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Women's Day Jewellery

Women’s Day Jewellery Collection for the Divas in Your Life

Someone once said, “Give a woman the right jewellery and she can conquer the world”. It’s arguable whether a woman needs jewellery to conquer the world or not. But what’s known for sure is that jewellery can bring a smile on her face on any day. So, on a day when the whole world celebrates the inimitable spirit of women, why not spread a big smile on the faces of the women who matter to you?

Yes, with Women’s Day around the corner, convey to the special women in your life what they mean to you with a gift of jewellery. And when you make your choice from the trendy Women’s Day jewellery online range by BlueStone, you are sure to impress them. So, are you ready to explore the sparkling wonders we have created for the wonderful women in your life?

What’s the Significance of Giving Gifts on Women’s Day?

Before we check out the designs, let’s first see what’s so special about this day. And why you should choose a gift for those special women in your life. As you know, the International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year. This is a day dedicated to women all over the world. Men in many countries celebrate this day by giving gifts to the dear women in their lives. It is a custom that celebrates the various role women play with ease. So, whether she is your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, or friend, giving her a Woman’s Day gift is a way to express your love and affection for her. Now, for someone who is really precious to you, what can be better than a gift of jewellery? At BlueStone, you can get the most amazing Women’s Day jewellery offers and items.

How to Select the Best Women’s Day Jewellery Gifts?

Buying jewellery for a loved one is a financial and emotional investment. It’s never easy to choose a gift, no matter how many times you have done it before. These pointers can help you to make the right selection when choosing a gift made of precious metals:

Style: When you buy Women’s Day jewellery designs, keep in mind the personality of the wearer. Is she a trend-setter? Does she love to wear statement jewellery? Or does she prefer something classy? Take a look at our Cayanne Ring. It has a matchless crisscross design that can set her apart from the crowd. For a woman who loves eternal classics, a simple preset solitaire ring like the Laurena Ring is the best pick.

Colour: You need to consider the colour of the metal when buying gold jewellery. Yellow gold is the popular choice of jewellery lovers across the globe. White gold, on the other hand, has a contemporary charm while rose gold reflects a whimsical appeal. At BlueStone, you can customise a design and get it made in the gold colour you prefer. For instance, if you want our Sally Ring in yellow gold instead of white, you can get it done easily.

Price: Of course, you can’t ignore the price. But you can relax when it comes to choosing a pocket-friendly gift. Since the Women’s Day jewellery price range of BlueStone is highly reasonable, you can get the best designs at the best prices.

Explore Women’s Day Jewellery Offers Online by BlueStone

A ring has always stood as the symbol of love and friendship. Also, this versatile trinket never goes out of fashion. This collection of Women’s Day jewellery designs by BlueStone brings to you an assortment of hand-picked rings. Set with diamonds, gemstones, and pearls, the rings from this range are unlike anything that you may have come across till now. Consider our Elethea Ring as an example. Featuring an open-ended design, this ring sparkles with a peridot, an amethyst, and many glittering diamonds.

Fancy something with unlimited contemporary charm?

Our Alessia Ring has a geometrical design. Studded with diamonds, this two-tone ring is a real treat for the eyes. If you are looking for a ring that can complement her stylish persona, you can never go wrong with our Shiloh Ring. Designed in 18k gold, this diamond ring has an incomparable design, to begin with. When you buy Women’s Day jewellery online from us, you can make your choice from a variety of styles and designs.

Open Ring Designs for the Fashion-conscious Women

Open rings are among the hottest trends this season. They pack in a punch of style and glamour that is hard to ignore. Take a look at our Gulbahar Ring. The whimsical design features a flower and a leaf and is set with 21 sparkling diamonds. Don’t you think this design will make her jump up in delight?

How about giving her a flower on this Women’s Day?

Our Rionna Ring is inspired by floral motifs. Two distinctive diamond flowers at two ends of this white gold design make it a show-stealer. It surely is an ideal gift for the most lovable woman in your life. There’s more to explore and when you shop with us, you will never run out of options. That’s our promise!

Double Finger Rings to Match Her Unique Style

Double finger rings have fast climbed up the popularity charts in the world of jewellery. Also known as two-finger rings, they can be a unique addition to any woman’s jewellery box. So, if you are looking for a gift that can match her uniqueness and panache, a two-finger ring is most certainly your best bet.

Check out our Erin Ring, for instance. With three diamond flowers and a diamond bud sitting prettily at different points of this ring, it is an enchanting design. The Victoria Two Finger Ring is also inspired by floral motifs. This sleek design will be ideal for anyone who loves to flaunt elegant pieces.

Cocktail Rings for the Woman Who Rocks Parties

Cocktail rings are all about big sizes and fascinating designs. Such a ring is the perfect gift for a woman who doesn’t shy away from being bold and beautiful. Our Maryam Two Finger Ring is a fine example of a cocktail ring design. Pearls and diamonds are set together in a mesmerising design to give this yellow gold ring a dramatic look. The double finger style further adds to its charm.

Our Madhunisha Ring is designed to be worn on a single finger. But that doesn’t diminish the attraction of the ring in any way. The white-on-white combination of diamonds and white gold gives this ring a fantastic look.

Floral Rings: Flowers for Every Season

Rings with floral motifs are often a favourite with women. This motif may be an old one, but its popularity doesn’t seem to decrease. Floral rings can make great gifts for women of all ages. Take a look at our Baylea Ring. It has flowers of different sizes and patterns designed in gold and diamonds. Won’t it be the right pick as a gift? And guess what? These precious flowers made of gold and set with gemstones are ideal for all seasons. They, unlike real flowers, last for a lifetime.

At BlueStone, you will come across many more designs and styles as you explore our best Women’s Day jewellery. So, make your choice and get ready to surprise the women in your life with lovely gifts on Women’s Day.

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