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Khalsa Pendants

Khalsa Pendants for the Sikh Devotees

As a follower of Sikhism and a member of the Khalsa clan, you have always stood out with your ethical and heroic way of living. You proudly display your faith based on the principles laid down by the lineage of inspiring Gurus. The term Khalsa that translates as pure was the name given by the celebrated Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikh clan. Khalsa is the community of initiated men and women abiding by the code of conduct prescribed by the reverent Guru. The Sikh ideals of honesty, hard work, and protecting the weak are embodied in the Khalsa pedigree.

When it comes to buying jewellery designs that are also a symbolism of your faith and values, do you feel that the options are minimal and the designs boring? Take a look at the Khalsa pendant designs range from BlueStone and your search for soulful religious jewellery ends here. Unique and thoughtfully crafted pendants are available in designs that display your revered religion in the most symbolic and stylish fashion. Buy Khalsa pendants online from BlueStone where these iconic designs are available for the men and women of today.

Buy Khalsa Pendant Designs for the Devotee in You

The most treasured spiritual symbol of the Sikhs, the khanda, is an emblem which is a combination of three symbols. There is a double-edged sword in the centre called the khanda, a circle or chakkar and two single-edged swords called kirpan in a crisscross pattern. The Khanda Pendant offered by BlueStone recreates the magic of this sacred symbol in gold and diamonds. The circle studded with diamonds and the contrasting usage of white and gold add a stylish look to this Khalsa pendant design.

When faith is what you want to carry with you at all times, then the simple and classic Divine Ek Onkar Pendant will be your trusted companion. For those who want to sport the khanda design with the Ek Onkar symbol, the Khalsa Pendant in gold is the most sought-after unisex design and for a reason. The holy Ek Onkar or the One Supreme Reality is imprinted boldly in the centre with a singular diamond and proclaims your remarkable faith with pride and joy. The kirpan that surrounds the sacred symbol comes with ten diamonds, and displays your commitment to protecting the needy. Buy these Khalsa pedants online from BlueStone and flaunt these thoughtfully crafted designs that symbolise your timeless tradition.

Represent Charity and Arms with Soulful Khalsa Pendant Designs

Deg Tegh Fateh is the Sikh slogan meaning Victory to the Charity and Arms. In the Sikh tradition, paramount importance is placed upon protecting the oppressed and the needy. Throughout the history of India, Sikh warriors have relentlessly fought against foreign forces and their bravado continues till date. To this eternal spirit of strength and valor, the Warrior Pendant is a fitting tribute. The khanda symbol studded with two diamonds is presented in a minimalist design that is made of gold. Buy this unisex Khalsa pendant design and live up your faith with style and charm.

Seek the blessings of the Supreme timeless being with our Akal Purakh pendant. The mesmerising diamonds in the pendant do lend an eternal charm to this gold design. Waheguru is your Gurmantar or meditative chant that literally means Wonderful Lord. Connect with the Creator everyday with the Waheguru Pendant that is a solid gold pendant with rubies and diamonds. Jubilant rubies dazzle along with shimmering diamonds and together they make this Khalsa pendant design celebratory and truly divine.

When you buy Khalsa pendants online from BlueStone you not only get to experience our masterfully crafted designs but also enjoy a shopping experience that is truly spectacular. That’s not all. Our Khalsa pendants price is going to add much cheer to your wallets with the pocket-friendly price range we offer. Go ahead and add these stylish Khalsa pendant designs to your jewellery collection today.

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