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Muslim Jewellery

Traditional Jewellery!

Every religion and region have its own authentic jewellery designs. They may not be too different but certainly has some variations. The designs come from the ancient traditions and customs. There are huge differences from place to place and also if they are Hindus or Muslims. What the Kerala bride may wear might be significantly different from an Andhra bride. But, when it comes to religion, there are quite a few specifics. For example, the nose pin of princess Mastani is sure poles apart from Kashi - the Maharashtrian queen of Baji Rao.

Stars and Moon: The Expression in Muslim Jewellery

As there will be a Shiva linga or an Om, the same way there are specific elements that are a part of this kind. Moon plays a very important role in Islam. We all know how the festivals like Bakri Id and Ramzan are declared with the sighting of the moon. So obviously, moon and stars will make a preferable choice in the designs of Muslim jewellery.

Maang Tika or Gold Jhoomar Essentials of Muslim Brides

Though the bride covers her head with a dupatta, a star-shaped or any flower-shaped Maang Tika will be prominently visible. The same is with Jhoomar which is worn on the left side of the forehead. This usually is embellished with green stones or gems. The nose ring somewhat like the Nathani is all eye-catching one. These are specific to bridal or wedding jewellery. One may wonder what they prefer in dailywear jewellery!

Fashion Jewellery

Modern day woman irrespective of any religion would love to wear trendy jewellery. It hardly matters whether that is traditional or not. Yet care is taken that it does not hurt the traditional feelings. In fashion jewellery, the designs are inspired by the traditional ones with a modern touch. A good luck pendant with Urdu inscriptions is a rage among youth. They wear it around not only for fashion but also for blessings.

Exotic Daily Use Jewellery

At BlueStone, pendants bearing Urdu names are on display. The fashionable juxtaposing of stars and moon or stone studded crescent will keep you glued to the site. Muslim jewellery designs are usually studded with a lot of precious gems. A pendant such as Murabbi, Al-Malik, Roshini and others of the same category look elegant and gives a blessed and secure feeling. You should go to buy Muslim jewellery online, especially on BlueStone, the reason being the facility to try the piece at home. You heard it! You can try the jewellery you wish to buy before placing your order, making it convenient for you to buy Muslim jewellery designs. As fashion is beyond any boundaries, anything that suits us should be worn. If you need to stand out in a crowd you need to shell out a few more pennies but still, Muslim jewellery price can be thoroughly checked and the designs can be tried before taking a final call. But, we can bet you won’t count on the cash after seeing the beauty of this jewellery.

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