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Classic Nose Pin Designs: Classy Twinkles for Your Nose

What is the most exciting aspect of the jewellery industry? It’s unpredictability, we dare say. When fashionistas and trinkets come together, anything can happen. Take, for instance, the case of nose pins. Half a century ago or so, this tiny trinket was considered a traditional ornament fit for married women. Today, the styles and trends in nose piercing will leave you spellbound. From the quintessentially desi nose pins of Vidya Balan and the oversized hoop worn by Sonam Kapoor during her red carpet appearance to the stunningly trendy septum rings of Lady Gaga or Scarlet Johansson, nose pins are undergoing a fashionable revival. Whether you sport nose screws, pins, bones, hoops, half-hoops, fish tails, ball closure rings, horseshoes, straight barbells or curved barbells, these tiny twinkles will take your bling quotient several notches above the ordinary.

Classic Nose Pin Designs: A Timeless Classic

Notwithstanding the breathtaking designs and styles that dominate the industry today, the classic nose pin remains a timeless classic. Yes, we are talking about the kind of single-stone nose screws and pins your mothers and grandmothers sported several decades ago. Whether you are a college student, a stay-at-home mother, or an office going professional, this simple yet elegant nose ornament will lift the beauty of your face instantly. For women who love to sport these ageless beauties, we at BlueStone offer an amazing range of classic nose pin designs studded with diamonds or precious gemstones.

The Cut Matters: A Guide to Buying Classic Nose Pins 

When you buy classic nose pins online, a key factor to take into consideration is the cut of the stone. The fire, scintillation, and brilliance of a stone are determined to a large extent by the way it is cut. If you prefer a dazzling diamond to adorn your nose, opt for nose pins with round cut diamonds. Take, for instance, the Betony Nose Screw and the Ambrosia Nose Pin in our collection. The symmetrical shape of the round cut diamonds in these nose pins captures light brilliantly and displays sparkle in a way few other cuts can match. However, princess cut nose pins like the Delphinium Nose Pin are the ideal option for those looking for rectangular stones. The faceting style of this cut offers you a refreshing change from the conventional round or oval cut.

Diamonds or Gemstones? The Big Question

That seems like a difficult question, doesn’t that? It’s hard to say no to the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds; equally hard it is to deny the colourful charm of gemstones. If you don’t want to change your nose pins every day, diamond-studded pieces are your best pick. A diamond nose pin like the Adonis Nose Pin or the Ambrosia Nose Screw goes with almost all outfits in your wardrobe. Throw it on, keep other pieces of jewellery to a minimum and you are set to dazzle in your evening dress or office outfit. However, if you want to bring a dash of colours to your look, gemstone nose pins come quite handy. When you buy classic nose pin designs from us, you can choose from a wide range of gemstones including emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. The emerald-studded Juniper Nose Screw and the ruby-studded Japonica Nose Pin are among our best-selling pieces. Those who prefer the romantic hues of pink can go for pink sapphires like the one you see in the Peony Nose Screw.

Gold Vs White Gold

Another important thing to consider when you buy classic nose pin designs is the metal. Traditionally, nose pins are made of gold. It goes without saying that gold is a timeless classic and always in vogue. No matter what the occasion you are sporting it on, a gold nose pin like the Mimosa Nose Pin will add to your bling quotient. However, not all women are great fans of the yellow metal. If you prefer white radiance over yellow glitter, opt for a white gold nose pin like the Peony Nose Pin. The contemporary appeal of white gold together with the whimsical charm of pink sapphire make this piece ideal for office wear and everyday wear.

Choosing Between Nose Pins and Nose Screws

The choice between a nose pin and a nose screw depends on your personal style and preferences. Nose screws are the most popular variety and are designed to fit securely in your piercing; these are your best bets if you don’t intend to change your nose ornament frequently. Nose pins, on the other hand, are in the shape of a loop which can be threaded through your nose piercing. Compared to a screw, these loops can be put on and taken off easily. Take a look at our Balsam Nose Screw and Balsam Nose Pin to see the difference between these two styles. They both are made of 18kt gold and feature the same design; the only difference is in the way you put them on. The designers at BlueStone have come up with pin and screw varieties of many popular designs. If you have a thing for nose screws, go for the Poppy Nose Screw, the Mimosa Nose Screw or the Galax Nose Screw. However, if you prefer wearing a nose pin, we have the pin versions of these three designs.

And the best part? Our classic nose pin prices! The pocket-friendly and highly competitive prices of our designs make them ideal options for gifting. You needn’t think hard or deep to make these beauties your own.

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