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Imperial Nest Jewellery Designs: An Imperial Jewellery Experience

Which little girl hasn’t dreamt of being a princess who wears beautiful dresses, lives in majestic palaces and of course, adorns dazzling jewellery? Well, you may not be a princess or a queen in the literal sense, but finely crafted jewellery can make you feel like one. That’s why you should buy Imperial Nest jewellery designs – the grand and majestic collection offered by BlueStone. Whether you’re looking for diamonds, rubies, emeralds or pearls, we’ve got a wide range of designs for you to choose from. From intricately designed jhumkas and diamond-studded necklaces to gemstone bangles and sparkling multi-stone finger rings, we have everything you need to look regal.

Imperial Nest Earrings: You Can Never Have Too Many Earrings

Can you? We didn’t think so! You never need an occasion to wear earrings. They enhance your beauty any day, and even more so on special occasions and royal galas. The Imperial Nest earrings we offer are suitable for everything royal. Whether you are looking for a pair of earrings to wear on a lazy weekend or as a gift for a bride, the Raun Earings can be the right pick. These diamond-studded hoops made of gold will take you from feeling okay to feeling majestic in a jiffy.

Who said you cannot carry your royal aura to your workplace? For a working woman, small and simple earrings like the Quriana Earrings are the perfect accessories. If you are looking for a pair to go with your everyday ethnic wear, the Deema Earrings are ideal. While daily wear jewellery is designed to complement your outfit and personality without drawing too much attention to it, party wear designs are crafted to make a statement. Imperial Nest jewellery designs like the Epitome Luxuriate Earrings and the Traditional Subarna Jhumka are just what you need to put you in the spotlight at a cocktail party. Choose Tribal Chitrali Jhuma when you are dressing up for a wedding and a ruby and pearl stunner like the Ocarina Earrings for anniversaries and special occasions.

Delicate Bangles for Delicate Wrists

Bangles not only add sparkle but highlight a woman’s wrists. For an Indian woman, bangles are part of the ‘solah shringaar’ she can’t be without. Designs like the Kirna Bangle and the Monica Bangle are ideal for daily wear but if you’re looking for something to complement a silk saree or an evening gown, the Amna Bangle or the Chavi Bangle are just what you need. For some women, slipping a bangle over your wrist can be a little uncomfortable. Our designers have the perfect solution for you - oval bangles. Take, for instance, the Twyl Bangle or the Timeless Charism Bangle. They are oval in shape and come with an openable clasp, so you can wear them like a bracelet.

Kiss the Ring: Buy Imperial Nest Jewellery Online

When it comes to cocktail rings, less is not more. Our range of rings is designed to dazzle your audience and make you a showstopper wherever you go. While the Florine Cocktail Ring and the Princess Ring are the perfect examples of classic rings, the Moonwalk Ring and the Fashion Finesse Ring are more modern takes on ring designs. The gemstone size plays a large role in determining Imperial Nest jewellery prices. The bigger the stone is, the higher the price will be. However, it is possible to get the look of a big solitaire without a hefty price tag by setting stones in a cluster design. The Nabha Ring is the perfect example of such a design. Another popular setting is the halo setting as seen in the Solaris Ring and the Ziva Ring.

Royal Necklaces from the Imperial Nest Collection

Have you ever seen a queen or a princess with a bare neck? If you want to feel like royalty, a necklace is a must have. The Nrityangana Necklace is ideal for women who like intricate floral designs. If it’s something more traditional you are looking for, the Lavanya Mayuri Necklace is just what you need. For an Indian woman, a necklace isn’t merely an ornament but necklaces like a mangalsutra have cultural and religious significance as well. While mangalsutra chains are quite simple and differ only by their length, the pendant is where a woman can showcase her taste in fine jewellery. While the Dwisha Mangalsutra is an example of the beauty of simplicity, the contemporary lines of the Parineeta Mangalsutra make it a favourite with many women.

Seal the Sparkle with a Nose Pin

A nose pin may be a small trinket but it makes a big statement. The Kosara Nose Ring is the perfect example of traditionally styled nose rings. Alternatively, you could wear a nose pin like the Primrose Nose Pin or the Tansy Nose Pin. Both these styles are easy to wear and be mixed and matched to pair with all your outfits. While these nose pins are ideal for daily wear or office wear, the Aureole Nose Ring is perfect for a festive celebration.

Buy Imperial Nest Jewellery Online

Whether you’re looking for a pair of earrings to wear to work or a necklace for your best friend’s engagement, we’ve got a wide variety of designs just for you. BlueStone bridges the gap between online and offline shopping by giving you the opportunity to customise your designs on the basis of gold carat value and the cut and clarity of the gemstones being used. When shopping for jewellery, if you find it difficult to make up your mind just by looking at a few pictures, we also offer you the opportunity to try the pieces on at home before buying a piece. For example, if you can’t make up your mind between the Agnaa Bangle and the Nilima Bangle, you could try them both on at home and see which one looks better on your wrist. So, are you ready to style yourself as a queen?

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