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Trinity Jewellery

Trinity Jewellery Designs: Meaningful Jewellery for Your Meaningful Moments

The love affair between jewellery and symbolism is longer and deeper than we can ever imagine. Starting from the cavemen who wore feathers and stones as a symbolic weapon against evil spirits to the Ancient Pharaohs who used scarab beetle pendants as a symbol of eternity, from the Victorians who attached values to gemstones to the modern day jewellery enthusiast who wears lucky charms, heart-shaped trinkets, and the like, symbolism and jewellery were inseparable. Speaking of symbolic jewellery, some designs capture the symbolism of certain moments in life, for instance, weddings and engagements. Trinity jewellery, which mostly comprises of rings but may also come in other forms, is one such design. If you want to make your wedding or engagement a meaningful celebration, here are the trinity jewellery designs offered by BlueStone.

Trinity de Cartier: When a Ring Is More Than a Ring

One of the most iconic types of trinity jewellery was created by Louis Cartier, a French designer. In the year 1924, the French artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau requested Cartier to create a unique and exotic ring. Taking the challenge head on, Cartier created a historic trinity ring which came to be popularly known as Trinity de Cartier. This was a movable ring that featured three interlaced bands made of gold, white gold, and rose gold. These were not just three random colours; yellow was symbolic of fidelity while white and pink stood for friendship and true love respectively. The original design of Cartier underwent several changes during the last one century, but this piece of trinity jewellery has been used by men and women to mark their cherished moments, marital bonding, and special relationships.

Today, you don’t have to take a trip to France to own a modern version of Cartier trinity ring. At BlueStone, we have recreated this stylish and elegant design with some contemporary flair. Take, for instance, the Maidel Ring in our trinity jewellery collection. Made of 18kt gold, this ring is our designers’ contemporary take on the classic Cartier Ring. The Eternal Serenade Ring also features the triple-coloured band design of the original ring and the white band comes studded with three sparkling diamonds. These pieces are ideal as engagement or wedding rings for couples who embark on their marital journey. However, you can also choose them to celebrate your anniversaries or other special moments.

The Triple Stone Trinity Rings: When Stones Speak Louder than Words

Another popular version of trinity jewellery is the triple stone trinity ring or the trilogy ring. Quite true to its name, these rings contain three stones which stand for the past, present, and the future. Today, jewellers use diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of both to create eye-catchy pieces of triple stone trinity jewellery designs. Typically, the stone that stands for the present is larger than the other two stones and is placed between them. A classic example of this can be seen in our Apolonius Ring which features three sparkling diamonds in the centre of the gold band. The central diamond is the largest of the three and it is placed amidst the other two smaller diamonds. A gemstone version of this can be found in the Flavia Ring. Made of 18kt gold, this ring has three vivacious rubies to make it colourful.

However, trinity rings with three equally sized diamonds or gemstones are also popular with today’s couples. Take, for instance, the Glamour Fiesta Ring and the Aphrodite Ring. They follow the triple stone pattern, but the only difference is that all three stones are equally sized. Another variation of the same is the triad pattern where the stones are placed not in the same line, but to form the shape of a triangle. The Apolonius Triad Ring and the Divinity Ring are examples of this.

Buy Trinity Jewellery Designs for Your Cherished Moments

Traditionally, trinity jewellery is used on weddings and engagements. When two people come together to celebrate fidelity, friendship, and love or when they combine their past, present, and future together, there is no better way to capture the essence of that moment that with a trinity ring. However, like any other symbolic jewellery, the meaning of trinity ornaments is also open to interpretations. You can buy trinity jewellery online from us to mark any cherished moment in our life. The Imperial Aura Ring, the Trinity Ring, and the Sian Ring are all great gifting options. You can also opt for office-appropriate designs like the Triad Flourish Ring and the Aureus Ring or everyday pieces like the Parnella Trinity Ring or the Miska Ring. When you have these trinity jewellery designs in your collection, every day is a tribute to your past, a celebration of your present, and anticipation towards the future. Isn’t it quite symbolic?

More than Rings 

When you buy trinity jewellery online from BlueStone, your options are not limited to rings. Our ingenious designers have brought the spirit and symbolism of trinity designs to other types of jewellery. The Harsha Mangalsutra with three diamonds is a fine case in point. Team it with the Harsha Earrings to complete your look. The Tribus Pendant, the Mizara Pendant and earrings, and the Sian Earrings are other trinity jewellery designs you can choose from. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make these beauties your own. Our trinity jewellery price is as attractive as the designs we offer. So, browse our collection, pick the ones you like, and viola, we bring them home for you!

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