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Trishul Jewellery Designs: A Creative Collection to Own and Cherish

More often than not, your distinct style reflects your personality. This is true even in the case of the ornaments you wear. The way you accessorise your wardrobe with pieces of jewellery speaks a lot about your unique persona. With the changing times, jewellery industry is also evolving in order to accommodate the shifting taste of the wearer. So today, if you want to flaunt your religious beliefs without compromising on the style front, you can be sure to come across stunning collections that celebrate faith and fashion. The trishul jewellery by BlueStone is one such celebrated collection. Abounding in religious symbolism and fashion quotient, the pieces handcrafted by our designers will mesmerise you with their beauty and originality.

The Symbolism of Trishul Jewellery Designs

Before you buy trishul jewellery designs from us, allow us to offer you a little background of this symbol. The word trishul means a trident or three-headed spear and is a prominent symbol used in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is depicted as holding a trishul in his hands and it is one of the many weapons of Goddess Durga. The three points or heads of the trishul have different meanings; some believe that they stand for creation, maintenance, and destruction while others associate past, present, and future with this widely used symbol.

Inspired by the symbolism of this popular religious motif, the ingenious designers at BlueStone have come up with a fascinating range of trishul jewellery designs comprising of pendants, earrings, rings, and necklaces. Through this collection, we add a twist to Hindu religious jewellery collection and gives it an incredibly appealing touch.

BlueStone’s Trishul Jewellery Designs: Symbolic Beauties to Adorn You

Trust us when we say that this jewellery collection will allow you to flaunt your spiritual side with élan at any occasion. Designed in yellow and white gold, each piece in our trishul jewellery collection is crafted to perfection. You can make your pick from varied design styles, including fusion, fashion, fearlessly femme, sacred elements, etc. Some of these pieces feature various creative expressions of trishul; some others are designed taking inspiration from its sacred elements even though they don’t feature this symbol in its most identifiable form.

The trishul jewellery design collection offered by BlueStone has stunning pieces crafted for men and women, in 22k or 18k gold. For those who want to keep it gender neutral, we offer our unisex trishul jewellery designs that include the Pushkara Pendant and the Mahadeva Pendant. These elegantly crafted designs are sure to captivate every devotee of Lord Shiva. For those who love the sparkle of stones, we offer jewellery studded with diamonds and gemstones.

Of Every Day and Special Days: Buy Trishul Jewellery Online at BlueStone

Often when we visualise religious jewellery, we tend to think that they may not be suitable for wearing to our workplace or flaunting at a party. BlueStone’s trishul jewellery designs stand to refute all such notions. We have come up with spectacular pieces that you can wear on a vacation, at special occasions, at your parties and get-togethers, for festive occasions, on weekends, and to your workplace as well.

Take, for instance, our Sassy Femme Necklace. It is designed for the modern fashionista who loves to make a statement with elegant jewellery pieces. This white gold necklace is set with 152 shimmering diamonds in an innovative and unique design. All you need to complete the look is a pair of matching earrings – yes, our Sassy Femme Ear Cuff does the job for you.

The Valiant Femme Ring will make everyone go green with envy when you enter a party flaunting it. This white gold ring has a shining red garnet set in an eye-catching trishul design. Choose the Valiant Femme Earrings from our collection and you are all set to turn heads.

For those men who want an attractive piece of jewellery to wear to a special occasion, may we suggest the Divine Trishool Ring for Him? This gold ring features a trishul and a damru with a brilliant diamond set in between these two that captures instant attention. 

Make a Statement with Trishul Jewellery Designs

When looking for a piece of jewellery to wear to your workplace every day, you can take a look at our Aishani Pendant. This beautiful pendant, a hot-selling piece in our navaratnam collection, features a trishul design set with eight colourful stones and four diamonds. Crafted in 18k gold, this pendant is favoured by both men and women customers of our online store.

You can also buy trishul jewellery designs to gift to your loved ones. Unisex pieces like the Mrityanjaya Pendant can be a great buy as a gift. This pendant is a fusion of the Shiva Linga and a trishul. It is designed in gold and set with fifteen dazzling diamonds, and would flatter anyone instantly. There are various other outstanding designs and styles that you can choose from our online store. The Bhairavi Pendant features a shimmering diamond and vibrant ruby – a fantastic combination ideal for gifting.

At BlueStone, we cater to everyone’s dream of wearing fine jewellery. That is why our trishul jewellery prices are highly affordable. So, check out our trishul jewellery designs online today and get your favourite pieces delivered at your doorstep. For faith or fashion, nothing should stop you from owning your favourite pieces of jewellery.

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