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Light Up You Face with the Sparkle of Round Gold Earring Designs

Can a woman ever have too many earrings? We doubt it. A feature that sets earrings apart from other ornaments is that they can make or break your look. A finely crafted pair that suits your face shape can highlight your facial features; even more so when it is studded sparkling diamonds and gemstones. The fire, clarity, and brilliance of these stones are determined to a large extent by the way it has been cut. If you are looking for a pair of earrings that exude optimum sparkle, consider BlueStone’s collection of round gold earring designs. Set in gold and crafted in attractive patterns, each piece in this collection has one or more round cut diamond or gemstone.

Things to Know Before You Buy Round Gold Earring Designs

In the world of jewellery, the round cut is considered the king of all cuts and rightly so. It is the most popular and brilliant cut used for shaping stones and it accounts for more than 75% of the diamonds sold in the industry today. Though different versions of the round cut were prevalent as early as the seventeenth century, the modern round cut was first created in 1919 by a Russian mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky.

As the name suggests, the defining feature of this cut is the round shape it lends to diamonds and gemstones. A typical round brilliant cut has 58 facets; the face-up portion of the stone is round in shape while it tapers down towards the bottom like an inverted pyramid. This structure of round gemstones, together with their optimal proportions, maximise light reflection and give them a sparkle no other cuts can match.

The Timeless Beauty of Studs: Buy Round Earrings Online from BlueStone

Studs are always in vogue. Whether you are heading to the office in your formal outfit or getting ready for a party in your evening gown, we have the right designs to liven up your face. A pair of single-stone studs like the Clair Earrings or the Teasing Flora Earrings is ideal for office and everyday wear. However, if your heart is after the mega sparkle of diamonds, go for cluster designs like the Karvi Earrings or the Schnapps Earrings. These diamond-studded stunners are ideal for parties and special occasions.

Our collection of gemstone earrings contains mind-blowing designs that feature round cut precious and semi-precious stones. The Ava Earrings (pearl), the Arman Stud Earrings (ruby), the Ashlynn Stud Earrings (emerald), and the Soika Earrings (sapphire) are some of the bestsellers from this collection. Those looking for a colourful pair can go for our Navaratna earrings that include popular pieces like the Graha Stud Earrings and Paksha Stud Earrings.

Round Gold Earring Designs in Hoops and Drops

On days you want to feel special, go for a pair of drops. The Millie Drop Earrings and the Karen Drop Earrings are multistone designs fit for a woman with an oval or diamond face. Women with round face can opt for long drops like the Kayce Drop Earrings or the Fayanna Drop Earrings. The Sawyer Drop Earrings, the Bliss Drop Earrings, and the Kayana Drop Earrings are other designs you can consider from this collection.

Hoop earrings are an all-time favourite of women. If you prefer a pair of classic hoops, the diamond-studded Sifrar Earrings and the Inelia Earrings are your best pick. In half-hoops, we have eye-catchy designs including the Zymal Hoop Earrings and the Perri Hoop Earrings. Huggies and large hoops like the Leira Earrings and Helena Earrings are also trending this season.

Jhumkas, Sui Dhagas, and Chandbalis: Quintessentially Indian Designs

When you dress up for an Indian wedding or a royal gala, what better complements your traditional attire than a pair of jhumka or Sui Dhaga? The Tribal Chitrali Jhumka and the Jewel Zahira Jhumka are diamond stunners while the Stunning Sanjukta Jhumka has the vivacity to rubies to add to its charm. A pair of finely crafted ear threaders like the Nikita Sui Dhaga Earring is ideal for any Indian festive occasions. The Flare Folklore Earrings and the Embellished Radiance Earrings combine the traditional charm of the jhumka pattern with the modern appeal of threader designs.

From Bollywood red carpet events to big fat Indian weddings, chandbalis have become the go-to design. If you prefer sporting the old world charm of chandbalis, go for the diamond-studded Dilkash Earrings or the Khoobsurat Earrings. Add the radiance of pearls to the mix and you get mind-blowing designs like the Falak Earrings. The round gemstones studded in these designs adds to their sparkle and will turn a few heads every time you wear them.

Round Gold Earring Designs for Men and Children

The fire and brilliance of round cut stones suit not just women; they look equally dazzling on men. Men looking for single-stone studs can choose the Hesiod Stud for Him or the Alicio Stud for Him; the former features a round cut diamond while the latter comes with lush green emerald. In multistone designs, the Hughard Stud for Him and the Antwan Stud for Him are our bestsellers. Those who prefer hoops instead of studs can go for the Etinceler Earring for Him.

Looking for a pair of twinkles to adorn your little one’s ears? Choose round gold earring designs from our kid’s collections. From the diamond-studded Wishing Star Earrings for Kids to the ruby-encrusted Truest Heart Earrings for Kids, each pair in this collection is designed to add sparkle to your princess’s face. The colourful Blue Petal Earrings for Kids will enchant her as much as the animal-themed Cute Meow Earrings for Kids or the fruit-themed Mango Mist Earrings for Kids.

This is only a snapshot of the wonders we offer in this collection of over 1000 attractive designs; equally attractive is our round gold earrings price. So what stops you from exploring the breadth and length of our collection and buying the ones that appeal to your heart?

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