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Gold Hanuman Pendants

Gold Hanuman Pendants for the Hanuman Devotees

Lord Hanuman is considered to be the immortal being or chiranjivi who guides humanity on earth. Hindu scriptures have given a revered place to him as he served Lord Rama selflessly. Hanuman is not only an epitome of devotion but stories of his strength and valor are mentioned throughout the Ramayana. He is one of the central figures of the epic tale and played a crucial part in Rama’s war against evil. It is believed that worshipping him bestows health, peace, and prosperity in a devotee’s life.

Speaking of devotion, do you remember the story where he went to the extent of proving his dedication by splitting his chest and showing that Lord Rama was within it? Showing your love and devotion to Lord Hanuman is much simpler in comparison today, especially when you can buy gold hanuman pendant designs from BlueStone and proudly display your faith to the world. Using symbols and motifs associated with Hanuman, this collection takes religious jewellery to a whole new level. So go ahead, buy gold hanuman pendants online and invoke the blessings of the valiant and magnificent Lord.

Buy Gold Hanuman Pendant Designs and Stay Connected With Your Master

If you thought that shopping for pendant designs to display your faith is time-consuming, then switch to the ease and convenience of shopping online from BlueStone. Our master craftsmen bring the best designs at the click of a button and you have the option to try this jewellery at home and then decide on your purchase. In our gold hanuman pendant designs range, we have options for both men and women, which can be further customised based on the gold caratage. You also get various discount offers on select pieces so go ahead and bring home the divine blessings.

Lord Hanuman’s weapon of choice in his battle against evil was the gada or mace. It is no wonder that Hindus consider it symbolic of the Lord’s protective presence and it reminds his devotees that the Lord is always watching over them. Lord Hanuman blesses his devotees with a tranquil mind and a strong body. For those who want to celebrate the symbolism of gada in the most creative way possible, here comes the Hanuman Mace Pendant. Made of gold and studded with diamond, this pendant is in the shape of a mace. Wear this and you can offer your prayers to him every day and invoke his divine blessings.

Om is the eternal, timeless syllable that creates powerful vibrations. It is a sacred symbol that followers of all faith love to display. The Divine Hanuman Pendant is a striking and stylish design that incorporates the mace symbol and the tail of Hanuman into the sacred syllable Om. The head of the mace is decked with diamonds and lends a unique charm to this gold hanuman pendant design.

Buy Hanuman Pendants Designs Featuring the Lord’s Face

Hanuman, who exhibited courage and strength during Rama’s war against the demon king, is also a peace-lover who loves his prayers and meditations. His serene face is a constant reminder to devotees about the importance of a strong body and a calm mind. The Anjaneya Pendant has the Lord’s poised face imprinted on a white medallion that is bordered with diamonds. When Anjaneya is worshipped, Lord Rama is also pleased with the devotee’s faith. This is a unisex design that can be worn by both men and women on religious festivals and special occasions. The Jai Hanuman Pendant is yet another gold hanuman pendant design with the unperturbed Lord in the two-tone setting. The soulful design has been masterfully crafted and brings out the eternal charm of the Lord.

While there are many ways of proclaiming your faith, wearing a pendant design that stays close to your heart have an appeal that none can match. And when these hanuman pendants’ price is affordable, displaying your faith got mighty simpler.

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