Gifts for the bride and the groom

No Indian wedding is complete without a little glitter. And we are not talking about the powdery kind. Indian weddings and gold go hand in hand. In addition to being an integral part of the bridal trousseau, jewellery made of precious metals also makes great gifts for the bride and the groom. Whether you are the groom’s mother or the bride’s uncle, gold is the perfect you can give the newlyweds. Not only is it auspicious to gift gold but it also serves as a fine form of investment. When you gift a bride and a groom a piece of gold jewellery, you are in fact contributing towards their future. That’s probably why gold is considered the best wedding gift among many communities across the globe.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Now, this leaves one with one important question. What type of gold should you choose for the bride and groom? Is jewellery better than gold coins or bars? Is plain gold jewellery ideal since it has more resale value than diamond-studded jewellery?

Choosing the perfect piece of jewellery as a wedding gift is by no means an easy task. There are many things to consider; there are many things to stay away from too. We have got a few suggestions that could help you out. Read on to find out more.

First Step: Set a Budget

When it comes to gifting gold, it isn’t the price that matters as much as the thought behind it. So, don’t worry about the size of your gift. It could be something as small as a diamond nose pin or something as spectacular as a diamond necklace. A piece of gold is always a thing to cherish. The first step of buying jewellery for a bride and groom is to set a budget. There is no hard and fast rule to how much you should spend on a wedding gift. Knowing your budget will help you decide on what to gift. For example, if your budget is around INR 10000, a pair of earrings, a diamond pendant or a bangle could be the perfect gift. However, when you have double or triple this amount to spend on the gift, you could even consider a diamond necklace or a pair of couple bands for the bride and the groom. Coins and gold bars are of course always an option with all budgets.

When to Buy Coins?

Gold coins are a good wedding gift but are they the most appropriate? Though the value of a gold coin may be as much as a piece of jewellery, it may have a lower perceived value. Why – because gold coins and bars are impersonal. If you are a close relative of the bride and groom, it is always better to gift a piece of gold jewellery instead of a coin or bar. This is a much more personal gift and shows the thought you have put into the gift.

That having said, gold coins make an exceptional gifting option if you are planning to contribute to the couple’s investment portfolio. The major advantage of buying (and selling) coins or bullions is that they have no making charges. They enjoy high resale value. The wedding is the first step towards a long journey and every couple should make wise investments for their future. By gifting gold coins, you can help them have a good start. 

What Type of Jewellery Can You Gift the Bride?

From earrings to pendants and necklaces, there is no dearth of ornaments you can pick from for the bride. To make your gift special, you should buy jewellery that you think will match the bride’s personality. Earrings are something every bride loves. If she is not too fond of wearing heavy gold jewellery, gift her a light chain and a pendant to go with it. You could also look at functional jewellery like a bejeweled watch. On the other hand, if she does like dressing up, a bangle or a bracelet could be ideal. Avoid buying a ring as a wedding gift. If at all you buy rings, go for a pair of matching bands for the bride and the groom.

What Type of Jewellery Can You Gift the Groom?

The first question to ask is whether the groom likes wearing jewellery or not. If he does like wearing jewellery, also think about the type of jewellery he likes to wear. Not all men like the glitter of gold. It’s no use gifting a man a diamond studded bracelet if he does not like wearing it. However, you can go wrong with functional jewellery. Watches and cuff links are a gift a groom will be very happy to receive. If he does like jewellery, you can also consider pendants and bracelets.

White Gold or Yellow Gold?

Both white gold and yellow gold are equally valuable. The difference between the two is how they are perceived. Yellow gold has a traditional appeal. This is ideal for brides and grooms who favour classic styles. On the other hand, white gold has a more contemporary charm. This suits men and women who like modern styles. When shopping for wedding gifts, you should ideally gift the same colour gold jewellery to the bride and groom. If the couple has an unconventional style, you could even take a look at rose gold.

Picking the Right Motif

Jewellery should be an extension of the wearer’s personality. Thus, when you gift the bride and groom jewellery, the style should be something they like to wear. To a large extent, this depends on the motif of the jewellery. When you buy jewellery as the wedding gift, you can choose from a wide range of themes and motifs, from minimalistic to traditional and from simple to ornate. If the couple favours a minimalistic style, look for simple jewellery with clean lines. If they are spiritually inclined, you could get them a pair of religious pendants. From the Aum and the Cross to the Khanda most jewelers offer pendants pertaining to all major religions. You can also gift the bride floral jewellery instead of a real bouquet of flowers!

Pay Attention to the Size

When it comes to earrings and pendants, size refers to how big or small the design is. Look for big designs when gifting jewellery to a couple who likes making bold style statements. For people who prefer staying out of the limelight, small, delicate jewellery is usually a better fit.

When you gift a necklace or gold chain, size refers to the length of the chain. If the couple works in an environment with a strict dress code, look for a chain that allows the pendant to be concealed under their shirt or displayed at will. 

Size is most crucial when gifting bangles or bracelets. Here size refers to the circumference of the bangle or bracelet. If you buy a bangle that is too small, it cannot be worn. Similarly, if you gift a bangle that is too big, it may fall off. Hence gift bangles and bracelets only if you are sure of the size.

When In Doubt, Choose Gift Cards

Choosing a piece of jewellery for someone you know well is a delightful experience. But the same experience can turn into a nightmare when you have to choose jewellery for someone you don’t really know. It is indeed not a good idea to choose jewellery for someone without even the faintest understanding of their preferences. This is where gift cards come to your aid. All you have to do is to buy a gift card worth the value you are willing to spend, gift wrap it, and give it to the couple. All reputed jewellers sell gift cards these days and the couples can redeem jewellery worth the card’s value at their time of convenience. You are happy. They are too!

Weddings are moments to celebrate and be joyful. And a thoughtful gift always adds to the happiness of the occasion. Why gift a couple flowers or household accessories when you can bless them with the eternal glitter of gold! The tips stated above will help you pick the right gift for the bride and the groom.

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