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Women's Gold Anniversary Earrings

Women's Gold Anniversary Earrings: Timeless Classics

Last anniversary and the anniversary before you gave her diamonds. She may not give them away the very next day but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking different this year. Why not gift her something simple, classic and timeless this year? Now you must be wondering, is there something as classy or timeless as diamond? Yes, there is, and it is nothing but our good old gold jewellery or to be precise, gold anniversary earrings. Gift the special someone in your life with a pair of BlueStone’s women's gold anniversary earrings and celebrate your eternal love with class.

Women's Gold Anniversary Earrings: Designs that Fit for the Occasion

It is neither diamond nor gold her soul mate. It is you. And a soulmate’s gift can’t be anything but timeless and classy. That is precisely why the designers at BlueStone have crafted exquisite pairs of gold earrings. We have pieces crafted in gold that are accented with ruby, emerald, pearl and diamonds. What if we tell you that you can choose the design without even stepping out? All you need to do is browse through our range from your phone or computer and choose something that she will like. Well, there is always that thought- what if she doesn’t like your pick? Worry not; we have free return shipping and an exchange policy that is as good as our products. And the best part is yet to come. When you buy women's gold anniversary earrings online from us you can avail exclusive deals on selected pieces. Be sure to check out our deals before you make the purchase.

Women's Gold Anniversary Earring Designs: The BlueStone Range

Exquisite, elegant and classy – there is no better way to describe our range. From white to pink, you can see all possible shades of stones used to embellish these earrings. You can also choose a pair of earring based on the shape of your batter half’s face. If you do not know the shape, choose something that is classic. We are sure she will love them. Here is a glimpse of our ever-growing display of women’s gold anniversary earrings.

Flowers Crafted in Gold

Since we are thinking different this anniversary, let’s do away with flowers that bloom today and wither tomorrow. That doesn’t mean that you have to disappoint your flower-loving spouse. We have beautiful earrings inspired by flower motifs and needless to say they are as wonderful as flowers. For instance, take a look at our Suman Sundari Earrings. They are beautiful, aren’t they? The rubies and diamonds on the earrings add to their charm. For the rose lover in your life, pick the Timeless Rose Earrings which is accented with sparkling diamonds. You may not find a flower with the red and green combination, but you can buy our Lada Earrings studded with emerald and ruby and double her joy.

Workwear Anniversary Earrings

Do you want to see her wearing your gift quite often? Workwear earrings are what you need then. Our collection includes simple and elegant pieces such as the Ashlesha Earrings, the Rohini Earrings, the Pratiti Earrings, and the Niara Earrings. If you want to add a bit sparkle to her monotonous work life we suggest the Ostara Earrings, the Marvelous Journey Earrings or the Sarika Earrings. These earrings studded with diamonds, are sure to add sparkle to her office look. If you want to make her office wear earrings subtle yet colourful, go for the Suneha Earrings which are accented with diamonds and a fiery ruby.

Make Your Anniversary an Affair of Colours

If you want to make the anniversary an affair of colours, we have the right earrings that you can gift your partner. For the woman in your life who loves lighter shade of blue, choose either the Akshara Earrings or the Aqua Feather Earrings. Both the earrings are studded with a stunning blue topaz and sparkling diamonds. Choose the Floral Harmony Earrings studded with blue sapphire if she likes the darker shade of blue.

The right shades of yellow can create a lasting impression. Why not gift her with the right shades of yellow this anniversary. Our yellow earring collection includes the Noilly Earrings, the Muirne Earrings, and the Love Struck Earrings. These stunning pieces are embellished with sparkling diamonds and a shiny citrine.

The colour violet is for the classy ladies. If your spouse’s favourite colour is violet, grab either the Pomona Earrings or the Safyra Earrings. The former come studded with amethyst and diamonds while the latter feature both amethyst and pink sapphires.

What better place than BlueStone to buy an anniversary gift for your partner? And our women's gold anniversary earrings prices are as attractive as the designs. Let’s start planning and surprise her with the eternal charm of gold.

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