How to Buy Mens Jewellery

How to Buy Men’s Jewellery?

Fashion trends come. Fashion trends go. And sometimes, old trends come back stronger than ever. Men’s jewellery is one of the clearest examples of how fashion trends evolve. Think about it, once upon a time, men wore as much jewellery as women did. Then came a time when earrings or a necklace looked out of place on a man. Today, it is common to see a man flaunt single studs, gold bracelets or diamond pendants on a gold chain.

That’s not all.

These days, you can buy men’s jewellery online as easily as you buy jewellery for women. Many online and offline jewellers have separate collections for men who like to sport a little twinkle and sparkle. The truth is that the right piece of jewellery will allow a man to carry his charm and style quotient quite effortlessly. Are you looking to buy jewellery for a man in your life? Are you struggling to find that right piece?

Here’s good news.

We have put together certain guidelines to help you choose jewellery for men. From simple tips and tricks to some of the latest trends in men’s jewellery, this guide has it all. Read on.

The Person and the Occasion: Two Things That Matter the Most

This is the first thing to consider when you buy jewellery for a man. Are you buying it for your father, brother, significant other, or a friend? Are you buying it for a collegegoer or for someone who rocks the boardroom? Yes, the person you are buying jewellery for makes all the difference. For instance, your father or an older man might like a classic ring or a pair of white gold cufflinks, while your fashion-conscious brother and husband might not mind sporting a unisex bracelet or fusion pendant.

That’s not all!

The occasion is as important as the person you are buying jewellery for. Many jewellers have separate assortments for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Some sellers even have special designs for festive occasions like Rakshabandhan. Likewise, there are exclusive officewear collections that feature office-appropriate designs. For starters, it would be a good idea to check such collections to find something that fits the occasion as well as your budget.

Colour and Sparkle Can Do the Magic

The colour of gold is yet another deciding factor you should take into account when shopping jewellery for a man. Men’s jewellery is typically available white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold is an eternal classic and is suitable for men who have a penchant for everything classic. White gold, on the other hand, has a contemporary appeal and will make him look modern. So does platinum. For men who wouldn’t mind experimenting with warmer hues of gold, something in rose gold is also ideal. So, make your pick accordingly.

Equally important it is to choose the right gemstone. Diamonds are a favourite with men as they are with women, so they are the safest bet as a gift. Ornaments with colourful gems like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are also trending these days. Navaratna jewellery featuring nine colourful gems are also extremely popular among men.

When In Doubt, Keep It Simple

More often than not, the best men’s jewellery designs are the simplest ones. Unless you know that the man you are shopping for likes sparkle and bling, choose a sober piece of jewellery. Look for designs that add elegance without being too loud. The rule of the thumb is this: when in doubt, go for a simple and elegant design.

Most, if not all, men like functional jewellery. So, jeweled watches and cufflinks are a good starting point. Rings and pendants are also some of the popular gift items for men. Earrings are purely ornamental, yet they are the most commonly bought jewellery gifts.

Take the Symbolism into Account

Like women, men who wear jewellery can also be categorised into two broad groups – those who wear it as a fashion statement and those who wear it for its symbolic value. When buying for someone in the second category, it is important that you look for jewellery that he can identify with and that will spark an emotion in him.

For example, you can choose jewellery with his birthstone on his birthday or a design that features a motif reminiscent of a shared experience on a special occasion. Even though you have already exchanged wedding bands, you could still gift your husband a ring on your anniversary. Else, look for something symbolic of the occasion you are buying jewellery for.

Look for Motifs that Might Appeal to Him

This is important and may even make your task a lot easier. Before you crack your head over what he may or may not like, think of any special motifs that might appeal to him. In men’s collections, one of the trending categories is religious jewellery. If your man is spiritually inclined, you could buy him a religious pendant as a gift on a festive occasion. From the cross, crescent, and Om to Khalsa, Trishul, and Ganesha, there is a wide range of motifs you can choose from.

The same goes true for jewellery that features sports motifs. Is your man a lover of football or cricket? Many leading jewellers in India sell exclusive sports collections where you can find gold pendants and other trinkets shaped like the football, cricket ball, cricket pitch, trophies, and what not! Here are our two cents. Choose a design that fits his tastes in sports and you will never go wrong with your choice.

Jewellery for His Body Type

Some men are short while others are tall. Some are broad while others are lean. Jewellery suits all of them as long as it’s the right kind. A lean man will be overshadowed by a chunky piece of jewellery. Similarly, delicate jewellery will not be noticeable on a tall, broad man. Choose jewellery based on his body type.

Here are some tips for you.

When it comes to rings and bracelets, the larger a man’s hand, the bolder his jewellery should be. When buying chains, the rule is simple. Buy sleek, short chains if he has a narrow neck and long chains if he has a broad neck.

Personalise the Jewellery

Jewellery is considered an extension of the wearer’s personality. Thus, it is important that you pick jewellery that personifies the would-be-wearer. Initial pendants are great birthday gifts for men. You could also gift these pendants on special occasions such as a graduation or promotion. Similarly, birthstone pendants or earrings studded with the man’s birthstone also make great gifts.

Make Sure It Fits

When it comes to cufflinks, earrings, and pendants, one size fits all. However, when it comes to rings and kada bangles you need to know the man’s ring size and wrist size respectively. It’s no fun buying a ring only to realise that it won’t slip on to his finger or keeps slipping off. So, buy these types of jewellery only if you know what size to buy.

What if you don’t?

It is safer to go for a pendant, earring or a pair of cufflinks. You can also look for bracelets with adjustable links.

A Final Word

It makes no sense to buy a piece of jewellery if the man it is intended for won’t wear it. Thus, it’s more important to choose something your man will like rather than what you like. Don’t worry too much about fashion trends and what the actor you drool over is sporting in his latest movie. Think about what kind of jewellery he already wears or likes.

Boiled down to essentials, here is what you should keep in mind. If he likes white gold jewellery, don’t buy him a gift in yellow gold. If he is more comfortable wearing a chain rather than a ring, look for pendants as gifts.

Now, are you ready to go jewellery shopping for your man?

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