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Pretty, Cute, and Fun: Kids' Gold Jewellery Designs

Kids love dressing up just as much as adults. Along with trying on their mother’s sarees, high heels, and lipsticks, little girls also like wearing their mother’s jewellery. Most girls get their ears pierced when they are very young and a pair of earrings like the Dearly Embrace Earrings for Kids is usually the first piece of jewellery they own. Given their love for things that sparkle, why stop at earrings when you can buy kids' gold jewellery designs online from BlueStone? The wide range of earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bangles we offer for your little ones will adorn them in everlasting glitter. Our ingenious designers have created eye-catchy pieces in motifs and themes that capture your little one’s attention. Fruits, animals, cars, butterflies, stars, or ice creams, just name it and we have it in our collection.

Earrings: Every Little Girl’s First Piece of Jewellery

Earrings for children are available in a wide variety of colourful styles including studs, drops, and hoops. Designs like the Star of Joy Earrings for Kids and Angelic Flower Earrings for Kids are ideal for little girls attending kindergarten while older preteens would prefer mismatched studs like the Reggina Earrings for Kids or the Crown Jewel Earrings for Kids. Special occasions demand special jewellery even for children. So how about gifting your little girl drops and danglers like the Peace Out Earrings for Kids or the Adorable Bow Earrings for Kids on her next birthday? Alternatively, you could browse through our range of kids' gold jewellery designs and pick hoops like the Wishes in a Circle Earrings for Kids or Alluring Heart Earrings for Kids. Your girl will love flaunting these earrings and will cherish them even after she has outgrown them.

Kid’s Gold Bangles: To Dress Your Little One up Stylishly

Little girls can often be seen wearing a pair of gold bangles on their wrists. Did you know that historically, children were made to wear bangles not only to dress them up but also to protect them against evil spirits? However, today bangles have become a necessary fashion accessory for your little fashionistas. When you buy kids' gold jewellery online from us, you can choose from lightweight bangles made of gold and studded with diamonds. Take, for instance, the Jaclyn Bangle and the Ivalyn Bangle in our kids’ collection. They both have a simple design featuring a plain gold body and a diamond-studded centrepiece. What’s more, they come with an adjustable chain and a clasp. You can buy these bangles for kids of any age without having to worry about the wrist size. The Iona Bangle is a similar design with a floral shaped centrepiece. For your teenager who has her own social circle, what could be a better gift than these pretty, trendy bangles?

Pendants for the Little Ones: Let Their Personality Sparkle

At BlueStone, we have a wide variety of pendants available for children of all ages. Cartoon lovers can choose between the Kitty Pendant for Kids, the Zip Zap Zoom Pendant for Kids, etc. These pendants have been designed in 18kt gold without any added diamonds or other precious stones to make them safe to wear at all times. Older children can choose between plain gold pendant designs like the Lovely Bow Pendant for Kids and the Favourite Dolphin Pendant for Kids or pick diamond studded pendants like the Crown Jewel Pendant for Kids and the Butterfly Banter Pendant for Kids.

Besides these, we also have a collection of gemstone pendants to make your little one’s world colourful. The Snorkelling Tortoise Pendant for Kids and the Courtly Cygnet Pendant for Kids add a colourful spark to the design with amethysts and blue topazes. The Truest Heart Pendant comes studded with a bright and tiny ruby and the Angelic Flower Pendant for Kids has an eye-catchy citrine in the centre.

Alphabet Necklaces to the Little Ones

One of the first things a child learns is her ABC and the next is the spelling of her name. So, wouldn’t you like your little girl to wear her initials as a necklace? Just like your child learns in the alphabet song, our range of kiddie necklaces has 26 designs going from the A for Apple Necklace for Kids to the Z for Zebra Necklace for Kids. Each of these necklaces features a colourful object that corresponds to its name. For instance, the F for Flower Necklace has a diamond-studded pink flower while the U for Umbrella Necklace for Kids has a multi-colour umbrella hanging from it. These cute, colourful necklaces make for perfect gifts you can choose for your daughter on her birthday.

Buy Kids' Gold Jewellery Online and Create Endearing Memories

You buy your jewellery and fashion accessories online, so why shouldn’t you buy jewellery for your kids online as well? Our kids' gold jewellery price is set according to the same parameters as your jewellery and hence it varies according to the gold caratage, type and number of stones, and design intricacy. Every mother starts investing in jewellery for her child at an early age and what better way to do this than by getting her something that makes her sparkle like a diamond? Our home try-on option and east return policies make your shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

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