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Women's Gold Bracelets

Women's Gold Bracelets: The Art that Embrace your Wrists

Finely crafted gold bracelets embracing women’s wrists is a common sight. Such is the popularity of gold bracelets among women. At BlueStone, we understand that modern women are extra careful about what they strap on their wrists. In order to meet the changing trends and fashion needs of women around us, we have compiled an awesome collection of women’s gold bracelet designs. From the exquisitely crafted Navaratna bracelets to tastefully designed religious pieces, we have gold bracelets in every design imaginable.

Women's Gold Bracelets: A charming history

In ancient Egypt, gold bracelets were worn as decorative accessories and in ancient China gold bracelets with animal and natural motifs were used widely. It was in the seventeenth century that the European women started using bracelets as a common accessory and the twentieth century witnessed the revival of charm bracelets made of silver and gold-plated brass. From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth, and from Marilyn Monroe to Michelle Obama, bracelets made of gold adorned and continue to adorn the wrist of many.

Women’s gold bracelet designs: The BlueStone touch

At BlueStone, we bring to you women's gold bracelet designs that are a cut above the rest. These spectacularly designed gold bracelets come at an unbelievable price range and we run special deals on selected pieces. If you are planning to buy women's gold bracelet designs, BlueStone is the place and now is the time. Take a look at our popular items that are designed in line with the current fashion trends.

Floral themed gold bracelets

Floral jewellery designs never go out of vogue and we offer elegantly designed gold women’s bracelets in 18kt and 22kt gold. The popular floral themed bracelets include the Dutiful Hibiscus Bracelet, the Blossoming Beauty Bracelet and the Floral Ambrosia Bracelet.

The blue bird collection

For those who love animal motifs on their gold bracelets, we present the Blue Bird collection which includes the Osane Bracelet, the Ivah Bracelet, the Milena Bracelet, the Amanda Bracelet, and the Kirstine Bracelet. These bracelets are made of 18kt gold and are embellished with beautiful diamonds.

Gold bracelets for the spiritual ones

If you want to wear your faith symbols in style, we have the most coveted collection of religious bracelets. The Mahadeva Bracelet, the Om Raksha Bracelet and the Nami Om Bracelet are made of 22kt gold while the Damaris Cross Bracelet and the Ariel Cross Bracelet are diamond studded bracelets in 18kt gold.

Multi-stone studded gold bracelets

Our charming 18kt multi-stone range consists some of the much sought-after ornaments. The Loving Rose Bracelet which is studded with diamond and ruby is a magnificently crafted item. The Being Together Bracelet is embellished with diamond and pink sapphire. The Magnifique Bracelet, a stunning piece in the collection, is embellished with citrine, amethyst, and diamond.

At BlueStone, we offer quality products at affordable rates. One factor that helps us win our customer’s trust is our women's gold bracelets’ price. We offer the lowest possible rates and exclusive deals along with an alluring collection of women’s gold bracelets. When you buy women's gold bracelets online from us, opt for our home try-on option so that you get to see and wear the piece before you make the purchase.

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