Gift Your Mom Something Sparkling This Mothers Day

Ah, your mother! She was your first fashion icon, your confidant, your stylist and so much more. She has been by your side for all the major events of your life. You had a special bond with her and you can never thank her enough for all her love. But on one day of the year – that is, the Mother’s - you can pamper her and make her feel special. 

No celebration is complete without gifts. To make her day even more special, how about getting a small piece of jewellery this year? This sparkling gift will not only be an addition to her jewellery collection but also will tell her just how much you value her. Buying jewellery is easy these days but finding the perfect piece of jewellery for a loved one is as hard as it had always been.

Fret not!

We are here to help you. Being the leading online jeweller in India, we have sold countless trinkets to countless mothers. And we keep up with the changing preferences of modern women, too. So, we have created a short guide just for you on how to find the perfect jewellery for Mother’s Day. To understand what the best gift would be, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What Is Your Mom Like?

Every piece of jewellery is beautifully designed but not all designs suit everyone. To understand what kind jewellery suits a person, you should understand her personality, style, and preferences. Does she like dressing up in the latest fashion trends or does she like something classic?

The answers to these questions should help you choose something perfect for her. For example, if she favours the classic style, a pair of pearl earrings or a diamond studded pendant is your best bet. Get a gemstone necklace or a broad, stone-studded bangle for a mother who loves parties and social gatherings.

That’s not all!

Your mother’s personality type is as important. Does your mother like being in the spotlight or does she prefer staying in the background? Likewise, people who enjoy limelight typically prefer bold designs that highlight their features. For the latter, subtle and minimalistic designs will be ideal.

What Is Your Mother’s Body Type?

Apart from personality, a person’s body type also plays a large role in determining what type of jewellery would suit her. For example, if your mother has a short, stout neck, a choker style necklace will not suit her. A long chain and a pendant, on the other hand, would be perfect for her.

Similarly, if you want to buy a pair of earrings for your mother, think about the shape of her face. If she has a round face, look for long drop earrings and danglers. If she has a square face, oversized drops and danglers or a pair of large round earrings would suit her. A woman with an oval face, on the other hand, carries off nearly everything from studs to danglers. Here is a complete guide to help you choose the right pair of earrings for your mother.

Does She Have A Favourite Stone?

Most women have one gemstone they favour over others. In many cases, this may be their birthstone. If you know what your mother’s birthstone is or which gemstone she favours, try looking for jewellery studded with that stone. For example, if she likes sapphires, you could buy her a sapphire studded pendant or a sapphire ring.

How to Choose from the Many Shades of Gold?

Jewellery can be crafted in many different materials. The most common amongst them include gold, silver and platinum. Gold jewellery too has many different colours. Women who like tradition jewellery may prefer the soft luster of yellow gold. If your mother likes experimenting with styles, you could buy her white gold earrings or bangles. It is bright, radiant, and above all contemporary in its appeal.

What if your mother keeps up with everything latest in the fashion world? What if she loves everything unconventional and quirky? Get her something in rose gold aka pink gold! This alloy of gold is making waves in fashion circles these days and is ruling the world of jewellery. You will find everything from simple rings and pendants to quirky designs in rose gold. After all, rose is considered the colour of love and that gives you one more reason to buy rose gold jewellery for your mother on this special day.

Do You Know Her Size?

Some types of jewellery such as a pair of earrings or a pendant are one-size-fits-all. For others like bangles or rings, you must know the wearer’s size. Though most jewelers do allow you to return jewellery if it does not fit, there is no fun in gifting your mother a piece of jewellery that doesn’t fit, is there?

To find your mother’s ring size without asking her directly, try to find a ring or bangle that fits her properly. If you can’t find out her size, buy her a necklace, a pendant or pair of earrings that you know will fit perfectly. If she has her nose pierced, you could even buy her a nose pin.

Mother’s Day Jewellery Trends

You now know the things to keep in mind when you buy jewellery for your mother. So, where and how do you start? For starters, Mother’s Day is a big thing; so many online jewellers offer special Mother’s Day collections. You can check out such collections to find what’s trending. Here are our two cents on what to choose:

Say It with a Flower: And say it with a flower that doesn’t ever fade. Yes, we are talking about the floral theme. It has been a favourite with women since centuries and continues to remain so even today. Don’t get your mom a bouquet of flowers that lasts only for a week. Choose, instead, a floral ring or pendant studded with diamonds or colorful gemstones. You will also find floral nose pins, bangles, and necklaces too. Alternately, you could look for jewellery that is inspired by other natural themes such as butterflies, leaves, and foliage.

Look for a Motif: Look of the kind of motifs and symbols your mother generally likes. This can help you shortlist designs. For instance, if your mother is spiritually inclined, you could get her a religious pendant or ring. Those who like clean designs usually have a penchant for geometric motifs. Hearts are usually associated with romantic love but can also be associated with the love between a mother and child. So, you could also take a look at jewellery with interlinked heart motifs.

Pearls to Celebrate the Flawless Love: Pearls are special due to two reasons. Firstly, it is the only gemstone created by a living organism. Secondly, it’s impossible to go wrong with pearls. If you mother is in her forties, fifties, sixties, or even seventies, a finely crafted pearl jewellery would suit her perfectly. That’s why Coco Chanel once said every woman needs ropes and ropes of pearl.

A classic pearl necklace –single strand or double strand – is an ideal gift for your mother on any day and two times more on Mother’s Day. You could also look for pearl earrings, pendants, bangles or rings. Pearl jewellery in combination with rubies or other colourful gems also make great gifts.

Diamonds for Your Sparkling Mother: There is a cardinal rule when you buy jewellery as a gift – when it doubt stick to classics. Pearls are a classic. So are diamonds. It doesn’t matter if your mother already has diamond jewellery. She will always make space for more.

When we say diamonds, it doesn’t mean you should burn a hole in your pocket by buying a solitaire. The good news is that you can buy diamond jewellery even if you are shopping on budget. Choose something in the halo or cluster setting if you want the jumbo sparkle of solitaires without having to break your bank.

Personalized Jewellery: Yes, you heard us right. Whether you buy your mother a small pair of studs or a delicate bracelet, your mother will cherish your gift for years. To make your gift even more special, look for a way to personalize it. Birthstone jewellery is a great idea if you want to do something like this. Most jewelers have extensive ranges of rings, earrings, and pendants studded with different birthstones. Alternatively, you could look at initial pendants or zodiac pendants.

And Lastly

Unlike flowers and chocolates, jewellery lasts a lifetime. No mother will want to exchange a gift her son or daughter bought for her. Hence, make sure whatever you buy her is something she will like. Your mother should want to wear whatever you gifted her because she likes the design not just because it was a gift from you. So think more about what she will like, not what you like.

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