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22k Gold Mangalsutra

22k Gold Mangalsutra Designs: Tradition Meets Fashion

Historically, women in different cultures across the globe wore a wide variety of visual markers to let the world know that they are married. Bodily adornments, especially specific pieces of jewellery, have been one of the most popularly used visual markers of marital status in the West and the East alike. India is no exception to this custom; besides wedding rings, toes rings, and the traditional chooda bangles, a common visual marker of a married Indian woman is the mangalsutra she wears on her neck.

Flaunt your marital status in style with 22k gold mangalsutra designs

Though typically worn by married Hindu women, the mangalsutra has succeeded in breaking the barriers of religion, region, and culture and are increasingly being used by many married women irrespective of such factors. The jewellery industry keeps experimenting with this traditional form of jewellery and has come up with a wide range of mangalsutra designs and patterns in gold and other metals. Many 22k gold mangalsutra designs available today blend tradition with fashion in a brilliant way and are ideal for the modern Indian woman who wishes to flaunt her marital status in style.

22k gold mangalsutra designs for everyday use

Like any other piece of gold jewellery, mangalsutras are also available in 24k, 22k, and 18k gold. The difference between these three categories is in the purity of gold used for making jewellery. Though 24k is the highest form of gold in terms of purity, its high caratage and low density make it unsuitable for making everyday jewellery. This is especially true for a piece of jewellery like the mangalsutra which married women wear permanently.

Most people choose 22k gold mangalsutra designs for everyday use, which also make room for design innovations and embellishments. Mangalsutras in 18k gold are equally popular with modern women, but they often come studded with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. If you are looking for a gold mangalsutra which is high in durability and simple in design, 22k gold mangalsutra designs are your best pick.

Buy 22k gold mangalsutra online

Shopping for the mangalsutra is indeed an exciting experience and women usually spend a lot of time choosing this most priced asset. But more often than not, it becomes a tiring and frustrating event as you have to go from one shop to another till you find one that fits your specifications. Many women who believe in the protective powers of the mangalsutra experience a magical Harry Potter moment – they don’t choose a mangalsutra, but the mangalsutra chooses them. They go through many collections and consider buying many designs, but there is always one piece with which they form an immediate connection. If you are in search of a mangalsutra that will adorn your neck for the rest of your life, you might want to consider online options.

When you buy a 22k gold mangalsutra online, you not only get to choose from hundreds of options but also have the time to weigh each design and make an informed decision. Moreover, the 22k gold mangalsutra prices online are more attractive than their offline counterparts. The discounts and special offers you get when you buy 22k gold mangalsutra designs from an online store are added advantages of online shopping.

Buy 22k gold mangalsutra designs from BlueStone

BlueStone, one of the leading online jewellers in India, has an extraordinary display of 22k gold mangalsutra designs. These simple yet elegant pieces are specifically designed for everyday use and you can wear them with a traditional mangalsutra chain. BlueStone’s floral jewellery collection has a number of uniquely crafted patterns including the Anvita Mangalsutra, the Yashodhara Mangalsutra, and the Pratiti Mangalsutra. Our popular pieces like the Kritika Mangalsutra and the Samali Mangalsutra are handcrafted for women who love minimalist designs.

Marriage is all about love, and what better represents love than the classic and ubiquitous heart shape? Choose a mangalsutra like Pritika Mangalsutra and the Rujula Mangalsutra from our heart-themed collection and wear the symbol of love on your neck with pride. At BlueStone, the 22k gold mangalsutra prices are highly attractive and our Under 10,000 collection has some of the fast-moving pieces like the Rebha Mangalsutra and the Kaya Mangalsutra.

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