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Pin Down that Look with Women’s Nose Pin Designs

It was 2013, and the red carpet at Cannes was playing host to flowing designer gowns, sky-high heels, and suave black tuxedos. There, in the midst of this black-tie event, our very own Sonam Kapoor and Vidya Balan chose to make an exotic, ethnic statement with traditional nose rings or naths. And people are still talking about it.

Small or big, heavily decorated or simple, nose pins have a way of making a lasting impression. This versatile piece of jewellery is available in innumerable designs and suitable for any face. Traditionally, the nose pin was the mark of a married Hindu woman who wore it along with other visual markers such as mangalsutras and toe rings. Today, it is an accessory that adds a hint of mystery to your look. BlueStone brings to you women’s nose pin designs that are contemporary, fashionable and suitable for all occasions and styles. So the next time you need to make an outfit ‘pop’, consider throwing in a nose pin and watch it transforming your look in a jiffy.

Buy Women’s Nose Pin Designs to Add an Ethnic Touch to Work Wear

Expressing yourself through formal work wear can be challenging, this is why our designers have created this tasteful line of nose accessories that can easily work within a formal work environment. The Romance Flora Nose Pin is subtle, thanks to its dainty appeal. But it comes packed with a lot of punch. Shaped as a four-petal flower, its textured surface provides contrast to the bright white diamond at the centre. The Tender Flora Nose pin has a similar design with a circular structure.

If it’s sparkle you like, the Galaxy Nose Screw is ideal. Its delicate gold setting showcases a single square-cut diamond, adding just enough drama to your overall ensemble. The Japonica Nose Screw features a deep red, square cut ruby for a more colourful finish.

Nose pins are inherently ethnic but their designs vary greatly. While the ones mentioned above are contemporary, others like the Kosara Nose Ring have a more traditional outlook. It is a gracefully curved piece, and its petite gold ring is decorated with small, gold spheres. When you have these gold designs in your office wear collection, you can channel your inner diva at work effortlessly.

Keep Your Nose in the Air for All the Right Reasons: Buy Women’s Nose Pins Online

You have your jhumkas and bangles for the quintessentially Indian look, but what do you do if you want to take your ethnic outfit to the next level? Bring out the nose pins! Festive designs like the Mafaz Nose Pin are splashed with colour. It combines mellow gold with green and blue highlights that draw the eye. This design is nicely offset by a single sparkling diamond at the centre. The Wahida Nose Pin is equally attractive with its contrasting elements of deep blue with a dazzling white diamond in the middle.

With the popularity of alternative precious metals rising, rose gold is becoming an increasingly attractive choice. With its deep pink blush, it needs no additional ornamentation to draw the eye. The Roos Nose Pin makes this abundantly clear. It depicts a meticulously crafted pattern of a rose in its deep pink hue.

An Exotic Floral Collection, Right under Your Nose

Traditional nose pins were commonly designed to imitate flowers. Even today, women of all ages sport these iconic flower-shaped nose pins which give them that unmistakably ethnic look. The Viscaria Nose Screw and the Vervain Nose Screw are made of gold and include bright white diamonds arranged as flowers. These pieces add effortless charm to any look. 

The Larkspur Nose Screw has a more rounded design with its circular diamond studs arranged in a neat, flat sphere. Likewise, the Arbutus Nose Screw has four diamonds as petals, tastefully arranged to create the floral punch.

While traditional designs have their own undeniable charm, BlueStone also offers you contemporary pieces that are ideal for the elevated street style. The Jasmine Nose Screw, with its square-cut, piercingly blue sapphire makes a statement despite its size. The Periwinkle Nose Screw is another winner with its pleasant blue topaz setting.

Easily worn and versatile, these nose pins are designed to match most outfits – whether you are keen on western wear or prefer ethnic ensembles. Daintily crafted with plenty of intricacies, they are not easily overlooked. These women’s nose pin designs are geared to please the tastes of the modern woman and push the boundaries of conventional style and contemporary fashion. We ensure that your bank balance does not dictate your taste in jewellery and so we keep our women’s nose pin price reasonable. Finally, a place where you can buy jewellery without having to pay through the nose!

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