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The Timeless Beauty of Halo Jewellery Designs

Kate Middleton’s 18kt oval sapphire ring (which once belonged to Princess Diana), the Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace featured in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, and the iconic Hope Diamond once owned by King Louis XIV have one thing in common. Yes, you guessed it right! All these iconic pieces of jewellery are designed using one of the most popular and timeless settings, called the halo setting. Ever since it made its first appearance a few centuries ago, the halo setting never went out of vogue and is here to stay. Today, halo jewellery designs that include marvellous rings, pendants, and earrings are favoured by many celebrities and fashionistas across the world.

A Short History of the Halo Craze

A typical piece of halo jewellery features a large central diamond in round or cushion-cut surrounded by a number of tiny pave diamonds. The smaller diamonds encircle the central stone in the shape of a halo, and that’s where this particular setting derives its name from. The halo setting made its debut in Europe during the Georgian era in the form of halo rings which were made with a large central diamond and smaller accent diamonds or pearls. Later, in the Victorian period, colourful gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and turquoises were used as the central stone and seed pearls and tiny round diamonds were used for creating the halo. Some of the aesthetic movements in the following centuries such as the Art Nouveau movement and the Art Deco movement experimented with the classic halo setting in creative ways.

The halo setting is not limited to rings nowadays. Designers use this aesthetically appealing technique to add an extra layer of sparkle to pendants, earrings, and other ornaments as well. Over the past few centuries, the classic single halo underwent several changes, giving way to double halos and multiple halos. Today, you can buy halo jewellery designs from many online jewellers and such stylishly crafted pieces abound in timeless beauty and eternal elegance.

Buy Halo Jewellery Online for the Best of Deals and Designs

If you are looking to up your style quotient in a graceful manner, take a look at the halo jewellery designs offered by BlueStone. We offer a stylish array of rings, pendants, earrings, and other pieces of ornaments with single, double, and multiple halos. Some of our signature pieces are designed in the classic halo setting while others are modern and creative interpretations of the vintage patterns. The impressive designs together with the sparkling stones used on these pieces create an undeniable wow factor. When you buy halo jewellery designs from BlueStone, you get to enjoy the additional advantage of special offers and great deals. What’s more? Our halo jewellery prices are quite affordable for anyone who wishes to add a piece of timeless elegance to their jewellery collection.

Make a Lasting Statement with Halo Ring Designs

Halo rings are back in vogue and they have reclaimed an enviable place in the engagement and party collections of many jewellers. If you want to go the classic way but with some modern twist, choose our Mandarin Ring or Classic Regal Ring, both featuring a large central stone accented by tiny diamonds. Our designers have given these pieces an elegant lift with additional rows of diamonds on the metal body of the band.

The Noilly Ring, the Curacao Ring, and the Katie Ring have double halos around the central stone while the Frangelico Ring speaks of sheer luxury with the multiple halos featured on it. Those looking for contemporary interpretations of the vintage halo setting can opt for the Briellaette Ring or the Mombasa Ring in our collection.

Create a Halo of Grace with Halo Earrings

The halo setting not only gives a mega glitter to the pieces but also enhances the size and sheen of diamonds without any additional effort. Take a look at the earring designs in our collection and you will know why this technique is favoured by jewellery designers and jewellery enthusiasts across the globe.

The halo setting looks naturally good on stud earrings. The Illustrious Glow Earrings, the Brizo Earrings, and the Anmol Aakriti Earrings are for those looking to give their studs a vintage look and feel. You can give a ‘precious’ twist to your studs by choosing pieces embellished with precious stones, such as the Farnell Earrings or the Mayil Earrings; the former feature sparkling emeralds while the latter have bright rubies.

Besides studs, BlueStone has an impressive collection of drops crafted with multiple halo patterns. The Catherine Earrings and the Neelanchal Sundari Earrings are some of the fast-moving pieces in our halo jewellery collection.

The Eternal Beauty of Halo Pendants

An elegantly handcrafted pendant with a large central stone and several tiny sparkling diamonds is a sight to behold. The Farnell Pendant and the Ecstatic Foliole Pendant take the beauty of the vintage halo setting to new heights. The Fire and Ice Pendant, which has a white pearl and a fire-red ruby embedded in it, does absolute justice to its name. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, this is a must-have item in your collection.

The timeless halo jewellery will not fail you when you want to up your bling quotient or make a unique fashion statement. What more could you ask for?

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