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Blue Sapphire Earring Designs, Only on BlueStone

One of the most talked about weddings of the last century, Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles raked in elaborate gifts from leaders all over the world. One that really stood out and remained the Princess’s favourite was a pair of striking blue sapphire earrings fringed with diamonds. Gifted to her by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they often adorned her lobes as she went about her royal duties. Once considered the most beautiful woman in the world, Diana’s legacy is now carried on by her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. This pair of blue beauties is the most admired pieces in both Princesses’ jewellery boxes and remains one of the most iconic blue sapphire earring designs in existence.

At BlueStone we aim to create blue sapphire earrings that make as much of an impression. Our designers work to create inimitable pieces that you can sport on a range of occasions. Festive pieces like the Mandakini Drop Earrings go well with an elegant sari while special occasions call for a special pair like the Ecstatic Foliole Earrings. If you’d like to flaunt the azure charm of sapphires at the workplace, the Zula Earrings provide a fine balance between ornate and elegant.

Princess Cut Blue Sapphire Earrings Designs: Wear Them Like A Princess

The princess cut is one of the most popular cuts when it comes to precious stones. First developed in the 1960s, the square (or rectangular) shape of a princess cut stone is ideal to show off the brilliant, deep blue hue of sapphires. This is well showcased by the Wondrous Fusion Earrings, one of the best-selling pieces in our collection. The princess cut sapphire in the centre of these studs is surrounded by sparkling diamonds. These blue beauties set in white gold are dignified and tasteful accents to any ensemble. The Floral Daze Earrings emulate Princess Diana’s celebrated earrings. The princess-cut sapphires at the centre of these studs are bordered by sparkling diamond petals on a white gold setting. Graceful yet opulent, these floral studs pair perfectly with a range of outfits and occasions.

Who said sapphires are only for women? Sophisticated sapphires work equally well on a stud for men, as the Belmont Stud for Him displays. Its geometric design and simple pattern make it ideal for men to sport on any occasion.

Sparkling Blues for the Festivities: Buy Blue Sapphire Earring Designs

When you buy blue sapphire earrings online from us, you get to choose from an exquisite array of designs that will spruce up your festive occasions. The Treasure Trove Earrings, with their elaborate design, transform quiet blue sapphires into a festive stone by placing it in a rich white diamond pattern. Playing on the beauty of geometric patterns, these drop earrings are sure to elevate any outfit by several dazzling notches.

If it’s sleek elegance you are going for, the Divyarani Drop Earrings feature marquise-cut sapphires in a floral pattern. Team them up with a matching outfit and you are all set to dazzle like a true fashionista. The Kanishka Drop Earrings embody a similar aesthetic with a chain of dainty sapphire flowers on a white gold vine. The teardrop shaped pearl at the end of the pair elevates its design. A chic accent to a sari or dress, this pair catches the light every time you turn. These two exquisite designs from our Jodhpur Collection combine native beauty with contemporary flair.

Blue Sapphire Earring Designs: The Dazzling Work Companions

Often used to connote importance and trust, sapphires are perfect as workwear accessories. An office-appropriate design is all you need to give your professional look an instant elevation. Speaking of office wear jewellery, hoops and half-hoops are trending among office going women this season. The Zula Earrings, an eye-catchy pair of half-hoops, use sapphires on a pristine white gold background. Decorated with diamonds, a deep blue sapphire is the highlight of the design.

Fancy adding a quirky design to your workwear collection? The Coral Mismatch Earrings are your best bet. As the name suggests, this pair made of gold is comprised of two studs, one studded with a bright red ruby and the other with a dazzling blue sapphire. A truly unique piece that celebrates the beauty of asymmetry, we dare say.

Blue Sapphire Earring Designs to Make a Fashion Statement

With finely crafted blue sapphire earrings, you can make a bold and standout fashion statement. The fashion earrings in our collection are designed just for that. The Mandakini Drop Earrings and the Sudhakshina Earrings are hard to say no to. Made of white gold and accented with sapphires and diamonds, they speak volumes of your fine taste in jewellery. The Aadrika Hoop Earrings feature pear-shaped sapphires with a sparkling array of diamonds, making them the perfect pair for a modern fashionista. If you have a thing for studs, go for the Girja Stud Earrings. The marquise cut sapphires on these earrings are set amidst tiny twinkling diamonds to resemble a butterfly. The Gomathi Stud Earrings with pear-shaped sapphires are another pair you could consider from this range.

With a comprehensive collection of designs that range from classic to contemporary, we at BlueStone pride ourselves on diversity. Beyond the typical combinations and designs, we have pieces like the Vidhut Earrings that combine fiery red of rubies with cool blue sapphires in a can’t-take-your-eyes-off pattern. By ensuring that our blue sapphire earring price remains economical, we help you wear your favourite baubles without burning through your bank account.

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