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Single Stone Diamond Earrings

Simple yet Brilliant

Simplicity is often the key to the best designs. Even a single stone can make otherwise dull jewellery beautiful. Some of the best earrings in the market are crowned with a single diamond. They make everyone’s favourite pieces and are a compulsory possession. Most of the single stone diamond earring designs qualify as daily wear pieces, as they are they the most comfortable and durable pieces. However, a single stone does not stop the earring from being fancy if need be. There are style variants including hoops, danglers and fancier knots that add a hint of glamour to the single stones. Ranging from chunky blocks of gold to delicate version of the metal, there is something waiting for everyone. Try and buy single stone diamond earrings online from BlueStone before they meet someone else’s eye.

The Shapes That Lure: Buy Single Stone Diamond Earring Designs

Buy single stone diamond earring designs in the fanciest shapes and patterns. Think of whimsical designs and off-beat styles and take your pick from this range of single stone diamond earring designs. If the twisted triangle is your game, then try the yellow, white and rose gold mix of the Trois Earrings. Talking of starry night inspirations, take a look at the star-shaped earrings like the 5 Point Star Drop Earrings and the 5 Point Star Stud Earrings.

Intertwining patterns and pretty twists can be seen in the Pelagia Earrings, the Kivalo Earrings, the Aqura Earrings and the Whitnee Stud Earrings. If you are fond of circles, half spheres, and curving patterns, then there is a range just for you. Try the likes of the Luna Earrings, the Acceptance Stud Earrings, the Elegenza Earrings, the Lulita Stud Earrings and the Dewy Irene Earrings.

The Flower Burst: Buy Single Stone Diamond Earrings Online

Floral patterns ought to be present in every woman’s treasure trove. No one can deny the fact that flowers bring a smile on everyone’s face. The best flower prints in gold with a central tiny diamonds spec can be seen in the Charlet Stud Earrings, the Teasing Flora Earrings, the Sensuous Rose Earrings, and the Florentina Earrings. Fancier variants are visible in the black shaded design of the Monochrome Memories Earrings, the subtle danglers of the Vasillia Drop Earrings, the convex scoop of the Ormanda Stud Earrings and the blissfully ornate rose pink of the Rare Rose Earrings. 

Some of the varieties have simple depictions of flowers with four petals, either as hollow planks or colour blocks contained in them. These varieties include the Docia Stud Earrings, the Dafny Drop Earrings, the Carisha Stud Earrings and the Docia Drop Earrings. Check out the single stone diamond earrings price across categories and choose the one closest to your heart.

For Everyone Else: Buy Single Stone Diamond Earrings Online

The woman is the centre of attraction when it comes to buying gifts and making her day special. Thus, there are millions of designs for the woman. But, at BlueStone there is something for the men and children too. Take a look at the simplistic patterns of studs in the Etinceler Earring for Him, the Blanc Earring for Him, the Gilbert Stud for Him, the Vivant Earring for Him, the Hesiod Stud for Him and the Avoir Earring for Him.

Here’s something for the special bunch - the children. Looking at the happy hoops, there are the Alluring Heart Earrings for Kids and the Elica Kids Huggies. There are colour pops for children too. Dazzling in bright shades of the best colours and designs are the fruity depictions in the Mango Mist Earrings for Kids and the Grapes Earrings for Kids. There are colourful aggregations like the Colour Mist Earrings for Kids, the pretty pink flowers of the Adaliz Earrings for Kids, the blue hues of the Friendly Dolphin Earrings for Kids, and the snowflakes of the Elsa Earrings for Kids. Besides these, are crown shaped patterns of the Crown Jewel Earrings for Kids, and star and moon shaped patterns of the Reggina Earrings for Kids. Whatever be the occasion, buy single stone diamond earring designs from our range.

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