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Tourmaline Jewellery: Your own Rainbow

Once upon a time there was a gemstone that travelled along a rainbow and gathered all the colours onto it. Legend tells us that this is why tourmaline is found in a variety of colours. Classified as a semi-precious stone, tourmaline comes in pretty pink to midnight black; in between there are the browns and greens, and blues too. Certain tourmaline crystals also occur in bi-colours, which are the most sought-after kind.

Different Kinds of Tourmaline

The term tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese and Tamil words, "Turmali" and "Thoramalli” since it was found in large quantities in Sri Lanka and brought to Europe from the island. Currently there are about 33 kinds of tourmaline though not all of them are of commercial gemstone quality. There is the black tourmaline, often known as schorl; blue tourmaline called indicolite; red tourmaline called rubellite; brown tourmaline called dravite; green tourmaline, pink tourmaline and more.

Until the advent of modern gemstone testing and identification technology many red tourmaline pieces were thought to be rubies. The Russian crown jewel, for instance, which was long thought to be set with ruby, was recently discovered to be a variety of tourmaline. Similarly the Timur Ruby, part of the British Crown jewels, was thought to be ruby and later it was discovered that it was actually a red spinel.

Like other precious stones, tourmaline is also supposed to have metaphysical properties, depending upon the colour and mineral composition of the individual tourmaline. Are you under a lot of stress? Then wear a blue tourmaline for relief from stress and its calming effect. However, is it negative thoughts that are making you uneasy? Then the black tourmaline is the recommended gemstone to protect you against destructive energy. Hmm, is it love and happiness that is missing from your life? You can buy tourmaline jewellery designs in pink to bring back love and joy in your daily life.

Capturing Rainbows with Your Tourmaline Jewellery

BlueStone has a number of absolutely stunning jewellery pieces made with different coloured tourmaline stones. There are earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces that can be bought separately or as matching sets to go with any outfit. Some of the stones are set alone, or with diamonds. Hence our tourmaline jewellery prices will be based on the carat, number of stones and weight of the gold.

The Francie Drop Earrings are a pair of flower-shaped drop earrings made in 18kt gold. It is very colourful with green, blue, brown and pink tourmaline stones set together with diamonds. The tourmaline stones are cut in the marquise shape with a prong setting to form the delicate flower shape. To go with the Francie Drop Earrings, you could try out the Ginnie Ring, which is set in 18kt gold with pink, green and brown tourmaline stones in a flower pattern. There is a diamond studded bow behind the flower that highlights the colour of the tourmaline flower.

Buy Tourmaline Jewellery Online from BlueStone

Not everyone likes multi-coloured jewellery and multi-coloured jewellery pieces do not match all outfits. Therefore, BlueStone has a number of single and bi-colour pieces like the Sweet Memory Earrings and the Heart Chakra Ring. The Sweet Memory Earrings have octagon shaped pink tourmaline with pearl drops set in 18kt white gold. The Heart Chakra Ring has a round shaped pink tourmaline in an 18kt gold bezel setting. The Absolute Splendor Ring is another oval shaped pink tourmaline stone set in 18kt white gold. There are a number of diamonds embedded on either side of the pink tourmaline that enhances the beauty of the stone.

If it is small pendants that you are looking for, then the Farnell Pendant with its princess cut green tourmaline in a prong setting offset by diamonds all around should fit the bill perfectly. The Blushing Heart Pendant has a heart-shaped pink tourmaline with tiny green marquise cut emerald on top.

The tourmaline jewellery designs on offer at BlueStone are dainty and aesthetic. The range of colours makes it possible to mix and match the pieces with any kind and style of dress – be it a formal skirt or an elaborate ghagra. Buy tourmaline jewellery designs from us to enhance your collection and make you feel like you hold a piece of rainbow of your own.

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