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Diamond Studded Gold Pendants

Diamond-Studded Gold Pendants: Exquisite Pieces Designed for You

Have you noticed how wearing a pendant necklace transforms your overall look? Try it now with any of the many diamond-studded gold pendant designs available at BlueStone’s extensive collection. These pendants are versatile pieces of jewellery that take the simplicity of a plain dress to a whole new level of gorgeousness! From diamonds studded on gold to these exquisite sparkling stones studded on white gold, from simple designs to elaborate pieces, you will be spoilt for choice when you browse our collection. Whether you like floral motifs, alphabet pendants, or something unique, you’re at the right place.

Stunning Styles Designed to Delight You

At BlueStone, you can buy diamond-studded gold pendant designs that are created keeping you and your choices in mind. Our creative craftsmen diligently handcraft impressive designs in a variety of styles. Some of the styles of diamond-studded pendants in our collection include butterfly pendants, love knots, halo designs, entangled ode, lockets, trinity pendants, cocktail pieces, and lightweight designs among many more. The designs in our assortment of pendants are not only for women, but we also have exquisite pieces for men and kids too. With our competitive diamond-studded gold pendant prices, there’s something for everyone and for every budget.

Classy Gold Pendants

Gold never goes out of style. And when it is moulded into gorgeous pieces, such as the Erasmus Pendant or the Daffodil Lattice Pendant, the beauty of the yellow metal increases fourfold. Both of these pendants are crafted from 18kt gold and feature an impressive, unique design. The Erasmus Pendant will make your heart skip a beat with the multiple diamond-studded hearts arranged neatly. The Daffodil Lattice Pendant, with a diamond-studded, intricate lattice-like flower silhouette, will make you wonder how something so beautiful was created.

The Thoughtful Leaves Pendant is another masterpiece in our array of diamond-studded gold pendants. It features a diamond-studded ring within which there are four stems of diamond-studded leaves. It embodies sheer elegance and excellent craftsmanship in its exquisite design. The Tria Pendant is a contemporary piece that can liven up your look whether you choose to dress it up or dress it down a notch! Made of 18kt gold, it features four inverted triangles with one on top studded with multiple shimmering white diamonds.

Elegant White Gold Pendants

There are times when only white gold jewellery can complete your look. At times like those, you can rely on our diamond-studded pendants crafted from 18kt white gold, such as the simple Samaira Pendant, the adorable Floria Pendant, or the gorgeous Cordial Pendant. While the Samaira Pendant is an epitome of subtle sophistication with one big diamond studded on it exuding shimmering sheen with its brilliant cuts, the Cordial Pendant is the perfect cocktail pendant you could ask for. It features a central diamond and multiple tiny diamonds placed all around it within leaf-like structures. The Floria Pendant takes floral jewellery to the next level with its two diamond-studded flowers sitting pretty one below the other.

Pendants for Every Occasion You Can Imagine

You can be prepared to dress your best for every occasion when you buy diamond-studded gold pendants online at BlueStone. You’ll find everything from festive pieces, party pendants, and wedding jewellery to office wear jewellery and everyday pendants. There are a variety of diamond-studded pendants in our collection that make for perfect anniversary gifts, such as the Anaya Pendant for women and the Tetris Pendant for men. Crafted from 18kt gold, both these pendants exude an unmatched charm.

The Anaya Pendant will bring a smile to your lady love’s face and a glow to her look with its gorgeous diamond-studded teardrop design. The studded Tetri Pendant is perfect for your jewellery-loving man who likes to sport a glamorous look. Continue your love affair with one-of-a-kind, stunning jewellery and find your favourites in our collection. The countless variety and the unrivalled styles in our assortment of diamond-studded gold pendants ensure that you leave happy and satisfied every time.

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