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Om Ganesha Jewellery

Om Ganesha Jewellery: A Tribute to Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha needs no introduction. We find Him everywhere - from the banyan tree around the street corner to the majestic temples that house him. While his pot-belly and elephant head definitely spark an interest in us, have you ever wondered what would happen if we have to make jewellery designs based on these unique features. Wait no further, browse on and you will be amazed at the masterfully crafted Om Ganesha jewellery designs we have in store for you.

Hinduism abounds with symbolic representations – as per the Vedic traditions it is believed that the holy syllable Om resonates in the same frequency as the life energy itself. Our sacred and stylish Om Ganesha collection brings together the two most powerful symbols of the Hindu religion – Om and Lord Ganesha. When you buy Om Ganesha jewellery online from BlueStone, you are sure to get the best designs and you can shop them from the comfort of your home. We have discount offers on select pieces and the irresistible home try-on option can make your shopping experience truly memorable.

Buy Om Ganesha Jewellery Designs: Fusion at Its Best

We have seen jewellery designs with the Om symbol commonly but our collection of Om Ganesha jewellery designs are nothing like you have ever seen before. In our fusion range we have the best selling Kapil Pendant that has the holy syllable inscribed inside the elephant’s trunk and there is a single diamond that glitters. The Gajavakra Pendant throws in the radiance of a single ruby alongside the sparkling white diamond.

Check out the Akhila Pendant that looks divine and graceful with the navaratna stones placed on the trunk. When you think of fusion the charming mix of modern designs to the traditional patterns will always come to your mind. The Om Ganesha Bracelet stays true to that belief. The eyes of the elephant looks like the curve of the syllable Om too and it looks like jubilant ruby is artfully paying respect to both the holy symbols. We have the Om Ganesha Pendant also in this range for you. The Ekakshara Pendant is yet another majestic design that has two rubies that complement this diamonds decked gold pendant. 

Festive splendour: Let the Lord of Infinite Wisdom Bless Your Festivities

Ganesha’s pot-belly is said to be a repository for all wisdom and knowledge that is needed for survival. The elephant head represents the calmness and majesty required for everyday living. Buy Om Ganesha jewellery designs and wear your faith with reverence and devotion this festive season.

We know that religious jewellery designs are the preferred option for festive wear as the constant reminder of the divine presence is calming and fortifying. The Yagnakaya Pendant in solid gold with the white gold highlighting the peaceful face of Lord Ganesha will be your trusted partner while you enjoy your festivities. The Gaurisuta Pendant has a decorative pattern with over fifty diamonds surrounding the Om inscription at the centre. Try the Eshanputra Pendant that has a distinctive design – the Om syllable is represented in the shape of the Lord’s pot-belly. The combination of the symbols is so seamless and in harmony that the designs. Divinity is invoked naturally in our hearts, isn’t it? Adorn the Sakaar Pendant in white gold with the striking diamonds and you can shimmer in style effortlessly.

Lord Ganesha is believed to be the remover of obstacles and is worshipped first during many Hindu rituals. Wear jewellery designs that denote His divine presence in your lives. Go ahead and shop for your favourite designs – our Om Ganesha jewellery price is reasonable and unbelievably affordable, hence you don’t need to think twice about adding these stunning pieces into your collection.

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