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Love Rings

Love Rings: The ideal gift for Valentine’s Day

Love demands no gifts except the gift of trust and commitment. And yet you can’t possibly think of celebrating the day dedicated to love without giving a heartfelt gift to your sweetheart. Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day – the day of love, the day for love! Popular tradition says that you bestow your beloved one with a special gift on this day. And what can be more special than a love ring as a gift on Valentine’s Day?

Why rings, you may ask!

There are many reasons why you should be choosing a ring over other gifts. Unlike common gifts like flowers and chocolates that don’t last beyond a few days, this is one gift that your beloved will cherish forever. To make it easy for you to find the best Valentine gift, BlueStone presents its extensive collection of love rings. Explore our impressive designs that are as timeless as the bond you share with your lover.

When Did the Custom of Exchanging Gifts on Valentine’s Day Start?

Are you aware that Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about celebrating love by exchanging gifts? In fact, the origin of this special day for lovers isn’t that romantic at all. More than one story is associated with the history of this day. According to one of the stories, in third-century Rome, Emperor Claudius II forbade marriage for young men. He believed that bachelors made better soldiers. A young priest called Valentine found this unjust and he went on performing marriages for young people in secret. The Emperor came to know about this and sentenced the priest to death. Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter when he was in jail. Before he died, he sent her a letter signed as “From your Valentine”. He was executed on 14 February 270 AD.

The origins of Valentine’s Day may not be clear. But it wasn’t before the eighteenth century when giving gifts on this day became popular in England. Since then, this custom has spread across the world. Now with the option of online gift shopping, it has become easy for anyone to buy Valentine gifts for the ones they love and cherish.

Why Buy Love Rings From BlueStone?

If you are looking for a ring to gift your lover on Valentine’s Day, you would want one that would be exceptional, to say the least. At BlueStone, our wide assortment of love rings speaks the language of exquisiteness. Each ring can make a fine gift for your beloved. Take, for instance, our Profound Love Band for Him. This diamond ring made of 18kt gold features one half of a heart. Buy the Profound Ring for Her that features the other half. When put together side by side, these couple bands complete the heart design. Won’t this be so romantic? Isn’t this the perfect way to express how incomplete you feel without your Valentine?

Love Rings for Men and Women

Now, this brings us to another point. Yes, this collection includes designs for both men and women. We have designs crafted in pure gold. The Soulmate Ring for Him and the Soulmate Ring for Her are just two of our classic designs crafted in 22k gold. You can’t go wrong with this pair when you want to celebrate the timeless beauty of your love. Our designs are not short of sparkle and shine either. Our diamond and precious-stone studded pieces justify this claim. Take a look at our Coming Together Ring. The two diamond-set gold hearts on this open-end ring shows the creative genius of our designers. The Clasped Band for Her may have just a single diamond but its shine is sure to bring a smile to your beloved’s lips. Browse through our online Valentine gifts catalogue to find many more such aesthetic pieces.

Pick Rings from the Gold of Your Choice

Who says you are limited in colours when it comes to Valentine gift online shopping at BlueStone? We bring to you love rings designed in yellow, white, and rose gold. For those of you who love the sunny shine of gold, we have pieces like the Hera Ring for Him. The modern design of this diamond-studded ring has the right mix of style and shine. The Sumrah Ring is another gold beauty that can instantly capture the onlooker’s attention. The entwined bow design of this ring can be perfect for everyday wear as well as party wear.

If you are impressed by the beauty of white gold, take a look at the Tony Forever Yours Ring for Him. Made of 18kt white gold, the ring features a classic band design with the words ‘Forever Yours’ engraved on it. The sparkling diamond on this ring adds to its beauty.

That’s not all!

This collection also has some of the most beautiful rose gold ring designs you will ever lay your eyes one. The Lia Heart Ring is case in point. Set with a large heart-shaped rose quartz and a string of diamonds, this ring is the epitome of beauty. The Elea Heart Ring with three heart-shaped stones is another piece you can consider. The warm hues of rose gold give these pieces a romantic charm few other rings can match.

Platinum Love Rings: Of Love and Durability

What sets platinum apart from other precious metals? Its durability and rarity, of course! And that makes platinum the most preferred metal for making any piece of jewellery that denotes love and everlasting relationship. At BlueStone, we have an exquisite collection of platinum love rings created for the hearts in love.

When you want to mark your relationship with something as durable and lasting, choose the Fama Love Band for Him. The wavy patterned design is something you will rarely see anywhere else. The design of the Normandy Love Band for Her is nothing short of extraordinary. Don’t you think it’s just the perfect token of love for your beloved? From single stone platinum rings like Candide Love Band for Her to multi-stone stunners like the Destine Band for Her, we have everything in this collection to make this Valentine’s Day truly special for you.

Create Everlasting Memories with the Best Valentine Gift

When you buy Valentine gift items online from BlueStone, you are sure to find some of the choicest ring designs for him and her. Consider the Affairs of Heart Ring as an example. Don’t you think the double entwined heart design will make her heart skip a beat when you put it on her finger? Make her feel like a princess by slipping the Victoria Ring on to her finger. Shaped like a crown, the gold ring has a sparkling ruby set among the diamonds. The Ciara Ring for Him is a dual-tone gold ring that can leave your man impressed beyond words. BlueStone has a number of such treasures in store for you. You just need to find the right ring now that you have the right person in your life!

Our love rings collection is affordably priced and sending Valentine gifts online from our store is also easy. With our Valentine gifts online delivery option, you can be sure that your gifts will be delivered without any hassle. So, are you ready to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one?


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