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Plain Gold/Platinum Rings

The Eternal Beauty of Plain Gold Ring Designs

Women tend to mark special occasions with jewellery. Gold rings can mark not only the beginning of a beautiful married life but also birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other such important events. This is primarily because gold is a classic style that will never go out of fashion and a sound investment. That’s why we at BlueStone bring to you a glittering collection of plain gold ring designs for all styles and occasions.

Is All Gold Yellow?

The word gold typically makes one imagine a yellow metal. However, gold is not always the same sunny hue. Pure gold is too soft to be able to hold its shape as a ring and hence, it is mixed with other metals to form a stronger alloy. When gold is mixed with nickel or manganese, it forms white gold that may be sued to craft rings like the Lucky Delight Ring while when it is alloyed with copper, it forms rose gold as seen in plain gold ring designs like the Blaine Ring and the Merri Stackable Ring.

Flowers and Jewellery: What Every Woman Loves

It’s no secret that flowers and jewellery are constantly fighting for top spot in a woman’s list of favourite things. Thus, gold rings with floral themes are very popular. Simple, understated designs like the Floral Order Ring or the Sovereign Flower Ring are ideal for everyday wear while the intricacy and elegance of the Nicole Ring and Peacock Vivacity Ring allow them to even serve as cocktail rings. When you buy plain gold ring designs, you are not limited to a plain white, yellow or pink ring. Enameled rings like the Floral Lattice Ring and the Fiery Passion Ring bring together the modesty of plain gold with the youthful energy of bright colours.

Buy Plain Gold Rings Online for Officewear and Everyday Wear

While you might have to wait for a party to bring out your beautiful cocktail rings, plain gold rings can be worn as everyday jewellery. Geometric themes designs like the Calla Ring and the Entwined Appeal Ring are perfect accessories for a skirt suit or a dress while the Emily Ring or the Filigrana Stackable Rings can set off a saree beautifully. If you prefer something in minimalist style, you could also wear rings like the Entwined Leafy Ring or the Blessed Love Ring. Filigree rings like the Linear Mesh Ring and the Chelsi Ring are ideal for everyday wear or office wear. More intricate designs like the Svaay Ring and the Swarna Ring are the ideal finishing touches to a cocktail dress.

Rings That Make More than Just a Style Statement

Jewellery is an extension of a person’s personality and style preferences. For this reason, women who prefer simple yet unique designs will fall in love with our U R My Match Ring while those who prefer bolder designs are likely to go for the Daring Femme Ring. Showcasing their personality is not the only reason why people buy plain gold rings online. For many, jewellery is a way of professing their faith and religious beliefs. The Padmalakshmi Ring and the Om Prakash Ring are two of our bestselling designs when it comes to religious gold rings for women. Religious themed rings are popular with men too. The simple design of the Ganesha Benevolence Ring and the elementary composition of the Guardian Om Ring make them two of our most popular designs.

Buy Plain Gold Ring Designs for Him

When it comes to gold rings, many men share the same enthusiasm for jewellery as women. At BlueStone we have a fabulous range of plain gold ring designs for the menfolk. Along with religious themed rings, simple gold bands are also popular with men of all ages. While some may wear a gold ring like the Soulmate Ring for Him or the Legendary Ring as a wedding band, others make a style statement with designs like the Chivalrous Prince Ring or the Heroic Soldier Ring. Rings like the Noble Man Ring and the Woven Glory Ring are the ideal anniversary or birthday gifts for men who like the glitter of gold around their fingers.

Platinum, Forever and Ever

When you buy rings from BlueStone, you need not limit your options to gold alone. Platinum is trending in the world of jewellery these days and you can choose a fabulously crafted ring from our plain gold/platinum collection. For women, we have elegant pieces like the Odyssey Band for Her and you can find its male counterpart in the men’s platinum ring collection. These couple bands are an ideal pick for engagements and weddings. Other bestsellers in our platinum collection include the Infinitum Band for Him, the Cohort Band for Her, and the Bardot Love Band for Him and its female version.

How to Buy Plain Gold Rings Online?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a gold ring online is the size of the ring. Our ring sizes begin at 6 and go up to 30. The size of the ring may make a small difference to a plain gold rings price but wearing an ill-fitted ring is never advisable. A ring that is too tight would be uncomfortable and cut blood supply to the finger while a loose ring may fall off from your fingers. Determining your ring size is a simple exercise. If you already wear a ring, comparing the inner diameter of the ring to a ring size chart could give you your ring size. First, you need to wrap a thread or a thin strip of paper around your ring finger and then put a mark on the point where the two ends meet. This length is the circumference of a ring that will fit you perfectly. Compare this circumference to a ring size chart to get your ring size. In some cases, this measurement may fall between two sizes. In such cases, pick the larger size.

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