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Swastik Jewellery

Swastik Jewellery: Of Good Luck and Prosperity

For anyone familiar with modern world history, the swastika – the word or the symbol – doesn’t mean anything remotely good. As the Nazi symbol appropriated by Hitler, it represents everything detestable – massacre, oppression, and white supremacy. That’s probably why we should dig into history a little deeper and when we do, we learn a few interesting facts about this symbol. To begin with, the swastika has a rich and positive history that predates Hitler and it was used as an auspicious symbol in many ancient civilisations. The name swastika has its origins in India and before it got associated with the evil agenda of the Nazis, people used this symbol on ornaments, clothing, and other accessories. The stigma attached to the Swastika is slowly being lifted and many now use this symbol on ornaments and other accessories to mean what it originally meant – luck, wellbeing, and peace.

Swastika jewellery designs: Know the symbol

The swastika is a symbol, also known by other names such as Hakenkreuz, fylfot, gammadion cross, and tetraskelion is equivalent to the European cross but with a longer (perhaps the oldest) history. It is in the form of a cross with arms of same length and the ends of each arm bend at ninety degrees in the clockwise direction. Many believe that the Swastika originated from India, but archaeological evidence shows that the symbol existed not just in one culture but in multiple regions and civilisations. In the Eastern faiths, especially in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism the Swastika was and still is an auspicious religious symbol. In some early European cultures, the symbol was associated with the Norse god Thor, and it was also used by ancient Greeks, Celts, and Anglo-Saxons.

As any other religious or spiritual symbols, the Swastika also found expressions in the jewellery and textile designs of many early cultures. The oldest known swastika-shaped ornament dates back to the Neolithic period. It was a popular architectural motif in Greece and embroidery motif in Eastern Europe for many centuries. People in Finland used a straightened version of the symbol on their jewellery while the Native Americans, who considered the Swastika as a symbol of good fortune, made rugs and silverware using this design. 

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Though the notoriety associated with the Swastika is still hovering around in the West, for many eastern cultures and especially India, it is still one of the most cherished spiritual symbols. It is no surprise that people here wear swastika jewellery designs without any stigma attached to it. Designers in the jewellery industry use the symbol as it is or make creative expressions of it on different types of ornaments, especially rings and pendants. Today you can buy swastika jewellery designs from the religious jewellery collections of many online and offline jewellers. Such exquisitely crafted pieces are made of white and gold and they often come studded with diamonds and precious stones.

BlueStone’s swastika jewellery collection: Bring home luck and wellbeing

BlueStone offers a great display of swastika pendant and ring designs made in white and gold. Lovers of precious stones can choose from our Suasti Pendant that features nine stones on the arms of the cross or the Amal Swastik Pendant studded with five sparkling rubies. The Apurv Swastik Ring and the Swacch Swastika Pendant are also some of the popular picks of our customers. The Akshaya Swastika Pendant and the Kuber Kunji Pendant will enchant you with their design innovations. The former features multiple swastikas while the latter has a diamond swastika etched on a key-shaped design.

The Shubh Labh Pendant, an elegant piece in gold, is a brilliant design that uses the negative space effect. It features a stone-studded square and four lines projecting inwards from each side of the square. The negative space between the lines forms the shape of a swastika bordered with diamonds. If you are a lover of negative space designs, this pendant will enchant you with its simple charm. Likewise, the Daiwik Pendant made in white gold is our creative take on the quintessential swastika design and the arms of the symbol bent at 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Our swastika jewellery design prices are quite within your budget and you can bring home the symbol of good luck and wellbeing just at the price you have in mind.

Indeed, for many, the swastika still remains in the dark pages of history. But elegantly crafted swastika jewellery is indeed a conversation starter and when worn for the right reasons, it will redeem the symbol from its dark past and restore it to its lost glory.

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