the various benefits it offers, including the cost effectiveness.

    Come and Fall in Love with BlueStone’s 14k Ring Designs

    Now you can buy 14k ring designs from BlueStone, the leading online jeweller offering incredible designs and styles.  We bring to you a collection of 14k rings exclusively crafted for the modern man. Created in gold, our 14k rings exhibit an aura of magnetic appeal. Each ring has been crafted expertly and set with diamonds that enhance its shine and beauty by many notches. Whether you are looking to buy 14k ring designs for yourself or as a gift for someone, BlueStone’s collection is the perfect answer to your search. We suggest you take a look at our online collection today itself. We are sure you won’t be able to take your eyes off from our creations.  

    Allow Your Personality to Shine through BlueStone’s 14k Ring Designs

    They say that you don’t select a ring; it is the ring that selects you. At BlueStone, you can give a free reign to your ring fancies as we have the most stunning collection of 14k rings.

    Take our Everlasting Bond Ring for instance. Set with several diamonds, this dual band ring exhibits a unique design. The Forever Bond Ring signifies elegance and charm at its best. For those who want something simple, we have the Enduring Bond Ring. This classy ring exudes simplicity and sophistication, all at once. We can go on, but we insist that you check out our designs for yourself.

    As BlueStone enables you to buy 14k rings online, you are even spared the hassle of visiting a physical store to select the ring of your dreams. What’s more, BlueStone’s 14k ring prices won’t burn a hole in your pockets. So, that’s what BlueStone offers you: a unique blend of design, style, and competitive prices for your 14k rings. Can you ask for anything more?

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