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Tourmaline Pendants

Different Shades of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a pretty stone set in many pieces of jewellery. There is a huge market out there selling tourmaline rings, pendants, nose pins and more. This silicate compound is a combination of a lot of minerals imparting distinct hues. It is thus available in various colours, ranging from pink and brown to yellow and green. Scientists used to use this stone around the nineteenth century for polarising light. Today, while there are more shades of the tourmaline gemstone, the pink tint is rather famous and pretty. There is an extensive range of tourmaline pendant designs available at BlueStone. Choose from the most exquisite shades of pink and other colours from our extensive range.

The Pink Streaks: Buy Tourmaline Pendant Designs

The favourite colour of most women, pink is here to stay. Imagine this colour infused into pendants to form the prettiest pieces of jewellery. It feels more art than jewellery when you have serious compositions in such an ornate fashion. Doubling up the glam game are a few pendants that scream luxury, valour, and style. Strutting in the mauve to pink hues is an exclusive lot that boasts of elegance and glamour in equal fervour. BlueStone presents the bold and beautiful pieces of the Manzana Pendant and the Aristocratic Pendant which are surrounded by cubical and triangular rims of diamonds respectively. Then there are distinct pieces in varied shapes, glimmering in the twilight of pink tourmaline. These are the Heart Chakra Pendant and the Ersilia Pendant. While the former pendant has the stone studded in a chakra resembling the rays of the sun, the latter one imitates the heart and is shaped like one in the simplest and basic format. The decision of which piece to pick is always very tough, as is choosing the best piece of the lot. Thus, make sure you scan through the series carefully and compare the tourmaline pendants price to take your pick. 

Green Grandeur: Buy Tourmaline Pendants Online

A subtle combination of emerald and pink tourmaline can be seen in the heart shaped variety of the Blushing Heart Pendant. The green streaks look more like leaves placed on top of the pink stone. Talking of pure tourmaline, there are green varieties of the chunky stone embellished with diamonds around the rim. Forming the most elegant pendants of the series are the oval strain of the Matador Pendant and the cubic finish of the Farnell Pendant. These exclusive pieces boast of some of the most gorgeous and elegant patterns of the tourmaline pendant category. Whether you are looking for a streak of pink or dash of green, you are sure to find them all in our collection. All that you need to do is scan through the range and buy tourmaline pendant designs from the BlueStone range.

Let’s Party In Style

Some of the most luxuriously designed tourmaline pendant designs can be found in BlueStone. Shining in its own brilliance and studded with alternate glimmering stones, there are a number of exotic pieces that continue to rule the world of festivities. These drop-dead gorgeous designs can be seen in the massive pink tourmaline stud of the Maureque Pendant. This pendant is surrounded by diamonds radiating in a diverging manner with alternating short and long rays, just perfect for any party or special occasion. Gleaming in the sheen of three gemstones is the Modern Glitz Pendant. This glamorous piece comprises of three layers of stones, namely the pink tourmaline, yellow sapphire, and diamond. A piece that is bound to get heads turning, it fits perfectly into the festivity or cocktail category. Then there is a unique pendant composed of diamonds and multi-coloured tourmaline stones. The concentric floral curvature of the Fiorel Pendnat is worth taking a look at. It is an exquisite composition of the precious tourmaline stone. Choose your favourite one from the range and buy tourmaline pendants online.

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