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Earrings are one of the primary form of the jewellery found throughout the history. These are the ornaments which are worn to decorate the ears. According to history; earrings were mostly male ornament. Earrings were popular even in ancient Asia; 7000 years ago. Egyptians and Assyrians used wear earrings to be an indication; that they belong to upper class. The word “Earring” refers to jewellery or ornaments which is worn attached to the earlobes. Ear cuffs are also added to the “Earring” category in late 20th century, as it’s worn on different part of the ear. Earrings are traditionally been worn as a sign of different culture like Tribals, to identify marital status, age and rank. However, the basic function of earrings is to complement ones ear, as it’s evidently placed near the face.

Since earring designs come in different shapes and designs, selecting the right kind depends on the face type.

Earrings for Round Face

Women with round faces can look to elongate their faces by choosing long danglers, square and oval shaped earrings.

Earrings for Oval Face

Women with oval-shaped faces can wear almost every style of earrings. However, they can create a particularly striking look by wearing danglers or studs.

Earrings for Square Face

Women with square faces should choose oversized round earrings or large drops and danglers are best suited.

Earrings for Diamond Face

Women with diamond-shaped faces should look for studs for office wear and lovely evening danglers.

Earrings for Rectangle Face

When choosing earrings for rectangular faces, small drops or chandelier earrings would be well-suited. 

BlueStone offers different styles of earrings from simple studs to exclusive statement pieces, and thus becoming the preferred destination for customers to buy Earring designs online

Studs Earrings

One of the most popular, comfortable ways of wearing a pair of earrings is stud style. A Stud Earrings refers to any gemstone or ornament design mounted on a post which passes through the earlobe and then be fixed with screw from back. Hence piercing is mandatory to wear stud earrings. Studs commonly come in the form of single gemstones like solitaires and diamonds, gemstones or with any motif.The post of the stud earring will have threading and a screw at the back will hold the earring securely.  The diamond stud is perhaps the most classic, elegant and versatile pair of earrings. The great thing about studs is that it is the go-to earring for every day. BlueStone offers exclusive designs of studs for daily wearoffice wear or for any special occasion. One of the best pieces from the Studs Collection is “THE TAYLOR EARRINGS”.  

Drops Earrings

A Drop Earrings refer to those earrings which attaches to the earlobe with gemstones, pearls, diamonds or with any design motifs with chains which dangles down, hoops etc. Drop earrings length varies from short to very long with different styles. They are also known as droplets, danglers which also includes chandelier earrings and statement pieces. Chandelier earrings are mostly reserved for evenings or events, these will again make a statement and finish your look, and make you stand apart. BlueStone has a wide range of Drops earrings for office wear and for special occasions. One of the best pieces under the Drops Collection is “THE RATNAJYOTI EARRINGS”.  

Hoops Earrings

Hoop earrings are always with round shaped or half round shaped design. This will look exactly like a ring. Usually hoop will have an opening wherein thin metal will pass through the ear piercing with the locking system. Hoop are available in different styles and sizes. These are a part of the classic styles that never get out dated. BlueStone offers unique style and exclusive designs to customers under Hoops earrings. One of the best pieces from the Hoops Collection is “THE DELKASH EARRINGS”.  

Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas are the traditional way of wearing earrings, this style is ageless and can be worn on any special occasions. Indian wedding Jewellery set is incomplete without Jhumkas. Traditional Jhumkas usually come in circular/dome/bell shaped designs, filigree work with bigger studs. BlueStone offers exclusive Jhumkas collection called “Ethnic Charm” with Traditional and fashion look.  One of the best pieces of the Jhumkas Collection is “THE REGAL MAYURA JHUMKA”.  

Sui Dhaga Earrings

Sui Dhagas are very fashionable, they are unique and perfect for any special occasion. Sui Dhaga is an ear string and thread kind of chain, thin enough to slip into the ear hole and come back out as danglers. BlueStone offers beautiful design of Sui Dhaga earrings listed under “Sui Dhaga Collection” with both traditional and contemporary designs.  One of the best pieces from this collection is “THE DEEPTI DROP EARRINGS” 

Chandbali Earrings

Chandbali is one of the popular earrings with traditional designs, inspired by the concept of the “Half-moon”. They are also considered statement pieces as one can simply choose to wear a stunning chandbali pair of earrings and not wear any other jewellery. BlueStone offers a wide range of earrings listed under “Chand Bali Collection” with diamonds, precious stones and pearls. One of the best pieces of this collection is “THE ZUFA EARRINGS”.  

Onyx Back Earrings

Onyx gemstone is believed to have powers of protection and is considered the anniversary gemstone for the 10th year of marriage. BlueStone offers unique style under “Onyx Back Earring Collection”, a dash of Black Onyx peeking from behind makes for a unique adornment for any special occasion. The products listed under this collection will have a unique locking mechanism with the Onyx having a hole drilled into it and the front part of the earring supposed to be worn as a screw. One of the best pieces of this collection is “THE BUTTERFLY ONYX EARRINGS”.  

Front and Back Earrings

BlueStone offers exclusive pieces listed in the “Back it up collection”. The uniqueness of this collection is that the studs and danglers are detachable. One can carry only Stud or along with the hanging for any special occasions. One of the best pieces of this collection is “MAYURI FRONT BACK EARRINGS”. 

Mismatch Earrings

Mismatch earrings are amongst the latest trends. They are unique in a way that both the studs are non-identical. While a few design elements and theme remain the same, colour stone and style will vary from each other. Every piece is exclusively listed under “Mis-Match collection”. One of the best pieces of this collection is “THE CORAL MISMATCH EARRINGS”. 

Earrings for Men

These are traced back to African-American men who were first spotted wearing an earring. Men wearing a single stud earring on the left ear is a recent trend. It has become an essential accessory, such as a watch, to match the outfit for men. BlueStone offers unique single stud earrings for men with plain gold and diamonds. One of the best pieces of this collection is “THE SAVOIR EARRING FOR HIM”.

Customers today prefer to buy earrings online due to widest choice of exclusive earrings designs and competitive online earrings prices.


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