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Princess Diamond Earring Designs: Wear Them Like a Princess

One of the 4 Cs that determine the cost of a diamond or gemstone is the way it has been cut. Of all the different cuts used to shape diamonds, the round cut is the most popular one and followed closely by the princess cut. The defining features of a princess cut diamond are its square face and inverted pyramid profile. If you want to own a piece of jewellery in this iconic cut, take a look at our princess diamond earring designs. As the name suggests, the pieces in this collection feature one or more princess cut diamond. Single stone or multistone, studs or drops, gold or white gold, this collection has a little something for everyone.

The Pros and Cons of Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess cut does stand out when compared to a regular round diamond but like anything else, it does have its own pros and cons. The princess cut has minimal wastage involved and hence it is quite budget-friendly. On the other hand, it sparkles a little less than a faceted round cut diamond. The sharp corners of the square face are a defining feature of this cut. However, these sharp edges are also prone to chipping and hence need to be handled with extra care. In the end, it comes down to what you would like your style statement to say. The overall look of a diamond used in princess diamond earring designs is dependent on the number of chevrons it features. Fewer chevrons give it a chunky appeal while adding chevrons will give the diamond a look reminiscent of ‘crushed ice’.

Princess Diamond Earring Designs for Him and Her

Women aren’t alone when it comes to loving the sparkle of a diamonds. For men who like to flaunt a diamond earring, the elegant Avoir Earring for Him and the Vivant Earring for Him are perfect daily wear. Both these studs are made of 18kt white gold, which increases their overall radiance by several notches.

Unlike men who usually prefer stud earrings, women have many more types of earrings to choose from. However, for everyday wear, most women prefer a pair of stylish studs like the Deirdre Earrings over delicate danglers. This heart-shaped pair made of gold is part of our Celtic collection and features two sparkling diamonds. However, if you prefer the mega sparkle of multiple diamonds, a multistone stunner like the Akuti Earrings is your best pick. Made of gold, this pair feature a total of 58 diamonds set tightly against each other to create a seamless glitter.

Buy Princess Diamond Earring Designs to Flaunt at Your Next Party

When comparing a round cut diamond and a princess cut diamond of the same carat value, you will notice that the princess cut diamond appears bigger. This is because they both share the same diametre but the round cut diamond loses out on the corners. This makes princess diamond earring designs ideal for cocktail parties and festive occasions. The Orion Earrings and the Trida Earrings are two of our bestsellers. If you like a blend of tradition and modernity, you could also pick something like the Roksana Jhumkas. Men too can choose a more ornate design like the Riche Earring for Him or the Savant Earring for Him to make a fashion statement.

Buy Princess Diamond Earrings Online

You don’t have to be a princess to buy princess diamond earring designs; you can simply shop them online from us. At BlueStone we have a wide range of designs that caters to every woman’s style preferences. For instance, if you want only princess cut diamonds in your earrings, go for the Aliss Earrings or the Sabria Earrings. They both feature multiple diamonds of this cut set so closely against one another that they shine like a single stone. However, those who wouldn’t mind a combination of cuts can go for the Spritzer Earrings or the Frangelico Earrings.

Everything You Should Know About Princess Diamond Earrings Prices

When it comes to shopping for jewellery, budget plays a bigger role than style. Hence, it becomes necessary to understand the factors that determine princess diamond earrings price. As mentioned earlier, there are 4 Cs that determine the price of a diamond; colour, cut, clarity, and carat value. When you shop with BlueStone, you can customise both the colour and the clarity of the stones being used according to your budget. As a rule of thumb, remember that the clearer and more colourless a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. You can also customise the caratage of gold on which these diamonds are set. For instance, if you like the Delna Earrings but wish they were a little less expensive, go for 14kt gold instead of 18kt. This will reduce the price of this pair by a few thousand rupees.

Apart from budget, many women also are apprehensive about buying jewellery without wearing it first to see if it suits their face shape or not. You can say sayonara to this worry when you’re shopping with BlueStone. We offer you an exclusive opportunity to select a few earrings and try them on at your home before you invest in them. Jewellery shopping has never been this delightful, has it?

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