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The Colour of Hope

‘And as my friend pulled me away from the window display, I made a promise to myself – some day I will be back to buy this stone that I now can’t afford. And here I am, years later, sitting and browsing the site to buy emerald ring designs from the store of my choice.’

Isn’t this story so relatable? Emeralds are no doubt the prettiest and most envied gemstones dazzling in the window display of many stores and featuring on the first page of many virtual stores. These green beauties are the birthstone of May. Regardless of the month, you blow the candle on, you are bound to fall in love and invest in these pieces sooner or late. An emerald is believed to be the stone of Goddess Venus. It depicts hope and is believed to soothe a tensed mind. Irrespective of the reason you are keeping an eye on the precious stone, you are sure to find beautiful emerald ring designs made especially for the hope-seeking soul at BlueStone.

Let’s Go Floral: Buy Emerald Ring Designs

Flower power is one super power that rises above everything else. The best combinations are of flowers and gemstones formed into beautiful emerald ring designs. These may or may not incorporate secondary stones, diamonds, and rubies. If roses are your favourite flowers, you must try your hands on the beautiful rose gold bouquet set in emeralds and diamonds in the Rosebush Ring or the striking dual rose pattern of the Florian Rose Ring with a rose set in rubies and the other in diamonds, supported by a bunch of emerald leaves. For those who love luscious bouquets, go with the red and green combination of petals and leaves in the Goldy Ring or the basic emerald and diamond studs of the Aakarshak Ring.

Let’s not confine floral designs to flowers alone. Let’s stretch out to leaves as well, especially those intertwining in mystic patterns to form the best emerald studded finger rings of all times. Try the range of leafy twines like the Bambu Ring, the Rangan Ring, the Shino Ring, the Aran Ring and the Kohana Ring.

Green Means Party

A cocktail evening, engagement party or huge family gathering is incomplete without some tints and shades of green. This colour not only matches and complements most dressy outfits but also contrasts with them really well. Whether you like to play mix-match or colour-code, the mighty green stone is here to stay. Green is the colour of envy when your beautiful emerald ring makes heads turn in a party.

Choose from the magnificent patterns in chunky clusters like the Blenheim Ring and the Michelada Ring or the bold statement pieces of the pearl core like the Elyta Ring or the loud iolite stone of the Chimayo Ring. Those looking at unique compilations can try the concentric semi-circles of the Blooming Circles Ring, drop-shaped stud of the Ziva Ring or the beautiful bird in the Wallis Ring and Pendant. The collection of these statement pieces is so exquisite, that you are sure to buy emerald rings online from our extensive range.

Inseparable Soul Mates: Buy Emerald Rings Online

Just like two besties or couples seem inseparable, so do certain combinations in the world of jewellery. Take rubies and emeralds for instance. These red and green contrasts flaunt the best compilations of all times. Not only are their colours so striking and complementary to each other, so is their shimmer and cut. Try the brilliant combinations and contrasts of these two stones in the Candied Ring, the Mystic Floriated Ring, the Flaura Trinity Ring, the Lada Ring and the Teysi Ring. These patterns go beyond the norm of greens and whites or the emeralds and diamonds. They add a characteristic colour to the finger ring, thereby making it more suitable for multiple outfits as well as occasions. These are just some patterns out of the larger lot. Take a look at all of them, compare the emerald rings’ prices across the series and pick the one that suits you the most. Be sure to opt for our home try-on facility if you wish to try the pieces of your choice before you make a purchase.

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