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Gold Swastik Pendants

Gold Swastik Pendant Designs: Carry Your Faith with You

Jewellery is not and has never been mere trinkets of bodily adornment. Some of the symbols and motifs used in jewellery carry immense religious and spiritual symbolism. From the Christian cross and Islamic crescent to the Hindu Om and Sikh Khanda, there are many examples of how religious motifs find expressions in everyday jewellery. They not only help wearers to express their religious beliefs in the form of fine jewellery but also allow them to carry their faith as they go about their everyday lives. The swastik, also known as the swastika, is one of the oldest and most auspicious symbols used in jewellery. Our designers at BlueStone have carefully put together a glittering range of pendants that retain the auspicious symbolism of swastika. With several modern twists, these gold swastik pendant designs have been updated to match the aesthetics of the twenty –first century while still retaining their age-old spiritual significance.

What is Swastik or Swastika?

Let’s admit it. Most of us associate the symbol of the swastika with one of the most hated and dressed figures in history – yes, Adolf Hitler. The very word is more likely to bring in images of massacres, gas chambers, and concentration camps than spirituality and auspiciousness. However, it is interesting to note that the Nazis were not the first ones to use the symbol; before it was appropriated by them, the swastika was widely used in many Eastern and Westerns cultures as a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, abundance, and eternity. This ancient religious symbol is believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent over ten thousand years ago. It is used to denote an auspicious object and is considered an important symbol of luck in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Unsurprisingly, many people choose to wear the swastik as a talisman. With BlueStone offering an artistic range of designs, you can now buy gold swastik pendants online and wear this ancient symbol in its most creative and eye-catchy expressions.

An Everyday Talisman: Buy Gold Swastik Pendants Online

Who wouldn’t want to wear the symbol of fortune as they go about their daily lives? Our everyday and office wear gold swastik pendants are designed just for that. Take, for instance, the Swacch Swastika Pendant in our collection. The diamond-studded swastika design in this pendant is highlighted by four princess-cut rubies, giving it that extra bit of a royal touch. Whether you want to wear it every day, flaunt it at your workplace, or keep it for special occasions, this multistone stunner is an ideal pick. Equally elaborate, the Kuber Kunj Pendant features a diamond-studded swastik symbol on a key-shaped design. You can buy this exquisite piece from our Kuber Collection on Akshaya Tritiya to bring in luck and prosperity.

A play on geometric shapes, the Amal Swastik Pendant features a gold swastika decorated with princess cut rubies. This classic combination of red and gold makes for a regal accent to everyday wear. All these gold swastik pendant designs are ideal gifts you can choose for your loved ones on special occasions.

Dress up with a Bit of Luck: Buy Gold Swastik Pendant Designs

A collection that is designed for a variety of occasions, our range gives you pendants to choose from whether you are getting ready for a special occasion or for an important day at work. A minimalist piece, the Shubh Labh Pendant features a stencil of the swastika. The diamond-studded outline of this 18kt gold pendant showcases the auspicious symbol through a brilliant negative space design. Combining gold and diamonds, this piece is perfect for everyday wear. Its versatile design allows it to be paired with a variety of outfits. It serves as an elegant accent to both Indian and western outfits, making it useful to even wear to the workplace.

Taking things up a notch, the Suasti Pendant is a well-designed piece for special occasions. Its gold swastik design is studded with the auspicious navaratna gems. It goes perfectly with Indian ethnic wear and is designed to bring you luck and fortune.

Pairing festivities with the swastika symbol is a given, so our designers have come up with charming swastik pendants to go with your ethnic ensembles. The Tishya Pendant depicts the swastika in gold; embellished with diamonds, it features a footprint (pada) motif which is a spiritual symbol for the Hindus. The Mangali Pendant is another festive piece we offer. The glitter of gold and the sparkle of diamonds come together to give you an ornate accent to elevate your outfit.

At BlueStone, we create designs that allow you to express your faith in a fashionable way. Thanks to our reasonable gold swastik pendants price, a purchase with us won’t break the bank. What’s more? In order to make them better suit your budget, you can customise these designs based on their gold caratage and clarity of diamonds. We realise that sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of glitz, even if it is a dainty pendant, to take your outfit to the next level. A wise person once said, ‘Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day’ and we never do.

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