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Swastik Pendants: Designs That Inspire Faith

An auspicious symbol, the swastik is much revered in Hinduism and admired by many cultures around the world. You can embrace this sign of positivity and keep it close to your heart in the form of beautiful swastik pendant designs available at BlueStone. You will find intricate designs made of high purity gold and designs studded with the brightest and the most exquisite gemstones in a variety of colours. Whether you want a pendant to honour your faith and belief in the significance of the symbol or want to make a style statement, you will love our selection of swastik pendants.

Swastik: A Symbol Admired by Many and Feared by a Few

Unlike popular belief that associates swastik with the reign of Adolf Hitler and the fear he instilled, the swastik is an ancient symbol that dates back to thousands of years in history. Although the swastik is a religious symbol in India amongst Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists, and other cultures in Asia, it has a deep-rooted history with origins in Europe. The oldest identified pattern of the swastik is believed to be more than 15,000 years old and is on display in the National Museum of History in Kiev, Ukraine. It was also used by the ancient Celts, Greeks, Anglo-Saxons, and other Eastern European cultures. Many other parts of the world used it as a perfect architectural motif owning to its unique design.

The swastik has a rich symbolism and great significance in India. It is derived by the amalgamation of two words “su” and “aasti”, which together mean “well-being”. The four parts on the symbol are believed to be Lord Ganesha’s hands and the “+” sign his body. It is considered a very auspicious symbol and is used in festivals, such as Diwali, special occasions, such as marriages, and often drawn outside the house to bring good luck and good fortune. It is also believed that keeping a swastik symbol at home brings positive energy, removes obstacles, and protects the inhabitants from evil forces. The best way to keep it close to you at all times is to buy swastik pendants online. At BlueStone, you will find many designs to choose from.

Buy Swastik Pendant Designs that Suit Your Style

Options galore when it comes to exquisite swastik pendant designs available at BlueStone. The Shubh Labh Pendant is a simple yet classy creation made of 18kt gold featuring a diamond-studded swastik outline in a square frame. The Swacch Swastika Pendant takes elegance to the next level with its diamond-studded swastik on a ruby-studded background. All the stones are square shaped, which elevates the square silhouette of the centrepiece swastik’s pattern. Another ruby-studded masterpiece amongst our swastik pendants is the Amal Swastik Pendant. It is made of 18kt gold featuring a swastik studded with five square rubies and placed on a rhodium-plated frame.

The Suasti Pendant is at the pinnacle of everything grand with its navaratna-studded 18kt gold design. It features a diamond, a pearl, a red coral, an emerald, a blue sapphire, a hessonite, a cat’s eye, a yellow sapphire, and at the centre of all the stones, a red ruby. The Tishya Pendant is made of 18kt gold and features the most-desirable mango design that resemble Ganesha’s feet with bright diamonds for toes. The Mangali Pendant also plays with the mango design with a golden mango placed on the four edges of the swastik instead of straight lines. It is studded with multiple sparkling diamonds that accentuate its look and make it a stunning piece of jewellery. We make such gorgeous jewellery accessible to one and all with our attractive swastik pendants price that suits every pocket. There’s a lot in store for you at BlueStone. Explore our range and buy the ones that steal your heart without worrying about the budget.

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