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Surprise Her this Valentine’s Day with Gold Gift for Wife Rings

It’s said that actions speak louder than words, and truly so. When you can’t find the right words to express your emotions to your wife, it’s your actions that can come to your rescue. A thoughtfully selected gift can go a long way in awakening a ripple of emotions in her. Even more so on a Valentine’s Day – the day of love!

This Valentine’s Day, consider giving her a gift of gold jewellery to make her feel special. There are a number of items and designs to select from. But if you want to sweep her off her feet with a romantic gift, a gold ring is a great idea. It can also be the perfect choice when looking for the best valentine gift for wife. At BlueStone, you can find a range of the choicest gold rings that can make the most special gifts for wife. So, husbands out there, here is a collection you should explore.

What Makes Gold Rings the Best Gift for Wife?

The love affair between women and rings goes back a long way. Also known as circles of love, rings have always found acceptance as a means to express true love. Earlier, a gift of a ring was symbolic of un-breaking unity, and that’s how the exchange of rings became an integral part of wedding ceremonies across the world. As time went by, these tiny trinkets have also become a powerful way to express fashion sensibilities.

With the evolving taste of women, much has changed, both in terms of style and in terms of preferences, in the world of jewellery. But rings continue to rule the hearts of women all around the world. They never go out of style and they never fail to impress. That is why they are the best gift ideas for wife for all kinds of occasion. A gold ring enables you to convey not just your love but also how precious she is for you. And that gives rings an indisputable place in the Valentine’s Day jewellery collections of online and offline jewellers alike.

Explore the Exclusive Range of Gift for Wife Gold Rings from BlueStone

When it comes to selecting a gold ring for your wife, you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, the ring you choose should be one that speaks of beauty and elegance crafted with expert hands. We, at BlueStone, have curated an exquisite collection where beauty, elegance, and affordability go hand in hand. Consider our Sylvia Ring as an example. The delicately crafted diamond-core of this 18kt gold ring reflects style and gorgeousness in a unique way while the dual-tone design adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Also, you need to keep in mind her preferences when you buy jewellery as a gift on Valentine’s Day. If she loves simple and delicate pieces, our Annetta Ring can be an ideal pick. Crowned with a diamond flower, this ring redefines simplicity. The Niamh Ring for Her is designed for women who love to make a statement with their accessories. Don’t you think the single diamond at the centre of this love knot design spells brilliance?

Conveying your emotions is also important when you buy Valentine gift for wife. Take a look at our Affairs of Heart Ring. With its entwined heart design, this ring can be the best way to express eternal love for your wife. At BlueStone, you are sure to find many more such designs that will allow you to convey your love in the most memorable way.

Why Buy Gold Gift for Wife Rings from BlueStone?

As one of the most trusted name in jewellery, BlueStone brings to you the promise of quality and creativity. Each of our rings represents the superior craftsmanship of our designers. The Sparkle of Love Ring for Her is a case in point. A band of gold studded with diamonds and highlighting the sound wave of love, it stands as an epitome of rich beauty. Where else can you expect to find such radiant creations?

Speaking of radiance, we are aware that diamonds hold a special place in every woman’s heart. That is why our rings are designed with sparkling diamonds. Our variety allows you to make your pick from single-diamond stunners to multiple diamond sparklers. The choice is always yours. Take a look at our Moonlight Kiss Band. Giving your wife this single diamond beauty says you consider her to be the shiny moon in your sky of emotions.

When a single stone is not enough to express your feelings, maybe our Lovers Hearts Rings is what you need. The unique dual heart design says your hearts are meant to be together forever. And the 9 sparkling diamonds studded on this ring add to its beauty. These are only some of the wonders we have curated for you. Explore this collection and choose a ring that best suits your wife.

White Gold Choose Rings for an Added Radiance

When you buy Valentine’s Day rings as a gift for your better half, you don’t have to limit your options to yellow gold alone. If you want something unconventional and stunning at the same time, go for a white gold ring. White gold, as you might know, is an alloy formed by adding metals such as nickel, palladium or manganese to yellow gold. In terms of radiance and appeal, white gold jewellery is on par with platinum, but it doesn’t cost as much. This Valentine’s Day, spring a surprise to your lady love with one of our beautifully crafted white gold rings.

If your wife loves classic designs, our Crowned Ring will be a perfect pick for her. Made of 18kt white gold, this ring features a round cut diamond right in the centre of a sleek band. On either side of this central piece is a series of small diamonds – six diamonds each – which gives the ring an irresistible appeal.

Want something truly stunning?

Go for the Proud As A Peacock Ring. This exquisite piece features a cluster of 19 diamonds, making it an ideal gift for women who love more bling and sparkle. The cluster setting of this ring gives you a bigger bang for the bucks you spend. And it is a truly magnificent piece to match her style and spruce up her party look!

Buying the Perfect Gold Ring for Your wife

BlueStone brings you a plethora of gold ring designs for the stunning woman in your life. You will be never short of choices, we promise! Now, coming to prices, this range of rings is affordably priced and will fit your budget without breaking your bank. However, if you love a design but think it is a little above your budget, we are there to help you out. We can customise the purity and caratage of gold and diamonds to ensure that it suits your budget.

For instance, if you love our Cyprian Trinity Ring but find the price to be a bit too high, we can customise the gold carat from 18k to 14k. In this way, you will be able to buy the same design at a lesser price. This won’t impact the look or the beauty of the ring in any way. And you will be able to impress your wife with the ring that seems to be the perfect one for her.

So, go ahead and make your choice and surprise your wife with your love presented in the form of a glittering gold ring.

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