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For Timelessness, Go With Green Rings

Ever wondered what made Kate Middleton’s engagement ring something of an icon by itself? Of course, it is a grand piece of heirloom, and it was given to her by a prince, officially signaling her into the royal family, etc but it also caused a new wave in jewellery design. The conventional diamond square set in platinum was no longer the quintessential picture of formalising an engagement, a union. There were other contenders and to be more specific, other stones that could do the job, and better even!

Enter green rings. The idea to bear in mind is timelessness. A green ring is a piece of jewellery that will transcend time and space and recall joy on any given day. The emerald stone is a talisman for planet Mercury, and similarly, the peridot. While the former needs no introduction, the latter is a lighter shade of green and has been used as jewellery for thousands of years. Ancient civilisation records the mining of these stones as early as 1500 BC. The main source of peridot was in the Egyptian Red Sea! Now doesn’t that sound mystical? The stone is live in colour and clarity and can be paired with any foundational minerals like gold or diamond. 

In recent times, men too have been opting to flash green ring designs, albeit less fancy versions, for signs of good health, prosperity and progress. The emerald and peridot stones are believed to carry many such positives.

Buy green rings online from BlueStone

Rings, necklaces and charm bracelets with emeralds and peridots are the perfect gift for a May birthday and a big way to delight your special someone whose favourite colour is green. Some of the biggest fashion houses in the US, be it Kristin Cavallari or Marc Jacobs, have exquisite lines dedicated to green rings. In India, however, BlueStone offers customers the pleasure and ease of shopping for these precious babies online, while providing you with beautiful pieces to adorn your fingers. For green ring designs cannot be shown justice through words, as they shine with brilliance on its own. And what’s better, emerald, a symbol of life and abundance since ancient times, is the BlueStone rock of choice.

Green ring designs for me, you and everyone

For popular designs, competitive prices, and one-of-a-kind pieces in green ring designs, shop BlueStone. Visit the BlueStone website to access and swoon over these sparkling delights:

The Mahika Ring is a sight to behold. Take a look at the intricate way in which BlueStone has brought together dots of ruby, emerald and diamonds to form an 18kt gold piece. The sparkle and vibrancy it offers you is unparalleled.

If you’re looking to notch up the femininity value of your jewellery collection, then a must have is the Mystic Floriated ring. While it is a lot like its sister design, the Mahika ring, the Mystic Floriated has a single centre-piece BlueStone design using emerald, rubies and diamonds, which will grab some eyeballs for sure!

Another favourite in the green ring design collection is the the gratitude ring. With the simple word, gratitude, engraved inside, this is a soft spot for men and women alike. The design is simple yet assuring. All you have is a solid emerald stone set in gold to make that statement.

If you are looking to up your glamour quotient and don’t mind some extra bling, then the wait is over. Go straight for the Blooming Circles Ring. It oozes with glittering diamonds in a yellow band, that’s the first thing you will notice about this green ring design. But a closer look will reveal the glaze of emerald that neatly packs a daring punch for the diamonds.

Explore our range and buy green ring designs from us. We have kept our green rings price affordable.

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