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Romance Nose Pin Designs: A Lot of Romance in a Tiny Trinket

Jewellery and romance go hand in hand. That’s probably why we wear, exchange, or gift jewellery on occasions associated with romantic love, such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and the like. Typically, rings are considered to be the piece of jewellery that symbolises love. But when it comes to romance, even the tiniest of all trinkets can inspire and radiate deep, mad, and true love. Yes, we are talking about nose pins, the smallest member of a woman’s jewellery box. The sparkle of a nose pin, especially when it is studded with diamonds, is the perfect complement to the glow on a woman’s face when she’s in love. At BlueStone, we have a wide selection of nose pins for daily wear, office wear, party wear amongst which we also have a curated a set of designs that speaks of love – a collection of romance nose pin designs.

From Tradition to Fashion: Nose Pin Trends

Nose piercing was a custom that was prevalent in many communities in India from several centuries ago. In Hindu communities, nose pins are considered to be a marker of a woman’s marital status along with mangalsutra. One thing for certain is that most Indian women do not consider their wedding jewellery set complete without a nose ring. Nose pins or nose rings are traditionally worn on the left side of the nose. According to Ayurveda, a nostril piercing is associated with the woman’s reproductive system and is supposed to make menstruation less painful and ease the process of childbirth.

In modern times, however, the trend of nose piercing is fast changing. Today, nose pins are not just symbols of tradition or culture but also powerful fashion statements. From Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor and Vidya Balan to Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga and Scarlet Johansson, many well-known women setting new trends in nose pins. From traditional nose screws and nose pins to the trendy septum rings, your options are many when it comes to choosing a nose pin design.

Types of Jewellery for the Nose

For a wedding, nose jewellery takes the form of a large nath that may be connected to the ear with a delicate chain. However, wearing a nath on a day-to-day basis would be highly uncomfortable and inconvenient. For daily wear, you could choose between a nose ring, nose pin and a nose screw. A nose ring can be described as a ring that pierces through the nostril. A nose screw features a decorative front end and a back screw. To wear this piece of jewellery, you need to first but the back end in and then screw in the top. Nose screws are held secure in the piercing and will not easily fall off your nose. A nose pin is probably the easiest to wear amongst these. It can be described as a twisted pin with a decorative head. You can simply put the pin through your piercing and viola, it starts shining on your nose. Whether you want a ring, screw, or pin is a personal choice you should make based on your preferences. At BlueStone, we offer both nose pins and nose screws in yellow, white, and rose gold.

R is for Roses and Romance: Buy Romance Nose Pins Online from BlueStone

When you think of romantic love, roses are one of the first things that come to your mind. A red rose is a universally accepted sign of love. Remember “my Love is like a red red rose”, the opening lines of the famous poem written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns? The symbolism of this flower originates from the time when it was used to decorate not only the venue for a wedding but also the bride’s dress. From then on, being gifted a bouquet of red roses by a man has been considered as a way of telling a woman that she is loved. Our Roos Nose Pin picks up on the symbolism of a rose with both the motif on the nose pin head and the rose gold it is crafted from. Men out there, take a note! If you are looking for a unique way to spring a surprise to your woman on her birthday or a special occasion, grab this nose pin today. Why go for a bouquet of real flowers that lasts for only a few days when you can choose a rose that remains on your woman’s nose forever?

Paisley Nose Pins: Buy Romance Pins in Gold

The paisley is one of the most popular motifs for jewellery designs. This motif of Persian origin resembles a droplet, a leaf or a mango in shape. At BlueStone, we offer you romantic nose pin designs crafted in the paisley pattern. The Arvi Paisley Nosepin features concentric paisley outlines in gold with a single diamond stud in the centre. If you want to buy romance nose pin designs that are a little heavier, take a look at the Heli Paisley Nosepin. The nose pin looks like it features a big teardrop shaped diamond but actually has a cluster of smaller diamonds. Thus, though it looks very expensive, it actually is quite affordable. Both the paisley designs can be custom made in gold or white gold. The glitter of gold and sheen of diamonds make these designs ideal gifting options.

Buy Romance Nose Pins Online

Just like earrings and necklaces, nose pins can be bought online as well. Our designs are typically made in 18kt gold but you could also get them made in 14kt gold. This helps reduce the romance nose pins price to a considerable degree. With BlueStone, you also have the opportunity to try on a piece of jewellery before you buy it. So why don’t you take a look at our range of romance nose pins designs and pick one for yourself today?

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