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Make a Standout Statement with Gemstone Necklace Designs

What’s the big deal about necklaces? You might ask, especially if you are a woman who wears the same neckpiece every day, on every occasion, and with every outfit. Well, necklaces have more importance than you think in enhancing your style. Whether you are wearing your favourite blue jeans and T-shirt, a super glamorous designer saree, an ethnic salwar kameez, or your formal office outfit, the right choice of necklace can make a difference.

That’s precisely why jewellers are constantly experimenting with neck ornaments. From fancy chokers and classic diamond rivieras to trendy lariats and super chic fringes, your options are many. So, how about reviving your look this season with a mind-blowing neckpiece? The gemstone necklace collection offered by BlueStone is a good place to start. Classy or trendy, traditional or quirky, our gemstone necklace designs are sure to bring a dash of freshness to your jewellery collection.

Pearls: The Timeless Classic

The trends and styles in neckpieces are constantly changing. If you prefer investing in a necklace that will withstand the test of time, go for pearls. They are classy, elegant, and in vogue every season and all through the year. As Jackie Kennedy rightly said, pearls are always appropriate. We at BlueStone have an amazing range of gemstone necklaces studded with these timeless beauties. 

A single strand pearl necklace is the most popular and iconic type of neck ornament popularized by fashion icons and celebrities during the 1980s. If you are looking for such an essential classic, the Elegancia Pearl Necklace is your best option. This strand of delicate pearls set in gold will encircle your neck in eternal grace. Whether you are dressing up for a dinner date with your partner or a cocktail party, throw it on with a black dress or maxi gown and you are all set to dazzle. The Classico Necklace is a similar design, except that it is set in 18kt white gold.

A single pearl on a thin golden chain is another timeless design you can choose when you buy gemstone necklace designs from us. Take a look at our Pearl Eyed Necklace. It has a single white pearl set on a thin chain made of 18kt gold. This contemporary design will go with your party outfit and jeans and tees alike. For a more ornate piece, choose the Pearl Essence Necklace set in 18kt gold. Those who want the romantic, warm hues of pink to adorn their neck can go for the Megan Necklace. Made of 18kt rose gold, it has a golden pearl to add to its charm.

Gemstone Necklace Designs in Emeralds

From Cleopatra and Queen Marie Jose of Belgium to Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie, every fashionable woman in history had a thing for emeralds. Taylor’s emerald and diamond necklace is considered to be one of the best pieces of emerald jewellery ever created in the world. Today, you join the club of these fashion icons by buying an emerald necklace handcrafted by our designers.

Take a look at our Marinda Necklace and you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off it. Such is its beauty; such is its splendour. This exquisite piece is made of 18kt gold and studded with several round cut emeralds. The mind-blowing bamboo shoot design of this piece will remind you of the verdant charm of tropical foliage. The Saki Necklace features a similar but less ornate design. Vacation or weekend, these extremely fashionable necklaces will turn a few heads wherever you go. Despite the elaborate detailing and stone embellishments on them, both these items are light in weight.

Say Yes to Rubies

And who wouldn’t? The brightness and vivacity of these blood-red stones will make any jewellery enthusiast fall head over heels in love with them. When you buy gemstone necklaces online from BlueStone, you can choose some of the drool-worthy designs created by our ingenious designers.

Fancy wearing a necklace that carries oodles of traditional charm? The Panchika Necklace is the right piece for you. This 18kt gold piece from our Coinage Collection is studded with 23 round cut rubies. If you are wearing a kancheepuram silk saree for a festival, wedding or royal gala, nothing goes with it better than this traditional trinket. Each of the five coins in this piece has the image of Goddess Lakshmi inscribed on it, making it an ideal pick for Akshaya Tritiya.

Rubies are not just about the traditional charm they radiate. They are equally suitable for making playful, quirky, and contemporary pieces of neck ornaments. The Pill of Love Necklace from our collection is a fine case in point. Make of 18kt rose gold, this necklace has a capsule-shaped pendant and three round cut rubies attached to it. The Jaklyn Necklace is a trendy tassel design made with rubies and pearls.

Make a Statement with Our Gemstone Necklace Designs

The gemstone necklace designs we offer will help you make a standout statement, no matter what the occasion is and what you pair them with. Besides pearls, rubies, and emeralds, we have mind-blowing pieces studded with other gemstones. The Evelyn Love Necklace is an 18kt rose gold piece with a heart-shaped rose quartz. The rose gold is known for its romantic pink hues and the rose quartz is better known as the stone of love. So men, if you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your special woman, here is a design you could consider.

Our gemstone necklaces’ prices are highly competitive and you have the option to customise the gold caratage to suit your budgets. For instance, if you like the Joelin Necklace but it is a few thousand rupees above your budget, you can get it made in 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold. You get the same design but the change in the caratage significantly reduces the price. Isn’t it wonderful?

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