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Diamond Jhumka Earrings

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The beautiful, timeless pieces of earrings, namely jhumkas are the most traditional, ethnic and gorgeous pieces to flaunt. Almost every Indian girl, by default, likes these timeless danglers. They brighten up an occasion, spruce up the attire and create a buzz around the evening so good, that they are fail safe ways of partying the traditional way. Adding a twist to traditional wear, are some pieces that could make for ethnic occasions on special days at work. While the simpler forms can be flaunted with style, there are pieces so heavy and huge, you have to wear them at massive gatherings and grand functions alone. Whether you have inherited them from your mom or bought a pair first-hand, the jhumka earrings are going to steal the show when you wear them to a wedding or special function. India is a land of families and festivities. With umpteen number of celebrations due, the chance of flaunting typical Indian traditions swings by every now and then. Coming to the rescue are various diamond jhumka earring designs available at any and every store today as well as in online portals. Rest assured, they are bound to grab the limelight.

The Fancy Tassel: Buy Diamond Jhumka Earring Designs

Do you think two jhumka earrings look exactly the same? Take a look at the entire collection once again. They come in definitive yet distinct forms and designs. It is not easy to get mixed up between designs as each of them has a different complexity and detailing involved. While some are studded with beautiful embellishments, the others have longer tassels and beaded structures. This category talks about the styles that have tasselled ends and are bound to have earrings that look pretty in the ears of every woman. Check out the dazzling gold chains of the Roksana Jhumka. You will fall in love with its intricate design and glimmering diamond studs. Try them out and buy diamond jhumka earrings online from the BlueStone collection. 

Another interesting concept is of floral, diamond, and gold studs leading to a diamond and gold laced dome as seen in the Almas Detachable Jhumka, the Mohini Detachable Jhumka, and the Splendid Elakshi Jhumka. These beautiful floral patterns are best worn at weddings, big family gatherings or engagement celebrations. These detachable jhumkas, as the name suggests are detachable and can also be worn as studs. Relatively smaller versions of jhumkas with tiny tassels are seen in the Charming Ojaswini Jhumka and the Ethnic Meenaksji Jhumka. Needless to say, these pieces accentuate the festivity of any celebration. Compare the diamond jhumka earrings price of the entire range and pick the one closest to your heart.

The Beautiful Cage: Buy Diamond Jhumka Earrings Online

We are now going to discuss a range that is unique in nature. Every piece speaks for itself. Try the Chandrika Detachable Jhumka, where the diamond stud can be removed from the cage. This sparkling piece is so radiant that it easily qualifies as the most festive piece of jewellery, overshadowing everything else. Then there is the Traditional Subarna Jhumka, with its top-like cages spun into a gorgeous whole. This is such an exotic piece and a fancy twist to the traditional jhumka, that it can be worn at lighter occasions and teamed with semi-formal wear or gowns as well. Whatever the pieces are, they are a show-stealer for sure.

Diamond jhumka earring designs have been in fashion for as long as one can remember. Women often flaunt them as a chance to try out heavy, traditional embroidered sarees and get their make-up and shoes games strong. Having said that, you must observe the minute detailing of the Tribal Chitrali Jhumka wherein even the curvy ear piece has gold mounds of small, round specs on it. It consists of two linear stretches of diamonds with gold rims separating them. Take a look at the immense collection and try the prolific range before you buy diamond jhumka earring designs online from us. We offer exclusive deals on selected pieces too. Keep an eye on the offers.

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