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Give a Royal Tinge to Your Looks with Red Earring Designs

If red is the king of colours and ruby is the king of all gems, what would you call a piece of red jewellery made with ruby? The king of jewellery, perhaps? Well, pieces of red ornaments studded with ruby have always been and still are the most coveted accessories of jewellery enthusiasts. Though there are many other gemstones and semi-precious stones that give jewellery the royal red tinge, rubies always won women’s heart with their royal nature and sheer vivacity. The wide range of red jewellery designs, especially red earring designs, available today speaks volumes of their popularity.

Of rubies and corals: A peek into the bygone era

Colour red is readily found in nature in many forms, so it is safe to assume that the ancient men who used the juices of red berries, red stones, and other naturally found red substances to adorn their bodies were the first ‘designers’ of red jewellery. Coming to the Middle Ages, lords and ladies in the West wore jewellery made of ruby as a display of their wealth and royalty. Coral, another red-coloured stone, was also widely used in many ancient cultures and it rose in popularity during the Victorian era. Over the centuries, jewellery makers started using many red-coloured semi-precious stones as less expensive alternatives to the royal ruby and the charming coral.

Jewellery made of red-coloured precious stones was extremely popular in Asian cultures as well. For instance in India, wedding jewellery made of gold and studded with red stones was the most prized assets of a traditional bride. Rubies were the favourite gem of many Mughal emperors and the heavily designed ruby necklaces and red earrings you find today draw heavily from the Mughal tradition of jewellery making.

Buy red earrings online and wear a piece of regal charm

Today, you can buy red jewellery designs made of gold and embellished with rubies and corals. Many online jewellery stores have exclusive collections of red earrings, necklaces, and bangles made of precious and semi-precious red stones. Though ornaments made of other red-tinged gemstones, such as fire opal, tourmaline, garnet, or almandine, are also in vogue, nothing beats the combination of gold and ruby, especially in elaborately carved red earrings.

Earrings made of gold and white gold and embellished with rubies are a real sight to behold and great assets to own. You can buy red earring designs that are studded with a combination of ruby and other stones. The classic red and white designs made of rubies and diamonds are the most popular ones while earrings studded with rubies and emeralds give the wearer a royal charm. The red earrings’ prices vary from one design to another; the type and number of stones along with the metal used for ornament making determine the price of red jewellery designs.

The royal collection of red earring designs at BlueStone

In the world of jewellery, what better defines and represents colour red than the bright and shining ruby? That’s why BlueStone offers you a vibrant and enchanting collection of ruby earrings made of white and gold. We also use garnets to make red earring designs and they look as good as ruby earrings.

Our red earring designs comprise of studs, jhumkas, drops, hoops, sui dhagas, and many other patterns. For the absolute lovers of red, we have a fabulous range of earrings made in white and gold. Lovers of white gold can opt for the Almila Earrings or the Swapn Sundari Earrings while those who want the glitter of gold will fall in love with our Root Chakra Earrings and the Swadha Earrings. These pieces have only red stones etched on them – ruby or garnet - so they radiate the brightness and the vivacity of the colour red.

Buy red earrings online and shine in style

Our breathtaking display of red earrings contains exquisite pieces studded with rubies and diamonds. In the Flirtini Earrings, Rivaan Earrings, and the Catherine Earrings, the beauty of the ruby is enhanced by the tiny diamonds surrounding it. The Detachable Kalakriti Earrings, a piece that abounds in royal charm, vouch for the combination of rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. The Deema Earrings (pearl, diamond, and ruby) the Fire and Ice Earrings (pearl, diamond, and garnet) are made for those who want a tinge of white on their red earrings.

Earlier, Hindu men of certain castes wore a stone-studded stud on one ear and that custom is making a comeback among modern urban men. For those men who want to flaunt their pierced ear in style, we have the Ayer Stud for Him – a garnet stud made in gold.

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