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    Garnet Bangles

    Garnet: Of Ice and Fire

    Garnet is a beautiful red gemstone that adores a lot of delicate pieces of jewellery. Varying in shades from deep reds to orange browns, they are available in various shapes and sizes in the markets today. Some of the other variations include garnets in shades of black, blue, pink, yellow and green, while the others could be colourless as well. The most common brown tinted crystalline agglomerate of silicate minerals, namely the garnet, holds a special place in people’s hearts. The stone derives its name from a Latin word- garnet. The French even called pomegranate pomme grenate owing to the fiery seeds the fruits bears. This seedy delight is believed to impart energy and help in regeneration. It is also associated with a lot of spiritual qualities while possessing emotional content too. Whatever be the cause of getting garnets studded into your jewellery, rest assured, we have a stunning collection of garnet bangle designs in store.

    Of Deep Reds and Pearly Whites: Buy Garnet Bangle Designs

    Thinking of buying a garnet bangle, but are pearls still on your mind? Fret not, as we have them fused into a perfect concoction with garnet studs – presenting a bangle that incorporates the beauty of fiery red with the sparkle of the pure sea. The Timeless Charishma Bangle, as the name indicates, is a pure, timeless piece that has the brilliant contrast of garnet studs on either side of the three pearls atop. This bangle is suitable for dressy occasions and grand parties that include massive celebrations. This piece is a celebration in itself. Bask in the splendour of this beautiful ornament and head to the party to gain the attention of onlookers. This bangle has a pin on the side to press and release the clasp when you want to wear it and take it off. If this is what you are looking for, simply try it from the comfort of your home and buy garnet bangles online.

    Sparkling in Two Hues: Buy Garnet Bangles Online

    Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Yes, indeed. For those who just cannot part from their beloved sparkling stones, BlueStone has a bangle that is studded with both garnets and diamonds. The contrasting shimmer of red and white looks rather dazzling and is sure to lure you into buying it. The piece is rather open-ended in nature. The classic combination of fiery red and white can enhance your look and resonates with positive persona, striking confidence and significant boldness. This perfect piece, called the Vamika Flexible Bangle stays true to its pretty nature and glimmering vibe. Two hearts adorn the edges of the bracelet-like bangle. One of them is set in a heart-shaped garnet stone surrounded by smaller specs of diamonds, while the other is made of pure diamonds. This piece is unique in its design and shape and easily makes for a fancy one to flaunt at parties and social gatherings. Take a look at the garnet bangles price across the series and take your pick.

    The Classic Combination

    Are you thinking of investing in some exotic garnet bangle designs, something different from the ones you own already? How about picking a piece that has a perfect blend of precious gemstones and textures? Yes, we are talking about a bangle that contains pearls, diamonds as well as garnet stones. Three red garnet stones in gorgeous formats, with the smaller two next to a bigger whole, are seen in the Fire and Ice Bangle. The name fire and ice is apt, as the fiery garnet stones are surrounded by specs of diamonds all around, alternating with pearl drops in between. This contrasting combination of brown and white makes for the perfect contrast in terms of colour and texture as well. Before picking the design of your choice, it is imperative to skim through the entire range to figure out your type and then buy garnet bangle designs from the BlueStone online from the comfort of your home.

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