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Celebrate the Woman in Your Life with Women’s Day Gift Jewelry

Strong, persevering, loving, bold, kind, inspiring, and beautiful….

These are just some of the qualities we celebrate about women. Every woman has multiple facets and that is part of her allure. There is probably no person on earth who can claim to have not been touched by the power of a woman. So this International Woman’s Day on March 8th, celebrate the women in your life and the way they have helped shape your life.

And how?

With a piece of finely crafted jewellery, of course! Take a look at the Women’s Day gift jewellery collection offered by BlueStone and you are sure to find a piece that reflects the qualities you admire about the women in your life. Whether you are looking for a classy gift for a woman with classic tastes in jewellery or something bold for a modern fashionista, you will find just the right designs in this collection. So, ready to explore?

For the Woman who Raised You

They say a mother can take the place of everyone else, but no one can take her place. And rightly so! In exchange for all the years of bringing you up and putting her interests and needs aside in favour of yours, all she asks for is love. Sometimes, it’s easier to say all the things you are feeling with a thoughtfully chosen gift rather than with words. Thus, many of our best Women’s Day gift jewellery designs are created with mothers in mind.

For example, the solitaire on the Laurena Ring speaks of how children always see their mother as a beacon of hope. It speaks of how her love is incomparable to anyone else’s. This preset solitaire ring in 18kt gold is simple and is an ideal pick if your mother loves classic jewellery. Similarly, you could thank your mother for helping you bloom into the beautiful person you are today with the Lilibet Ring. Made of 18kt gold, it features a simple floral motif with a preset solitaire in the centre. Another classic piece for the classic your mother is!

Else, tell your mother how much you admire her with the Kallton Ring. Featuring two ageless classics – pearls and the floral motif – this open ring design in 18k gold will spruce her up for weekend parties and other royal galas. There’s more to explore. Browse through this collection and choose a gift that best suits her tastes.

For the Woman Who You Grew Up With

People lucky to have sisters know that they will never be alone in this world. Nobody knows you better than your sister does. She has probably fought with you at times or scolded you but when you need her, our sister will always be there. A small token of your love can go a long way in showing her how much she means to you. And this Women’s Day, choose a gift made of precious metals and set with sparkling gemstones. When you buy Women’s Day gift jewellery online for your sister, you should ensure that it reflects her style and personality. If she likes flowers, you can go for a floral ring like the Inka Two Finger Ring. Made of 18k gold and set with 35 sparkling diamonds, this two finger ring will be a great addition to her fashion accessories. The Heide Two Finger Ring another great pick for the fashionista your sister is!

On the other hand, is she prefers geometric forms, you could look at the Snehi Ring. This uniquely shaped ring is made of 18kt gold and comes studded with 16 tiny diamonds. The Alessia Ring is also a fast-moving fashion ring in this collection. Parties, weekends or vacations, these chic rings will up her bling quotient quite instantly.

For the Woman Who Stands by You

The day a man gets married, his mother and sister are joined by another woman who will always stand by him. To have a person who loves you unconditionally and supports you is a true blessing. So don’t just wait for her birthday or anniversary but shower her with love on Women’s Day as well. Appreciate the various facets of her personality with a gift that represents the qualities you love about her.

For example, are you looking for a design as unique as her personality? Go for a diamond-studded, floral two finger ring, like the Victoria Two Finger Ring. It’s an ideal gift for a woman who is as sparkling as diamonds and as beautiful as a flower. You could choose the Sparkling Beauty Ring to symbolise how she always stands out in a crowd or show her how much you value her support and encouragement with the Tessa Two Finger Ring. Or, you could remind her of how you are partners for life with the Cassia Ring. Your options are plenty. Choose one and spring a surprise for her on this Women’s Day. And our Women’s Day gift jewellery prices are quite competitive. You can choose a gift that best fits her tastes and your wallet alike.

For the Woman Who Looks Up to You

There is nothing like the bond between a father and his daughter. Fathers will always be the heroes and daughters will be their little princesses no matter how old they get. Many of our new designs in Women’s Day gift jewellery celebrate this special relationship. This Women’s Day, tell her how much you treasure her innocence with the Skylyn Ring or how she is your brightest star with the Bailee Two Finger Ring.

Are you looking for a gift for your daughter who works in corporate offices with strict dress codes? Our designers have come up with highly office-appropriate designs for her too. Take, for instance, the Sabrina Ring and Lilou Ring. Made of 18k gold and set with diamonds, these simple yet unique rings will help her rock boardrooms without compromising on the bling aspect. On the other hand, if your daughter is a fashionista who rocks dance floors at weekend parties, the Elethea Ring would be the perfect gift for her. This 18k gold ring with an open ended design comes with the beauty of a round-cut peridot, a pear-cut amethyst, and a total of 70 diamonds. Truly sparkling! Truly Colourful! Just like your daughter, we say!

For Each Other

You don’t have to be a man – a lover, a husband, a father or a brother – to buy Women’s Day gift jewellery designs for the woman in your life. Being a woman, don’t you want to show the precious women in your life how much they matter to you? It could be your sister, friend, cousin, mother or a woman who has made a difference in your life.

So, show them how much you support them and cherish them with a small gift like the Rionna Ring. This 18k white gold ring features an open design with diamond-studded floral structure. The Baylea Ring featuring a bunch of flowers is also a great pick. Or you can say thank you for all the times they have encouraged you with the Irrina Two Finger ring. Nothing can match the beauty of the bond between two women, we agree. Jewellery is a close second! So, when words fail, choose a sparkling trinket to tell your women how much you care.

How to Buy Women’s Day Gift Jewellery?

At BlueStone, we offer a range of trendy Women’s Day gift jewellery online. Each piece says something special. Our collection is crafted in yellow gold and white gold. Some designs like the Sally Ring are presented in white gold but can be custom made in yellow gold as well. Changing the color of gold does not affect the price of a piece. However, if a design is slightly outside your budget range, you could choose to have it made in lower carat value of gold. Thus, we ensure that you do not have to compromise on a design and can get exactly what you want.

Along with finding the right design at the right price, it is also important for you to pick the right size. Our rings are available in 25 sizes ranging from 6 to 30. So, browse through our Women’s Day gift jewellery designs and find the perfect gift for the woman without whom you would not be the person you are today.

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