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Say It With A Ring: Valentine’s Day Rings for Her

Gifts are common to all celebrations. From birthdays and festive occasions to Valentine’s Day, a gift makes every occasion special. However, the type of gift differs from one occasion to another. While a book may be a great birthday gift, your girlfriend is not likely to appreciate such a gift on Valentine’s Day. The best Valentine’s gift for her is something that speaks of your love and your relationship. And what can convey emotions of love and commitment better than a fine piece of jewellery? This is something every woman would love to receive and ornaments have a symbolic value too.

So why wait?

This Valentine’s Day, surprise her with a sparkling trinket. And speaking of trinkets, the best gift you can choose for her is a ring. At BlueStone, we have a stunning collection of Valentine’s Day rings which will plead your case louder and stronger than anything else. Explore and choose one that fits her finger and your pocket.

Why Should You Choose a Ring on Valentine’s Day?

There are many different categories of jewellery available online. Most jewellers offer an exclusive Valentine’s collections of jewellery, including earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, rings, etc. Of these many categories of jewellery, rings are the most treasured ones primarily because many men choose to propose to their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. While jewellery is the best gift for your girlfriend, hearing her say yes will be the best gift for you. 

Are you thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s Day? The Art of Love Ring may be just what you need. Made of 18kt gold, this ring features two intertwined hearts, one studded with diamonds and the other coated with rhodium. The glitter of gold, the sparkle of diamonds, and the unique appeal of the dual-tone design make this ring an ideal pick for this Valentine’s Day.

However, a ring doesn’t always have to be accompanied by a proposal. It is a great gift in its own right and conveys the message that you value your relationship. It could also indicate that you want to take it to the next level some day in the future. Either way, when you want to express a powerful emotion, rings are second to none!

Speak from Your Heart with the Heart Motif

Hearts and love have been considered synonymous for centuries. That’s precisely why you can see jewellery featuring this motif in the Valentine’s Day collections of almost all jewellers. There are many different types of heart motifs. They differ not only by design but also by their symbolic meaning. A single heart as seen in the Herze Ring is a classic design. This literally symbolises giving your heart to your girlfriend. Entwined hearts symbolise love that is eternal. It is interesting to note that two hearts entwined together also resemble the infinity sign. The Entwined in Love Ring and the Affairs of Heart Ring are beautiful examples of this design. This Valentine’s Day, are you planning to let her know what is in your heart? Do it with beautifully crafted heart ring from our collection.

Special Rings for Your Special One

The best valentine gift for girlfriend is one that tells her how much she means to you and is unique to her style. Thus, when you buy a ring for your girlfriend, pay attention to her likes and dislikes and what makes her special. If you consider her a trendsetter, you can consider our open rings like the Coming Together Ring with a pair of diamond-studded hearts. While the glitter of gold adds to its classy elegance, the open design makes it extremely stylish and unique.

Not all women are great fans of the heart motif. If your girlfriend doesn’t like the heart motif, look for something else. The Sparkle of Love Ring for Her features the design of sound waves created by the words ‘I Love You’. This design is romantic and yet not overly mushy. You could also look for gift ideas for girlfriend based on her sun sign. Find out what her birthstone is and pick a ring that features this stone. For example, the Just say Love Ring features a ruby which is the birthstone for women born in December. Similarly, the amethyst in the Ultimate Love Ring is the birthstone for women born in February. There’s more to explore and more to choose from. Keep browsing our collection!

Rings with a Secret

Lockets became popular during the Renaissance era and have been trendy ever since. In the beginning, they were worn with the picture of the King or Queen within to symbolise their loyalty to the crown. As time passed, these images were replaced by those of loved ones. Everyone’s heard of locket pendants but have you seen locket rings? Rings can also be designed to hold photographs. Can you think of anything more romantic than giving your girlfriend a ring with a photograph of both of you inside? The Quest of Love Openable Ring is a beautiful example of a locket ring. If you want to go really old school, you could even consider placing a lock of your hair in the locket. Or write a short love poem (or letter) on a tiny piece of paper, fold it, and keep it inside the locket.

Finding the Perfect Valentine Day Special Gift for Girlfriend

At BlueStone, we offer a wide range of designs for Valentine’s Day gifts. This way, no matter what type of jewellery your girlfriend likes, you are sure to find the perfect gift here. That’s not all. We also offer you the opportunity to customise your ring. For example, you may like the Lover’s Heart Ring but know that your girlfriend doesn’t like gold. In such cases, you can simply choose to order the ring in white gold instead of gold. This does not affect the price of the ring. Budget is another big concern when looking for gift ideas for her. To help you, we offer you the chance to customise the gold carat value and diamonds being used in the ring. Our designs like the Hearts Symphony Ring and the Letizia Ring are usually made of 18kt gold. However, they can also be made in 14kt gold. This does not affect the look of the ring but reduces its price. You can also choose the clarity of diamonds used in the piece you are buying.

With the advent of online jewellers, buying Valentine’s Day gifts has become a cakewalk. So, are you ready to shop for a gift that your girlfriend will treasure forever? This special day comes only once in a year. So make it worth remembering!

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