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Plain Gold/Platinum Necklaces

Plain Gold Necklaces: Elegant Ornaments for Your Love of Gold

In the glorious world of jewellery, there’s hardly anything that spells as much luxury as gold. So much that the word “gold” has become synonymous with the standard of luxury in many sectors. The glow that gold lends to jewellery needs no explanation. Women all over the world swear by this precious metal when it comes to fine jewellery for any occasion. Amongst important pieces of gold jewellery, a gold necklace is a must-have in every woman’s jewellery trousseau. While diamond and gemstone necklaces are exploding in popularity, there’s no competition to the plain gold necklace designs available at BlueStone. Starting from the quality of gold used to make the necklaces in our exclusive collection to the craftsmanship that our pieces exude, our plain gold necklaces are an epitome of everything luxurious.

Flaunt Your Fascination for Gold with Exquisite Necklaces

The love of gold is not limited to women in India; it is endemic. And why not! The never-ending style quotient that gold lends is absolutely incomparable. This precious metal just doesn’t go out of style, ever. At BlueStone, we have curated a collection of gorgeous necklaces that are made using the highest quality gold and designed by some of the most skilled artisans in India. The excellent craftsmanship that has gone into designing the necklaces in our stunning collection is evident from the intricate carvings on them and the delicate silhouettes that they feature. If you fancy the ageless floral design, go for our Nicole Necklace or the Conjured Blossoms Necklace. Prefer something traditional? Choose the Viswaroopini Necklace, an exquisite piece from our Coinage Collection and wear it with your silk saree to radiate an undeniable old-world charm.

Get the Best of Plain Gold Necklace Designs

When you buy plain gold necklace designs at BlueStone, you can be sure that you will get the best in the world of jewellery delivered right to your doorstep. What’s more, you can appreciate the necklaces you love more closely before you buy them by trying them at home. Our try-at-home feature is available at no additional cost. Choosing the right piece of gold is, after all, like appreciating a fine work of art. And we want you to experience the lovely pieces in our collection rather than just wear them.

Although each of them is a perfect match for any attire, traditional, western, or workwear, you can match the necklaces you love with everything in your wardrobe. For a traditional occasion, choose something ethnic like the Bhagawati Necklace or the Chaandri Necklace. Lariats like the Bayonet Axis Necklace and the Careen Axis Necklace are ideal as work wear jewellery. Contemporary Pieces like the Aishwarya Necklace and the Faceted Paisley Necklace are fine picks for weekends and parties. Browse our golden assortment to see the fabulous necklaces we have in store for you.

One Metal, Multiple Colours and Tones: Versatility Thy Name!

Gold is a highly versatile metal in terms of the colours and tones it is available in. From the eternal sunny yellow colour to the rhodium-coated silver colour of white gold and the blushing pink colour of rose gold, options galore. We make the best of gold’s versatility by creating necklaces using these vibrant variants of the metal. When you choose to buy plain gold necklaces online at BlueStone, your options include all of these colours. While some of the necklaces like the Freida Necklace are made of plain gold, there are some that are dual-tone pieces. The Fenced Axis Necklace is a modern, two-tone piece of 22kt gold featuring a contemporary, geometric design. The Blain Necklace and the Morse Code Love Necklace, on the other hand, are simple yet quirky designs made of rose gold. They are all so beautiful that you won’t even notice the lack of embellishments on them! Well, they don’t need any as they are all self-sufficiently exquisite.

A Magnificent Mix of Traditional and Contemporary Styles for You

Our extensive collection of plain gold necklaces is a splendid display of fine luxury in the form of enchanting gold jewellery. The finesse in design is clearly visible in each and every one of the pieces in our collection. They are designed in such a way that they suit just about every style and taste. From subtle pieces to statement necklaces, we have them all. Whether you like classic necklaces with a traditional design or contemporary pieces with a hint of quirkiness, you will find the right necklace here. Take a look at the U R My Match Necklace. It is a mix of fun and glamour blended seamlessly in an 18kt white gold necklace. It features a chain and a quirky pendant in the shape of a matchstick. A match made in heaven, perhaps? Pair it with an LBD or denim and it will work wonders to complete your overall look.

The Gold Leaf Necklace is a double-layer piece crafted from 22kt gold and features two elegant chains placed one below the other. Each of the chains features golden leaves with intricate veins carved into them. The Vigilant Femme Necklace is both classic and contemporary in its design. It is made of 22kt gold and features rhodium-coated white segments on each of the golden nibs sitting elegantly on this neck piece. This necklace will look equally stunning with a sari and a strappy dress. There are a lot more designs in our collection of plain gold necklaces, some with intricate patterns, some with floral outlines, and much more.

Other than our irresistible plain gold necklaces price that helps you save money on your budget, you can also save your precious time by buying plain gold necklaces online at BlueStone, your one-stop jewellery destination. No more hassles of shuttling between jewellery shops — enjoy a frill-free shopping experience when you shop at BlueStone. What’s more? You can customise these designs in 18kt and 14kt gold to make them fit your budget.

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