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Gold Gift for Wife Jewellery: Meaningful Adornments as Memorable Gifts

You know the shape of her head on the pillow beside you. She knows how you are feeling just by hearing your voice. You two spend your moments together whether it is a candlelight dinner, weekend shopping or a cricket match or a series you both enjoy. Your wife is the best part of your life, isn’t she? Certainly, a lady so unique deserves a gift that is premium like her. And when it comes to the day of love, nothing but the best Valentine gift for wife will do.

Are you wondering what it should be? Why don’t you have a look through the collection of gold gift for wife jewellery curated by the creative designers at BlueStone?

Nothing can match gold jewellery when it comes to gifting. The occasion of Valentine’s Day can be an excuse or the right time to remind her of your love. At BlueStone, we know how much thought you put in selecting special gifts for wife. We also understand how diverse the jewellery preferences of modern women can be. That’s why we have come up with an eclectic selection of yellow gold jewellery for you to choose from. Take a tour to find a piece that reminds you of her aura. Give her a gift that is as rich in meaning as the relationship you both share.

Why Pick Gold Jewellery as a Valentine’s Day Gift for Her from BlueStone?

To put it simply, gold is not just an ornament. It is also a form of investment, both financial and emotional. And a gift made of this precious metal lets her feel the warmth of your commitment. Such deep emotions make gold jewellery gifts more meaningful.

And gift gold on Valentine’s Day? We say why not! More often than not, romance gets lost in your daily routines. Presenting her with a unique piece of jewellery from BlueStone helps you add freshness to your love life. And our designers have created pieces of jewellery as beautiful as your dearest wife. Moreover, just like the bond you two share, our range of charming gold jewellery never grows old. No matter whether you are thirty or sixty, whenever you see her wearing that delicate bangle or blossoming earring, you will feel your heart throb.

Pretty Pendants that Reflect Her Shine

This Valentine’s Day, are you looking for best gift ideas for wife? We know that nothing but an extraordinary one will be apt for her. How about a glamorous pendant? From classic and traditional items to fashionable pieces, we have a mind-blowing collection of love pendants in stock.

An eye-catching one like the Anaya Pendant will easily match her sophisticated taste. This pear-shaped pendant made of 18kt gold will bring many compliments her way. What’s more? This exquisite piece features 40 diamonds that sparkle like the stars in the sky!

We also have light yet pretty options like the Lovers Heart Pendant, which are suitable for daily wear. She can even wear it to her workplace. Made of 18k gold, this pendant has a heart inside a heart which says your heart is safe within hers. If you are looking for something bolder, then the Sparkle of Love Pendant will make a fine gift.

That’s not all.

We also have exquisitely crafted pendants in white gold, such as the Amoris Pendant and the Code of Love Set Pendant, both featuring the heart motif. If you want to give the heart motif a miss and choose something equally romantic, go for our floral pendants. The Folia Pendant with a pear-shaped garnet and 18 diamonds features a unique floral design, as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers. You have been gifting her flowers all these years. This Valentine’s Day, gift her a flower that never fades!

Outstanding Mangalsutras that Resemble Her Soul

Mangalsutras are an integral part of a married Hindu woman’s jewellery box. If you tied a mangalsutra around her neck on the day you took your vows, how about renewing those vows of commitment once again this Valentine’s Day? A beautifully designed mangalsutra is all you need!

At BlueStone you will find several options of merit. For example, there is the Juvela Mangalsutra with a dainty floral design. We have followed a minimalist design to keep it trendy and simple at the same time. She might also fall in love with the Abharan Mangalsutra which is studded with gleaming diamonds. Your wife would enjoy flaunting this beauty on traditional occasions like Pujas and weddings. Once you have chosen a mangalsutra, don’t forget to check out our mangalsutra chain collection for a matching chain.

Tinkling Bangles and Bracelets that Speak of Her Strength

When you look for the best gift for wife, you don’t have to limit your choices to earrings or pendants alone. You can also look for something more ornamental – like a bangle or bracelet for your wife. The Chaya Bangle is a wonderful piece that generation after generation will treasure. Made of 18kt yellow gold, has diamond flowers that last forever. The Cantara Bangle made of 18kt white gold and the Gwyneth Bangle made of 22kt plain yellow gold are also among our Valentine’s Day bestsellers.

The only disadvantage of choosing a bangle is that you should know her wrist size. If you are not sure about the size, go for a bracelet. Bracelets typically come with adjustable links, so she can adjust it according to her wrist size. The Anchored Heart Bracelet would suit her refined taste. Also, its connected hearts design makes it the perfect love gift for Valentine’s Day.

Ravishing Earrings to that Praise Her Beauty

If you ask her to name one ornament she can’t do without, earrings will be her answer. Everyday wear or party favourites, we have an awesome collection of studs, danglers, and jhumkas waiting to be picked. One lovely example is the Savini Jhumka, perfect for wearing to reception parties or Sangeet. Ruby and white pearls have added an ethnic glamour to it. Gift this to her and be ready to receive her joyous praise of your selection.

A stud earring like the Azura Earrings with azure coloured blue topaz peeping from the middle of diamonds is also an alluring choice. She can pair it with gowns for evening parties. Want your wife to look gorgeous at all times? Buy Valentine gift for wife that she can wear all the time. An elegant diamond drop earrings such as the Heart Infinity Earring will do the trick.

Stunning Rings that Reminds Her of You

Rings are the best forget-me-nots. So, as a loving husband, you must present your wife with a ring that stays with her in your absence. Say thank you with a ring as adorable as the Cyprian Trinity Ring with three big diamonds in the middle. Or touch her heart with the romantic gesture of the Moonlight Kiss Band and propose her once again on your knees.

That’s not all.

You can also choose statement pieces for her. A cluster ring made of white gold, like the Proud As A Peacock Ring or an intricately designed piece in yellow gold, like the Niamh Ring for Her are some of the unique designs we have crafted for the modern woman.

Rekindling the eternal bond or marking the start of a lifelong journey, BlueStone offers the best gifts that any wife can ask for on Valentine’s Day. Our prices are as attractive as the designs we offer. So go through this collection, pick the ones you like, and gift her a piece of your heart in the form of fine jewellery!

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