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Garnet Jewellery

Garnets: The Gem of Light

Natural garnets are comparable in colour and form to pomegranate seeds. It is perhaps for this reason that they named so. The word garnet is derived from the Latin word ‘granatus’ which translates to seed like. Garnets have been used to craft jewellery from the very early Egyptian and Roman times. Apart from the clergy and nobility, they were also worn by travellers as they were considered to have protective abilities. Today whether you believe garnets have mystical powers or not, you can easily buy garnet jewellery online. Check out our alluring range of garnet jewellery and see what see trending.

Earrings and Pendants: The Beginning of Everyone’s Garnet Jewellery Design Collection

A woman may step out of her home without bangles and a necklace but rarely without a pair of earrings. Garnet jewellery designs like the Veidah Earrings and the Root Chakra Earrings are ideal for daily wear. The Fire and Ice Earrings or the Ati Sundari Drop Earrings pair beautifully with dresses and trousers while the Kautirya Jhumka is just what you need to wear with a flowing anarkali. If you don’t like danglers and still want to make a bold statement with your earrings, try on the Razberi Earrings or the Mayil Earrings. It isn’t just women who can buy garnet jewellery designs. The Ayer Stud for Him is perfect for a man who likes earrings and isn’t afraid to flaunt his style.

Earrings are often sold with a complementing pendant design. However, you don’t always have to be matchy-matchy and wear coordinated earrings and pendants. If you like subtlety, the delicate Just Say Love Pendant is perfect for you but if you like pendants that are bolder, try on the Folia Pendant. Garnets are also a traditional second wedding anniversary symbol. So how about showing your husband the Hearty Love Pendant and giving him a hint of what you’d like for your anniversary gift. 

Garnet Rings and Bangles: The Symbol of Everlasting Love

According to Greek mythology, the gift of a pomegranate symbolises eternal love. It comes as no surprise then that garnet rings have been a popular gift option for lovers through the ages. Two of our most popular designs with young lovers today are the Veidah Ring and the Flavia Ring. In ancient times, garnets were also carved and set in signet rings to be worn by nobility. Our Designers took a cue from these rings to craft cocktail rings like the bold Razberi Ring and the Paradise Ring. Wear one of these to your next cocktail party and you’re guaranteed to invite a lot of compliments.

Not all women wear bangles on a day to day basis but when they’re stepping out for a party or a family get together, a bare wrist is a strict no-no. Garnet studded bangles pair beautifully with outfits of all colours especially black and green. The Timeless Charisma Bangle is one of our most popular designs for young girls and old ladies alike. As the name suggests, its elegance and charm are truly timeless.

At BlueStone, we have an extensive range of garnet studded jewellery. As with any other gemstone, garnet jewellery price is determined largely by the size, cut and clarity of the stones being used along with the number of stones. A garnet can be cut in many shapes with the round and oval cut as seen in the Valiant Femme Ring and the Fire and Ice Bangle being the most popular. Heart shaped garnets and square garnets like those in the Vamika Flexible Bangle and Savoy Affair Ring are other popular ways to cut a garnet gemstone.

Wait no more, explore our range and find your garnet today!

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