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    Green Emerald Rings

    Green Emerald Ring Designs: Beauty Embraces Style

    When you see green, thoughts around serenity, life, growth, and prosperity make their way to your mind. A lush green patch of land is nothing but beauty, pleases the eye, and lets freshness occupy your mind. What happens when it is the green emerald? Beauty at its best form unfolds itself. How about having one sparkling on your finger? A green emerald ring is not just a classy adornment, but also a style statement in itself and hence a favourite of ring lovers.

    Buy green emerald ring designs at BlueStone and save yourself from the hardships of finding the authentic gem at the best price. Check green emerald rings prices at our site. You will come across breathtakingly beautiful pieces at affordable rates and can pick one right away.

    The first mention of emerald in Western Literature came in the writings of Aristotle. A great believer of this gemstone’s positive impact, Aristotle mentioned in his writings that emerald brings changes in its owner’s life by giving a lift to his power of speech and confidence during business deals, soothes eyesight, and earns victories in trials. It was also believed to cure ‘the falling disease’ or epilepsy.

    The gem got its name from the Greek word, ‘smaragdus’, which means ‘green’. Over a period of time, Smaragdus came to be pronounced as Emerald due to local influence. Traces of this gemstone were believed to have been found in Babylon. Hence, the history of the stone can be traced back to the 400 B.C. However, sources have also revealed that large reserves of the green stone were unearthed in Columbia.

    There are several stories around kings’ and emperors’ fascination for this superior gem. It is said that Shah Jahan was mesmerised by the beauty of this gem and got his collection inscribed with a sacred text. The epitome of beauty, Cleopatra is also believed to have an abundance of green emerald in her ornament collection

    Exclusive Green Emerald Ring Designs: Flowers Kissing your Finger

    When you are looking to buy green emerald rings online, do visit our site. You will know what competent craftsmanship is all about.

    Skilled artistry is displayed on the Goldy Ring which has a big flower design centring itself on rose gold. A diamond dot in the centre, surrounded by ruby petals and emerald leaves, is a pure bliss to look at. The entire design is again surrounded with diamond dots. The Blooming Circles Ring is another beauty that you would want to put on your finger right now. Like its name, the emerald leaves are blooming around the round emerald in the centre. It does not stop here, as the diamond design takes off from below the round emerald in an unusual form. The Aashika Ring is another wonder owing to the skilfully crafted petal design. Each petal is studded with a line of diamonds on top. But the focus is on the centre dots of emerald and ruby. Most definitely, these two make an amazing duo. The Flaura Trinity Ring is one of the simplest and most elegant pieces. Crafted in 18kt gold, it hosts a round ruby in the centre with emerald leaves on its sides, dotted with tiny golds at the tip.

    We Understand Your Need for Lightweight Emerald Ring

    At BlueStone we bring to you lightweight rings that are perfect add-ons for your everyday outfits and stylish formal suits. The Wallis Ring and Pendant looks stunning in its peacock design. Another illustration of our stupendous artwork is the Luell Ring. The green emerald leaves sitting on a branch made of gold give you a feel of nature, serenity, and beauty. The Cimberleigh Ring, the Twyla Ring, and the Tomasina Ring are crafted similarly with a leafy structure and are hot selling among the working women out there.

    Our green emerald ring price is highly affordable, and you do not have to think much for making one of the ravishing pieces your own.

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