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Gold Composite Earrings

Gold Composite Earring Designs: For Those Who Love a Mega Sparkle

In the words of Elizabeth Taylor, “Big girls need big diamonds.” Big diamonds, however, may not be very budget friendly but there is a way you could get the look of a large solitaire without the hefty price tag. Yes, we are talking about the composite setting, one of the cleverest diamond settings ever created by jewellery designers. A composite setting is one where a group of small diamonds is placed in such as way so as to give the appearance of a single large diamond. Though this may have the equivalent carat value of a single large solitaire, the price is much more pocket-friendly compared to solitaires.

At BlueStone, we offer a wide range of ornaments that are designed in the composite settings. Our collection includes composite earrings made of gold and studded with sparkling diamonds. If you fancy sporting the mega twinkle of diamonds on your ears without having to spend a fortune, choose from our gold composite earring designs. From simple stud designs to ornate drops and ever-charming hoops, this collection has everything you need to up your bling quotient.

Things to Know Before You Buy Gold Composite Earrings Online

There are a few things you should know about the composite setting before you pick a pair of earrings made in it. The composite setting can be categorised into three main types: cluster settings, invisible settings, and illusion settings. Of these, the cluster setting is probably the most popular type. This involves settings a ‘cluster’ of small diamonds close together to generate a visual illusion of a large diamond. Gold composite earring designs with a cluster setting typically feature a large central diamond and several smaller diamonds around it. The Niam Stud Earrings are a fine example of this type of cluster setting. Diamonds in a cluster setting are usually held together with metal prongs. As you can see in designs like the Bridget Heart Stud Earrings, these prongs are visible between the diamonds but are usually coated with white rhodium so as to blend in with the diamonds.

An invisible setting is usually used for square or princess cut diamonds. In this type of setting, the metal holding the diamonds in place is hidden under the stones and is not visible. This gives the setting a seamless appearance. Round cut diamonds are rarely set in this way. The illusion setting is used to magnify the effect of a single small stone. This is also known as the Napoli setting and involves setting the diamond in a faceted metal plate. A rhodium coating on the metal helps it match the colour of the diamond and the facetted pattern creates an illusion of a large stone. 

When compared to the invisible setting and the illusion setting, the cluster setting is considered the most durable as the diamonds have the least chance of falling out of the setting. Also, in the unfortunate event of losing a diamond in the setting, replacing it in a cluster setting is much easier than in an invisible or illusion setting.

Buy Gold Composite Earring Designs That Fit All Styles and Occasions

Earrings say a lot about the woman wearing them. Women who like simple stud designs can go for the Kaareva Stud Earrings while those who prefer something more ornate in studs can choose the Sweiral Earrings. Both these designs are made of 18kt gold; while the former is best suited as everyday jewellery, the latter goes well with your party outfit and formal office outfits alike. Candice Small Stud Earrings are for women who love their gold and diamonds. If you want the colour of a gemstone to go with diamonds, the Pomona Earrings are your best pick. These gold Earrings have six round cut amethysts arranged about the central diamond cluster.

That’s not all. You can choose a pair of short drops like the Chanchal Pushp Earrings to make a sparkling impression when you head out for weekend parties, weddings, and special occasions. For a pair of simple drops that can be worn to the office, choose the Isria Earrings. Hoops like the Rasal Earrings are always in vogue. Weekends or special occasions, this pair of fusion hoops will turn a few heads quite effortlessly. When we offer you a versatile collection of composite earrings, all you need to do is to explore and find a design that best suits your style and occasion.

Buy Gold Composite Earrings Online

Today, you can shop for exquisite jewellery without having to leave the comfort of your home. At BlueStone, we offer you a wide variety of composite earring designs. We also offer you the chance to customise the carat value of gold and the cut and clarity of the stones being used in these designs. For example, our Magnolia Stud Earrings are crafted in 18kt gold but can also be made in 14kt gold. This helps lower the gold composite earrings price without compromising on the design.

We also understand that sometimes it can be difficult to pick a design without trying it on. This is especially true for earrings because certain types of earrings don’t look good on women with a round, square, or heart-shaped faces. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to try on a design before you buy it. For example, if you couldn’t make up your mind between two designs, we could send both to your home for you to try on. Then, when you’ve had a chance to see how they look when worn, you can take your pick of which design you would prefer. Thus, not only is shopping online with us a comfortable experience, it is also customised to your needs. So, is there anything that stops you from picking your favourite gold composite earring designs? We didn’t think so!

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