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Hindu Pendants

Hindu Pendant Designs for the Faith Seekers

Believed to be one of the ancient religions of the world, Hinduism is said to have originated along the banks of the Indus River. Merging with many indigenous traditions, Hinduism is more a way of life than a religion that is practiced. With no single founder or source, the fountainhead of the religion is said to be the Supreme Being Himself. At BlueStone, we pay our tribute to this stream of faith through our Hindu pendant collection.

Buy Hindu Pendant Designs: Pendants for the Devotees of Lord Shiva and Krishna

At BlueStone, we have a growing range of Hindu religious pendants. Take a look at some of the popular pieces.

According to Hinduism, avatars are the manifestation of the Supreme Being in human form. Krishna, the much adored avatar of Lord Vishnu has stolen millions of hearts. Dance to the tunes of His divine music with the peacock feather and flute-shaped emerald embedded Janardhan Pendant and the diamond encrusted Jagadisha Pendant.

Lord Shiva is considered the reclusive mystic, playing the drum called damaru and holding a trident called the trishula. Generate spiritual energy by wearing our Shiva Pendant in gold and the Damaru Pendant with diamonds. We also have the Bholenath Pendant for men in this collection.

Hindu Pendant Designs: Om Pendants

Om is the cosmic syllable that resonates with reverence among the Hindus. We bring to you an array of designs to wear the Om pendant. Our popular Om pendant designs include the Thevan Pendant, the Daffodil Om Pendant and the Devarya Pendant. The jhumka-shaped Kirti Om Pendant and Bhadra Om Pendant make an interesting fusion of designs. The Omkara Pendant comes in rose gold with diamonds and pearls in floral foliage.

The Vedic tradition upheld the nine precious gems, the navaratnas, to have a positive impact on the wearer’s life. We have the Akhila Pendant and the Omkareshwar Pendant with the ‘Om’ symbol adorned with the nine gems in a colourful floral pattern.

Buy Hindu Pendants Online from BlueStone

Hinduism believes in a singular Supreme God addressed by different names. Symbols like Swastika and Om are connotations of the underlying concepts of Hinduism. At BlueStone, we have captured the essence of Hinduism in our artfully crafted pendants. Explore our range and buy Hindu pendants online from the comfort of your home.

We have crafted a Swastika pendant for the devotees of Lord Ganesha. Invoke the divine grace and blessings with our Swastika-shaped Daiwik Pendant and celebrate Ganesha in the primal form with the Ekakshara Pendant.

Wear The Unnati Pendant and the Jai Hanuman Pendant to pay homage to the Eternal Master and His favourite devotee. The Sri Sai Pendant comes in gold and is embellished with diamonds. The pendant is crafted in the loving memory of the master who preached that all religions are alike.

Our Tarak Pendant in 18kt gold and studded with diamonds is a favourite with devotes of goddess Lakshmi. Wear the pendant and welcome the goddess of success into your life.

Let these pendants speak of the glory of the Hindu religion. We have a vast collection and our Hindu pendants’ prices are affordable. Come, explore our range and buy the ones that steal your heart. Practice your way of life with BlueStone’s Hindu pendant collection.

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