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Khalsa Jewellery Designs: A Fine Expression of Faith

When Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, introduced the five articles of faith for the Khalsa Sikhs, one of them was a Kara (a steel or iron bracelet). The Kara symbolises eternity and is very popular among the Sikhs. But the Kara is not the only religious jewellery through which you can express your affinity for Sikhism. We at BlueStone offer an exclusive collection of Khalsa jewellery designs that represent Sikhism symbolically as well as fashionably.

What are Khalsa Jewellery Designs?

Khalsa jewellery, as the name suggests, includes ornaments that feature the major symbols and motifs of Sikhism. The word Khalsa is derived from the Arabic word khalis, which means pure. It was a name used by Guru Gobind Singh to refer collectively to all Sikhs who are baptised and initiated into the faith. At the time of establishment in the seventeenth century, members of the Khalsa were ordained to carry Panj Kakka or the five symbols associated with the religion.

The Khalsa collection at BlueStone comprises of fabulously designed pieces that can be worn by members of the Sikh community to display their faith through the many symbols associated with the religion. Our designers have come up with stylish and creative expressions of the Khanda (the emblem of Sikhism) and In Okar (the symbol of One Supreme Reality), among others.

BlueStone’s Khalsa Jewellery: A Distinctive Collection

Religious jewellery calls for a blend of flawless creativity and craftsmanship while being true to the spirit of the religion. When you want to express your faith through jewellery, you have to make sure to do so through the best of designs. BlueStone brings to you a unique range of pendants with Khalsa jewellery designs that are creative, expressive, and evocative. Our Khalsa jewellery designs are specially curated to highlight your religious sentiments in a tasteful and elegant manner.

At BlueStone, you will find pendants with Khalsa jewellery designs representing fusion, band, and classic styles. The designs are immaculately crafted in 18kt gold. Studded with sparkling diamonds and gemstones, each pendant in this collection will make you shine while showcasing your religious belief. You can make your pick from designs meant for men and women; we also have unisex designs which both men and women can wear.

Exquisite Khalsa Jewellery Designs to Capture Your Heart

Khalsa jewellery is often associated with traditional designs and motifs in Sikhism. BlueStone reinterprets the conventional designs in an innovative manner to give them a modern makeover. BlueStone’s Khalsa jewellery designs are not only artistic but trendy and stylish as well. The modern look and style of the pendants are meant to enable you to wear your religious belief on varied occasions.

Among our popular designs in this collection is the Khanda Pendant. This pendant, as the name suggests, features the khanda, one of the most prominent symbols in Sikhism. The gorgeous symbolic design in gold is encircled with fifty sparkling diamonds that lend it a unique aura. It can be worn by both men and women and can be the eye-catcher at any occasion. The Akal Purakh Pendant is another simple and symbolic design that is always in high demand. This exceptional pendant has sixteen dazzling diamonds accented on the chakkar of the khanda. Wear it with a long, simple chain and you are sure to draw all eyes towards you.

If you have a penchant for ornaments designed in fusion style, then we suggest that you check out our Waheguru Pendant. This gorgeous pendant has the khanda design carved out in gold, which is further highlighted with eight red rubies and five diamonds. Designed for unisex use, this pendant can be worn at any religious occasion as well as on festive occasions.

The Divine Ek Onkar Pendant is another brilliant example of fusion style Khalsa pendant designs from our collection. True to its name, the design features the symbol of Ek Onkar, one of the chief tenets of the religion. The core symbolic design in gold is wrapped in a circle of 24 diamonds and has a further pattern in gold to complete the amazing look. If you want the khanda and Ek Onkar symbols in the same design, go for our Khalsa Pendant made of 18kt gold. The Khalsa jewellery collection at BlueStone has many such matchless designs. Check out our online store to experience the splendour of our designs.

Buy Khalsa Jewellery Online at BlueStone

Now you can buy Khalsa jewellery designs from the comfort of your home. As a premier online jeweller, BlueStone offers you the best of quality and convenience. Our aim is to make sure that we cater to your wish of wearing an immaculate piece of jewellery which helps you carry your faith wherever you go. That is why our Khalsa jewellery price range is quite competitive. So without waiting any further, explore the beauty of our Khalsa jewellery collection.

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