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Women’s Day Offers to Make Your Woman Feel Special

They say a woman is an enigma that is hard to unravel. We say, why try to unravel her at all? Why not celebrate her, instead, for what she is and for what she has been to you? Be it your mother, sister, wife, friend or girlfriend, a woman is so much more than the roles she plays in her life. She personifies beauty, care, and wisdom. She is the epitome of strength and love. For someone who inspires, cherishes, and supports you endlessly, it’s only appropriate that you show your appreciation in a way that she will cherish forever.

Wondering how to do it?

Celebrate her presence in your life with a gift of jewellery dedicated to her charm and indomitable spirit. Make her feel special with a piece of jewellery from the Women’s Day offers collection curated by BlueStone. This Women’s Day, let her know what she means to you with a dash of sparkle and shine. From the glitter of gold and the sparkle of diamonds to the colourful gleam of gemstones, we have everything to make your day a truly memorable one.

Are You Aware of the History of Women’s Day?

The celebration of Women’s Day is not a recent trend. Do you know that the first Women’s Day was observed more than a century ago? That was in 1909. But it was much later, in 1975, that the United Nations formally adopted the day. Since then, 8th March is celebrated as the International Women’s Day all over the world.

In many countries around the world, men give gifts to the women in their lives to mark this day. Isn’t it a great idea to make the most of this special day and pamper the dear women in your life? With BlueStone’s trendy Women’s Day offers online collection, you can do exactly that. After all, what can be a better gift for a woman than jewellery?

Buy Women’s Day Offers Online from BlueStone

This collection by BlueStone celebrates the essence of women in every creative way possible. Our incredible ring designs in this range reflect her free-spirit and zest for life. Each design is a salute to her inner beauty. It’s not easy to pick a single ring from this collection and say ‘this is the best Women’s Day gift’ for her. But this is exactly what makes this collection so impressive.

For instance, take a look at our Gulbahar Ring. This is among the best Women’s Day offers you will come across in any collection online or offline. Resembling a flower in full-bloom and a leaf in an open-end design, this ring is every bit a diva’s delight. Don’t you think it will be perfect to grace your beloved’s look at any party? Our Ebony Ring is a whimsical beauty made of rose gold. Enhancing the look of this design is the channel of diamonds set in white tone. Whether it’s your wife or your sister, this ring will surely make a charming gift.

Looking for something that will always remain in vogue?

Check out our Lovely Ring. True to its name, it has a lovely design where a pre-set solitaire sits encircled by a string of small diamonds. A perfect gift for the woman with a distinct style and grace! Women, this doesn’t mean you can’t buy these rings for yourselves. Who’s stopping you anyway? This collection has rings in a number of styles and designs. Make your pick from our wide range.

Cocktail Rings for Women Who Loves Oversized Accessories

Dramatic and arresting, the cocktail rings are the flavour of the season. A statement-making accessory, they can easily add to the beauty of any woman. And that makes these oversized rings the perfect pick on this Women’s Day. Our Madhinisha Ring is a fine example of a cocktail ring in white gold. With an open-end design that seems to clutch the finger in a slight grip, it is exquisiteness redefined.

If this design exudes elegance, our Maryam Two Finger Ring spells style and fashion in full force. Designed for the woman who loves to flaunt eye-catching jewels, this pearl and diamond ring is sure to make a lasting impression. Whether you are looking for a ring for yourself or a woman in your life, a finely crafted piece from this collection screams fashion and spunk in a way few other accessories can match. 

Let Her Bloom with Floral Rings

Perhaps no other motif highlights the feminine grace as much as the floral motif does. No wonder, many women love to flaunt jewellery having floral designs. When you buy Women’s Day offers from this collection, you won’t be short of floral beauties. Consider our Baylea Ring as an example of the same. A spectacular design having four distinct flowers set on a band of yellow gold makes this ring a one-of-its-kind.

Our Kallton Ring is a bold and beautiful piece. Full of panache and charm, the design features two yellow gold flowers flanked by two large pearls. Isn’t it just the right piece to up a woman’s fashion quotient?

Rings with Pre-Set Solitaires

Solitaire rings hold a special attraction for every woman. This Women’s Day, go for a pre-set solitaire ring from our exceptional assortment. Take a look at our Lilibet Ring. While the solitaire sitting prettily within a golden flower is the highlight of the design, it is the band of diamonds at the base of the flower that lends it a matchless look. Our Laurena Ring has the pre-set solitaire forming the core of a golden flower. Imagine this classic design sitting on that slender finger. Seems to be the perfect pick, isn’t it?

Gemstone Rings for the Colourful Woman

When it comes to ornamental jewellery, gemstone rings are the ultimate choice of any jewellery lover. When you want to add a pop of colour to complement her lively persona, our Elethea Ring can be a great choice. A unique combination of diamonds, peridots, and amethysts, this design is as colourful as the wings of a butterfly. Talking of butterflies, how about gifting a gemstone-studded butterfly that will rest on her fingers? Our Skylyn Ring makes it possible for you. Two butterflies composed of pink sapphires and blue topaz stones form the two ends of this sleek design. Whether it’s a normal day at the office or a party, this ring is sure to make heads turn towards her.

Let Her Stand Out with Two Finger Rings

Two finger ring or double finger ring is the latest trend of the fashionistas and for a good reason. They are an easy way spice up any look instantly. Take a look at our Inka Two Finger Ring. Two flowers and a leaf form the decorative part of this ring. Don’t you think it can elevate any attire? Our Bailee Two Finger Ring brings the moon and the stars within your reach. Such a ring can be a timeless addition to any woman’s jewellery box.

Given that our Women’s Day offers price range is as attractive as our designs, there’s no reason to miss out on this wonderful collection.

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